Michigan at Penn State Preview – Another Michigan Football Show

Michigan at Penn State Preview – Another Michigan Football Show

I don’t care how many supplements you’ve
been taking, you’re not gonna get big enough to jump up and reach the banner.
Welcome to Another Michigan Football Show.
I’m Bryn Mickle, and I’m Aaron McMann. And this week we’re gonna take another
look at that anemic Michigan offense, get your reader question and look ahead to
the Penn State Nittany Lions. First down, Michigan continues to struggle with the
passing game. Can this team win with a one-dimensional running attack? It all
depends on your expectations coming in to this season. Many of us, myself included,
had this Michigan team going 9-3. That’s still very much a
possibility. But, if you wanted this Michigan team to take that next step
this year, win 11 games, get in the Big 10 championship, I’m afraid they’re
not gonna get there. You know, they’re gonna struggle against Penn State this
weekend. Keep in mind they’ve got games coming up on the road at Wisconsin, they
still got Ohio State. I expect them to struggle without a real passing
game. There are winnable games left on the schedule, but if you’re expecting a
Big Ten championship at this point you’re probably gonna be disappointed.
Can you fix the passing game at this point in the season? They can, but they
need someone to step up.They’ve looked at Donovan Peoples-Jones, they went to
him a little bit against Indiana. I think he has a greatest upside among all these
receivers but some of the other ones they were expected to rely on, Eddie McDoom,
Kekoa Crawford, haven’t been able to find their niche just yet. It’s been one of the
reasons why Michigan’s passing game has struggled so much. Second down, our
reader question comes from Deshawn Colt who points out that John O’Korn had
success at Houston and wonders why Michigan just can’t translate that
offense here? That’s a good question Deshawn, but it’s
easier said than done. You know, Houston likes running that spread offense that
favored O’Korn’s skillset. He’s comfortable in the shotgun, he’s
comfortable throwing the ball all over the field. That’s just not what Jim
Harbaugh does. You know, they’re more of a traditional offense. They like to run the
ball, they like to throw when it’s opportunistic for the Wolverines. But, at
the same time, I don’t think O’Korn’s been able to get comfortable in his
three years here at Michigan. Keep in mind he’s been buried on the depth chart
the last two years, he’s lost quarterback battles coming out of camp. It’s a
different style from what he was used to in Houston. He hasn’t gotten wholly
comfortable to it and you’re not gonna see Jim Harbaugh and his staff change
just for John O’Korn. Third down, scouting report time. This is not the
same Penn State team that Michigan beat 49 to 10 last year.
Tell us about the Nittany Lions. No, they’re more experienced and
they’re deeper. This offense is vastly improved from last season. You’ve got
Trace McSorley back for his junior season. He’s already thrown for 1,600 yards.
You’ve got Saquon Barkley Heisman Trophy candidate, already got 1,300
all-purpose yards. And not only can he run the ball but he can catch the ball
too. Michigan’s already preparing for him they’ve already assigned linebacker
Devin Bush to be their go-to guy. He’s gonna give them problems defensively.
Fourth down, prediction time. Big game under the lights. What do you have? Michigan, I
think, is gonna struggle under the lights, you know, this offense we’ve seen
the last few weeks struggled with the passing game. They relied heavily on
the run game. I think they’re gonna do that come Saturday. You know, if Karan Higdon or Ty Isaac don’t come up big Michigan’s gonna struggle to score and I
think they will. This Penn State offense has shown they can score points and they’re
offense is impressive. They’ve got some playmakers on that side. I’m going
Penn State 24, Michigan 10. Yeah, I think you factor in the poor Michigan
offense, the night game, you got a revenge game for Penn State after last year. This
could be a bloodbath. I’m gonna call Penn State 35, Michigan 21-
maybe – if they get a late TD in garbage time. Well, that’s a wrap on
Another Michigan Football Show. Keep sending us your reader questions and
join us next week when we’ll look back on Penn State and look ahead to Rutgers

5 thoughts on “Michigan at Penn State Preview – Another Michigan Football Show

  1. OKAY they are homers but they see what they have and say it on first down. Second O'Korn ain't that good. Third down, Penn State is good. fourth down, Penn State 24 Meat 10. The other guy is great, he predicts: Penn State 35 ( where I have said everywhere I expect Penn State to be ) and Meat 21 with a late TD in garbage time. I can see Penn State going for 50 if Meat turns it over a la MSU.

  2. Penn State has been over rated since the Buckeye game last year. They struggled against Indiana and almost lost to Iowa yet everyone is on their jock strap. Michigan is still getting it started on offense…. and their defense is number 1 in the nation. We'll see just how many first downs Penn State is able to get all game. My guess…not many. GO BLUE!!  17-10 Michigan. The way the guy on the left mocks the Wolverines, you'd swear he's a Bucknut infiltrator.  I don't know how he can look in the mirror and not see the glaring unevenness of his beard. lol

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