Michael Schumacher health update: Pal reveals he sees Formula 1 star ‘every day’ – News 247

Michael Schumacher health update: Pal reveals he sees Formula 1 star ‘every day’  – News 247

 Former Chief Executive Officer of Ferrari Jean Todt told German publication De Welt that he sees Schumacher every day and that the two of them watch Formula 1 races together Mr Todt also said that he has not given up hope of “one day visiting a Grand Prix with Michael”, who has not appeared in public since December 2013 The 73-year-old said: “We’re in daily contact with Michael and his family. “Michael fights every day to get better and we need to help him in this fight We also need to support his wife Corinna, a wonderful person who looks after Michael and the kids ” Mr Todt then praised the Schumacher family unit as a whole and their ability to protect the 50-year-old’s fiercely private battle inflicted following a severe head wound while skiing with his son Mick  He said: “We all respect Michael’s wish. He never spoke of himself, he never showed pictures of his children ” He refused to give an update on the driver’s health, adding it was solely the decision of the family “what they want to say and what they don’t”  He also praised Mick, 20, who followed in his father’s footsteps and now drives in Formula 2  Mr Todt said Mick was “intelligent, well-behaved, and he does not put himself in the foreground”  He added that alone was the result of his parents “who have never put him in the limelight”  He added: “His family name of course comes with a bit of pressure, but with a helmet on his head, he’s a driver like everyone else ”  Mr Todt’s words come after Schumacher’s manager made a rare statement about the health of the Formula 1 driver two days ago  Sabine Kehm, speaking at a charity football match, said: “Michael should not disappear If Michael could, he would certainly sit here and have a great time today. “We would have a very funny match during the evening ” Ms Kehm has made it clear that Schumacher’s current health will remain a secret      She said: “Michael’s health is not a public issue, so we will not comment on it, if only because we need to protect Michael’s privacy as much as possible  “We realise that this is difficult for some people to understand, but we do so in perfect accordance with Michael’s attitude and can only thank you for being understanding ” Schumacher suffered a near-fatal brain injury in a skiing accident in the French Alps and little is known about his current health condition  Since September 2015, he has been cared for at home on the shores of Lake Geneva  His condition improved after he was placed in a drug-induced coma. He was skiing with Mick when he fell and cracked his head on a boulder in Meribel  He hit his head and the fall was so violent that he split open his helmet. Since then, according to reports he had been receiving £115k a week care at his Lake Geneva home  This comes as a Ferrari driven by the F1 star will go under the hammer in Abu Dhabi for £6 1 million. The Ferrari F2002 was driven by the seven-time world champion during victories in the Italian, Austrian and French Grand Prixs  This was during his 2002 season. Funds from the sale will also be donated to the Keep Fighting Foundation   Trending  This is a non-profit foundation formed by the Schumacher family. 

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