Michigan State Football vs Penn State | Spartans All-Access | October 13, 2018

Michigan State Football vs Penn State | Spartans All-Access | October 13, 2018

(dramatic music) – [Announcer One] Good afternoon everybody from Beaver Stadium, on the
campus of Penn State University. The Spartans got a golden opportunity against a team that’s,
despite coming off a loss and a bye week, had an
exceptional start to their season, a heartbreaking one-point
loss to Ohio State earlier this year, when they
racked up all kinds of yardage, has already shown the world
what goes on here, with Trace McSorley at the controls
of the Penn State Offense. – Let’s go, let’s go! (football players chanting and yelling) – [Announcer One] Such a critical game. When you look at the Big
10 East division standings, it is not gonna be easy
for Coach Dantonio. Today he’s got eight
wins against top 10 teams over the last five seasons,
but not too many of those came without your best running backs, three of your best wide receivers, and this will be a tall
task today for sure. (crowd cheering) – Michigan State, after Penn
State won the toss and elected to defer, Michigan State
gets the football first. – [Announcer Two] Ball’s at
the five, first and goal. Play fake to Slade, end zone
throw, caught by KJ Hamler. Touchdown Penn State. – [Announcer One] So now work for Brian Lewerke to do, down seven nothing. – [Announcer Two] Connor
Heyward the running back, blocking back is Lucas –
Luwerke will run to his left, turns the corner, and he is out of bounds. The ball at the 37-yard
line of Penn State, he’ll hand the ball off to Connor Heyward, he’ll wind up and throw it down field, oh – caught inside the five! It is caught by Cam Chambers. He’s down at the Penn State one-yard line. Matt Sokol, the tight end,
also in the back field. La’Darius runs to his left,
plows to the goal line, into the end zone – touchdown MSU! – [Announcer One] And
La’Darius Jefferson’s second rushing touchdown of the year caps the 81-yard scoring drive. McSorley, draw point Sanders,
steps through a tackle, breaks the second, breaks the third, Sanders with a tackle,
and Sanders on the run, got a block, oh, what a
touchdown run for Miles Sanders! – [Announcer Two] Connor
Heyward to the left of Brian Lewerke, shotgun
snap, over the middle throw, caught by Laress Nelson,
he’s got a first down at mid-field, Laress
Nelson’s made some noise. Play fake to Heyward, Lewerke
will run to his right, throws on the run, caught by Felton Davis, shotgun snap, Brian has a little time. Left side throw, tapped, and
it is gonna be kicked off. – [Announcer Three] Defense
has to respond with a sudden change here – offense
had a nice drive going. – [Announcer Two] Here’s the snap. He’s got some pressure, down he goes! – [Announcer Three] Run over on downs. – [Announcer Two] Down
he goes, Kenny Willekes gets the sack and the Spartans take over. Jefferson to the right of Lewerke. Handoff La’Darius, breaks one tackle, cuts back to his right,
trying to break another one and fights his way out close to the 45. Heyward behind Brian Lewerke,
play fake, back to throw, sails at left side light,
Matt Sokol with a catch. – [Announcer One] The 20 off play action, Lewerke with time, open is Davis, and Davis at the pile-on touchdown. – [Announcer Two] Michigan
State 14, Penn State 14. Six and 10 to play third quarter. Straight on this time, and he hits it. 20-yard field goal for Penn
State, unties the score. – [Announcer Three] This is
a heck of a game right here. Nobody would have thought Michigan State would be in this ball game this late, in the game, and here they are – see that? – [Announcer Two] Hands it to him. – [Announcer Three] There it is! – [Announcer Two] He breaks a tackle, he’s at the 45-yard line of Penn State. Tension at State College, Pennsylvania. Matt Coghlin with a 40-yard field goal. A 40-yarder, the crowd
roars, they’re waving, it’s a fake – Lewerke
throws over the middle, caught at the five-yard
line and then dropped, intended, intended for
big Raequan Williams, thought he had it, he was swarmed by the Nittany Lions and they knock it away. Spartans know they gotta
dig in on defense here to give themselves another chance. Hands to Sanders, he’s going nowhere. Ridden to his right and down, for a loss, back to the 30 at least. Joe Bachie makes the tackle,
the Spartans take a timeout. It’s third down now and 9 for Penn State. The snapback, McSorley wants to run, cuts outside, trying to
outmaneuver the Spartans, gets to the sideline, he
doesn’t get the first down, and he goes out of
bounds to stop the clock. A minute and 19 to play,
down three, one timeout left. Heyward to the left of Brian Lewerke. Blitz, snapback, throw over the middle. He’s got Laress Nelson again. – [Announcer Three] Another first down. – [Announcer Two] Laress
Nelson has another first down. Snapback, left fled, Connor Heyward, catch at the 30, out of
bounds at the 25, or 24. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer One] On third down, Lewerke down the sideline, caught. – [Announcer Three] Touchdown,
touchdown, touchdown! – [Announcer Two] He has scored! Touchdown MSU, 19 seconds to play – wow! He beat Oruwariye for a Spartan score, and listen to the quiet
in State College, PA. (football players cheering) The Spartans have stunned
Penn State, 21 to 17. What a win for the green. (men cheering) – Let me talk to you
about something good, hey. Hey, you staying in the green, man. (men chanting and cheering) – We just beat Penn
State 24 to 17, let’s go! (crowd talking and cheering) (crowd clapping and chanting) (crowd singing victory song) (dramatic music)

7 thoughts on “Michigan State Football vs Penn State | Spartans All-Access | October 13, 2018

  1. I like the way that Dantonio never forgets the original fight song lyric – "Go right through that line of BLUE" – he is focused on dominating this state. Let's hope he can keep it up this weekend!

  2. Great win but I am still questioning Lewerke's accuracy and choices. Final drive had 2 plays that were nearly intercepted. That being said, to win that game with so many key injuries is impressive.

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