Most BIZARRE Skeletons Ever Discovered!

Most BIZARRE Skeletons Ever Discovered!

From a dinosaur death match to bizarre ancient
aliens, here are 8 of the strangest skeletons that have ever been found. 8. Dinosaur Death Match! You’ve got to love dinosaur bones, they
teach about the animal’s behaviour and appearance, and what they ate. There have been a lot of great dinosaur skeleton
finds over the years, helping us to discover new species and try to figure out what the
world was like long before we came around. But this find has to be seen to be believed. In 1971, a team of Polish and Mongolian paleontologists
discovered two dinosaurs locked in combat, perfectly preserved!! The dinosaurs were identified as a Velociraptor
and a Protoceratops that were fighting when suddenly they were both buried in time forever!! To refresh your dinosaur facts, the velociraptor
was a vicious predator, while the protoceratops was an herbivore. You’d think that the Velociraptor would have
a quite the edge over its potential prey, but instead, the Protoceratops was actually
putting up a good fight. The bones of each dinosaur prove that each
side landed some pretty good blows!. The Velociraptor had landed a claw strike
on the neck, while the Protoceratops had its jaws locked on the Velociraptor’s arm so
hard that it broke it. Velociraptor vs. Protoceratops! Who wins?? Well, that’s the thing, before they could
finish, a sand dune or a mudslide collapsed, flowing right over them as they fought, pinning
them in their position. Another theory is that the herbivore bled
to death, pinning the velociraptor underneath until it died too and they were both covered
by a sandstorm. Regardless, this epic battle from the Gobi
desert is a powerful reminder of a fight from a world long since gone. This dinosaur death match is considered a
national treasure of Mongolia. 7. Atacama Alien Skeleton
In 2003, a very small skeleton was found with a very long head that ended in a point and
missing ribs. Rumors spread and conspiracy theorists began
shouting “Alien” from the rooftops. The remains were sold to a private collector
in Spain and ended up in a documentary in 2013 as potential evidence for alien life. .
And yet…it is a human. The remains were found in La Noria, in the
Atacama desert wrapped in a white cloth tied with a purple ribbon. Scientists from Stanford University along
with the University of California in San Francisco studied the specimen and concluded Ata was
a human. Ata was a girl with genetic mutations known
to cause major skeletal malformations along with other birth defects. She is only 15 cm long (6 inch) and most likely
died shortly after birth. Scientist are hoping their analytical tools
can help patients and their families with conditions caused by some of these genetic
mutations. In the end it is a sad story of a woman from
the past who had a child she was unable to save, and was later sold as an alien artifact. Thanks to DNA, her humanity has been restored. 6. Predator Becomes Prey
In the words of a Jedi Master, “there’s always a bigger fish”. But in this unique skeleton find, it was actually
a somewhat small fish that caused the deaths of three as it tried to attack something much
bigger than itself. This is the tale of a Pterosaur, a mighty
winged creature from long ago, and one day, it was doing its thing, looking for it’s
lunch, swooping over the sea. Eventually, it was able to find a fish in
the water, grabbed it, started to fly away and finally find somewhere it could eat. However, as the Pterosaur flew away, a Aspidorhynchus
came out of the water and decided to take a bite out of crime…I mean…the Pterosaur. Fun fact, the Aspidorhynchus was a fish, and
was only 2 feet long, but it had one heck of a bite. It latched onto the Pterosaur…and that’s
when problems began to mount. First off despite it having a good bite on
the Pterosaurs’ wing, it wasn’t strong enough to do anything else. Furthermore, somehow the way the wing was
angled or the feathers, or something, made it impossible for the Aspidorhynchus to let
go. As for the Pterosaur, having the fish latched
onto its wing disrupted its very delicate balance. And so it, the Aspidorhynchus, and the fish
the Pterosaur had gotten earlier crashed into the waters below. Together, they all drowned in a certain manner
of speaking, and somehow they all died and sank to the bottom of the ocean, where their
skeletons became a fossil that shows that irony truly did exist in the prehistoric days. And now for number 5 but first be sure to
subscribe if you are new here!! For those of you already subscribed thank
you so much! And early squad, I see you there!! 5. Roopkund Skeletons
Ok, so the only thing more unsettling than finding one skeleton in an odd place is finding
multiple skeletons in an odd place. Hundreds in fact! In 1942, the British heard a rumor that there
were hundreds of Japanese soldiers who had died in Lake Roopkund in the Himalayas. They went to investigate and when they arrived
they saw no fewer than 200 skeletons. The thing was, they weren’t fresh enough. Known as Skeleton Lake, it was hard to determine
what had happened to these people. Dating the bones put the time of their deaths
between the 9th-10th century. But nobody knew who they were and why they
died in such numbers. They all died in a similar way. From blows to the head. But who did this and why?? There is a legend that a King and his followers
offended and defiled the mountain sanctuary of a Hindu goddess named Meta. She was so mad at these outsiders that she
rained death upon them by flinging hailstones hard as iron. The legend might actually reveal the truth
of what happened. This group of people all had the same deep
cracks in their skull but there is no evidence of a weapon being used. Researchers came to the same conclusion. These travellers were all stuck in the valley
without any shelter and the cricket-sized balls of hail resulted in their sudden death. They were stuck in the lake for 1200 years
before they were rediscovered. 4. Skeleton Tree
During a storm in Ireland, a large birch tree was knocked over. It was quite a surprise when a human skeleton
was found embedded in the mass of roots. Now, that’s weird enough. Researchers were called in and it turns out
that under the 215 year-old tree was the skeleton of a young man between 17-20 years old. The bones were dated back to the medieval
period between 1030 and 1200 AD. The entire skeleton had been given a Christian
burial given the positioning of the legs. Unfortunately, when the tree toppled over,
it took the top half of the boy with it, ripping his skeleton out of the ground, and leaving
his torso and legs behind. Examination of the skeleton revealed that
he had died a rather violent death. There were knife wounds in the ribs, the victim
had been stabbed multiple times, and he had defensive wounds on his hands, showing that
he had put up a fight before dying. Researchers now believe that there might be
a hidden graveyard and remains of a lost church hidden under the ground nearby. 3. Conehead Skeletons
There is an ancient fortified settlement in Russia that dates back to around 2-3,000 BC. Also known as the “Russian Stonehenge”,
it is believed to be older than Stonehenge itself! Archaeologists have tried to find out who
lived there, and more recently, a skull with an elongated cone shape was found at this
site. People believed that once again, we had proof
of an alien race! This rumor spread fast, especially since the
site itself is surrounded by mystery like strange lights, magnetic anomalies, strange
illnesses and has attracted all kinds of alien hunters and researchers. However, during an examination, not only was
this long skull found to be human, and female, it turns out she was much older than most
long-skulled beings that have been found. It seems like she belonged to the Sarmati
tribe between 500 BC to 400 AD. This tribe was famous for their female body
modification including slicing off the left breast to make it easier to hunt and fight. They would sometimes tie up their children’s
heads with rope to elongate their skulls although archaeologists still aren’t sure why. People still argue that ancient people used
to forcefully elongate their skulls because of interactions with aliens. About that, I have no idea. 2. A Centaur
Ok, this one wasn’t really a “find”, but it’s still worth talking about. At the Tucson International Wildlife Museum,
you’ll actually find a “skeleton” of a centaur. Yes, as in the creature from Greek Mythology. No, it’s not an actual centaur, but it’s there! So…why is it there? Well, it’s actually part of a section of the
museum that’s dedicated to mythological creatures. So, the founder of the exhibit decided to
“merge” a human skeleton with a horse skeleton and show it off as an example of what might
have been if the creature had actually existed. You have to admit, it is a little convincing,
and it clearly wasn’t just hacked together, they took time to make it shine. But what’s the real point of this? It’s to remind people that long before the
time of “hard science”, there were myths and legends and stories about creatures that we
could only dream about. And the beauty of science is to take a look
at what was believed to be real, and then prove what actually is real. This story reminds us that science and stories
used to be one. 1. Vampire Skeleton
One of the other beautiful things about science is that it can debunk the existence of certain
mythological creatures definitively. While it’s nice to believe in centaurs, human
history is ripe with claims of dangerous mythological creatures living among us. Like…say…vampires? It’s true, Vampires were something that people
not only believed in, but actually hunted down to ensure that they didn’t hurt anyone
else. And in Bulgaria, one such victim of this kind
of hunt was found, and it was pretty gruesome. The skeleton was 700-years-old, but that was
just the beginning of the tale it had to tell. First off, the skull of the body had no teeth. No doubt to ensure that if the Vampire did
rise again, it wouldn’t be able to drain anyone’s blood. Then, there was the fact that someone had
stabbed an iron rod through its chest. Impaling a Vampire has long been believed
to be a way to kill it, although the most popular “theory” on how to kill it was via
a wooden stake, but hey, iron works too. As if all of that weren’t enough, the body
was buried in a churchyard (aka holy ground), and was layered with thick walls of stone. So even if the Vampire had superhuman strength,
it wouldn’t be able to lift the stone walls and get out. This is not a lone case, there have been many
skeletons found that have been mutilated to ensure that the “Vampire” didn’t come back
and hurt people. And this isn’t even counting werewolves, witches,
and other creatures who have been “seen” by people (sort-of) and killed because of it. Thankfully, we’ve evolved since then. Thanks for watching! What did you think of these weird skeletons? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!

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    I'm sorry but three animals sinking to the bottom of the ocean and somehow fossilizing is NOT FACT. Yet scientists will spend thousands of dollars to try to prove that animals can sink to the bottom of the ocean stay in their original positions when they fossilize. Without being eaten and their remains scattered like we know actually happens.

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