MISD Community Supports Inaugural Border Brawl Football Games

MISD Community Supports Inaugural Border Brawl Football Games

First annual border brawl. Five schools from Mansfield all five of our schools coming to Tulsa Oklahoma and competing against some Tulsa area schools. You know, we wanted to do something special for our school district and for our kids. An experience. and it’s just not just football team you got the band and the drill teams and cheerleaders and all support staff. Everybody gets a great experience. Normally I come here for fishing. Today I came here for a W. And that’s what I’m gonna go come out with. Yes sir. Yes sir it’s about that time. You’re gonna play hard. You’re gonna play physical. And enjoy the game. Yes Sir. Let’s go out, lets compete together and let’s go get a win. You know, it’s a unique experience because you know our kids have never gotten to do something like this. You get to see games on TV all the time. Where teams maybe travel to Florida or travel to Nevada to play some of the private schools but this is two quality programs coming together. Getting to experience something that they probably never gotten to experience before and so it’s just a great opportunity for the kids to experience. Good Luck Guys! To claim another state as a home, wooooooo! Oh it feels great. Bronco nation. Bronco nation. This is an opportunity for Mansfield to be unified in their effort to come to Oklahoma and compete against the Tulsa area schools as one. And so the benefits of that go way beyond you know the sports field. Being here at the border brawl is just showing that Texas and Oklahoma like we can work together and make some something like possible. This has been such a cool experience to come here to a different state, be in Oklahoma and just travel with my team. Coming up here the charter buses and you know just us packing our bags. Leaving early, getting into the hotel. It was, it really felt like yeah like college honestly. you

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