Mo Salah bursts through wall to surprise kids | KOP KIDS PRANK

Mo Salah bursts through wall to surprise kids | KOP KIDS PRANK

He’s going all the way,
he’s going all the way, he’s gonna score… YEAH! Mohamed Salah! Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He shoots… Mane! – What a goal that is.
– What a goal! Mohamed Salah! YAY! PETER MCDOWALL:
Welcome, boys. On the X. Microphones right underneath
your nose, yeah? You nervous? A little bit. We’re just gonna get to know you. These three, best in Europe at the minute,
which one’s the best out of them three? Middle one, Salah. He’s the best player
in world football at the moment. I think it was Firmino
and then Salah came along. His quality and speed’s
just absolutely amazing, and the way he dribbles
is just even better. He’s got…good hair. SHE LAUGHS What about his haircut, Jacob? Meh. I don’t like his beard. It’s too bushy. The fact that he just moved from Italy
all the way over to England and made this much of an impact. Egyptian King.
JASON MCATEER: Love that. JASON: That just goes under your nose.
That’s it. Project your voice, don’t be shy. Good luck, boys. My name’s Thomas, and alongside me, Kyle. Good evening. Liverpool versus Arsenal,
what a great game this is. Here’s the one and only song,
You’ll Never Walk Alone. Just look at that atmosphere
around Anfield – absolutely amazing. Emre Can, who passes it back to Joe Gomez,
he shimmies, he crosses it in, Firmino! Oh, my word, what a finish! KYLE: Cool as you like.
THOMAS: Bobby Firmino, fantastic. Sadio Mane, what’s he gonna do?
Little zigzag, he curls it in… – And he’s scored!
– It’s in, Mane’s scored a goal! Sadio Mane has made it 2-0 Liverpool. Very loud, very loud. But I’m excited to go to them. Henderson follows up… just over the bar. Oh, that was high, wide and not at all
handsome from Jordan Henderson. Salah lurking. Salah… Oh, my word,
he could finish the game here. Oh, my word! YAY! Oh, my word. Hello. I got a fright when you came out! I don’t think anyone’s gonna stop him now! And a lovely finish into
the left-hand corn-AGHHH! LAUGHTER – Hello.
– Hello. You don’t like my beard, huh? Ohhh. Brilliant finish in the bottom corner,
what a goal. Salah’s got the ball, he’s ready to score… BOTH: What a goal! GIRL SCREAMS Oh, my God. Jesus Christ. – Hello.
– Hi. JASON: Do you want to ask Mo anything? What shampoo do you use? You like my hair? SHE GIGGLES Salah’s got a good opportunity, he shoots… BOTH: And he scores! LAUGHTER My gosh! I’m a huge fan. Salah’s intercepted,
and now Salah’s through on goal! He’s still running.
He finishes it – goal. YEAH! Oh, my God. What a goal! Wow. That scared the life out of me! Will he score? Ohh… Agh! Thank you. Thanks, Salah. Good luck. Thank you. It’s a good surprise, honestly.
I didn’t expect that it would be like that, but I’m very happy to be here
and share this day with the kids. It’s like the X Factor, look.
Get on the Xs. No nerves? No. Remember what’s at stake here, the best ones
today get to meet Mo Salah at Melwood. JASON: What would you say to him? I would say to him, “You are a god.” Like, literally – “You are a God.” – Like, you ARE the king of Egypt.
– I’d bow down to him. PETER: You’d get down
on your hands and knees? Yeah! Mo Salah, running, could he need help? Mane and Firmino running up,
the defender’s trying to catch him. Salah, Salah again, Salah! HIGH-PITCHED SQUEAL What a goal. Oh, my God. Hello! – Are you real?
– Yes! LAUGHTER All right, boys, in there on the X, yeah? Hello, my name’s Tawonga and I’ll be
commentating Liverpool v Arsenal today. Big game, isn’t it, Michael? Yes. JASON: Who’s the best one on there? – Firmino.
– Why? Because. A lot of people say Salah
took over this place, but to be honest, Firmino’s got, like,
the tekkers and the skills. What’s the matter with him?! Mo Salah! But Salah, he’s, like, just a finisher. Is that it?! Would you sell him then? – Yeah, I would sell him.
– Would you?! What’s he talking about? I dunno, he’s talking gibberish. – Is he your mate?
– No, not after what he just said. Now Salah, intercepted from Bellerin, Salah, Salah going, Salah going… and it’s a goaaaal! Oh, my God! No way, no… Oh, my man! He’s my man.
MICHAEL: Mo Salah… Where’s Firmino? He’s coming! MO LAUGHS My name is George,
my favourite player is Mohamed Salah, cos he’s got an amazing haircut. My name is Mayowa, I’m a Liverpool fan. My favourite player is Mohamed Salah
cos he’s the Egyptian King. JASON: Boom. – Liverpool on the break here…
– Oh, he’s going all the way! What’s he gonna do?
He’s got options behind him, he’s going all the way,
he’s going all the way… – Oh, and it’s in!
– What a goal! YEAH! LAUGHTER Oh, my God! What a goal from Mohamed Salah that was. That was absolutely amazing. An absolutely amazing goal. That was superb! – How good is that?
– Amazing. – Yeah, good surprise?
– Yeah. LAUGHTER He’s boss. Oh, my God, I just met Mohamed Salah! I was like, “Is he real? Is he real?” I thought it was just gonna be
a nice experience commentating, but when he popped out
of that picture, it was mad. I was about to cry. I went so red, I was shaking.
Just met the Egyptian King. I just thought it was a random stranger,
I was that shocked. But then when he came in, I was about to cry,
it was so amazing. He carried on commentating,
but I was just like, “This is not real.” I completely went. Oh, my God, it was just unreal, man.

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