Milan 2-2 Lecce | Pioli & Liverani Post Match Press Conference | Serie A

Milan 2-2 Lecce | Pioli & Liverani Post Match Press Conference | Serie A

There is no point in condemning the players for every single mistake they make during a match and playing football means making some individual errors. We will try to come back stronger from this bitter result and even though I’ve been working with the team just for a few days, I had good feelings for this group of players and they gave me the right reaction in training. In tonight’s game I think we lacked a bit of focus during the whole game, in the second half we were less tight and compact and this costed us the three points. It’s obvious that we still need time to improve a lot in the way we play, and this game gives us many examples as to where to focus our attention. Nevertheless we did well in many situations but there is still a lot to do and we need to do it as quickly as possible in order to get back on our feet. We need to be able to read the game better and to understand when to press, when to wait for the opponent and most importantly we need to stay focused for more than 90 minutes. Sometimes you’re not able to win a game by scoring a lot of goals and when that happens you need to stick together and win by a one-goal margin, unfortunately tonight we couldn’t do neither of those things. I was expecting Milan to start off the game strong and I tried to prepare the team for this scenario during this week’s training. I am not really happy with how we played in the first half, because we often gave Milan the opportunity to press us high on the pitch, which they did effectively. Gabriel’s lighting reflexes and Milan’s poor finishing kept us in the game for a while, then we conceded an easy goal in an apparently harmless situation led by Milan that ended up with a great strike by Calhanoglu. On the other hand in the second half we improved our game in many aspects and started off with the right attitude. Big teams like Milan always tend to press high on the pitch and if you are not capable of sending them back towards their goal they will find the net easily with all the great players they have upfront. Despite everything we managed to get back in to the game, but then we conceded a soft goal that gave the lead back to Milan. In the end I reckon we fully deserve the shared point and I think Calderoni’s goal came as a relief both to the players and to the traveling fans. We knew since the July 30th that in the first ten games we would have faced the eight best teams from last season and for a newly promoted team like us conquering even just one point is a really difficult task to fulfill. This is why we are all happy for today’s draw because we really feel that we deserved to come back from San Siro with a point, it gives an incredible boost to our self-confidence and many young players need to understand that is possible to come out of this tough matches with a point or even more. We are a club that in order to succeed this year has finish on top of at least three other teams on the table and that’s why we need all that the fans and the players can give us. Only in this way we can secure a place in Serie A for next season in what would be a “miraculous” and, by all means, a hard to achieve challenge.

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