100 thoughts on “Michael Jordan’s Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

  1. 20 minutes of him patting himself on the back for how competitive he was and how he tore people apart after challenging him. Ummm, it's well documented. We all already know. It would have been better to stay humble.

  2. is a lamp bought to be put under a basket or under a bed? is it not to be set on a lamp stand? for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. if anyone has ears to hear let him hear!

  3. Besides Jesus, and my Dad. Michael Jordan is the most influential person throughout my whole life. Just the name Michael Jordan gives me chills sometimes and I am 30! I love MJ!

  4. ‪This is hilarious, hes just calling out a bunch of people who tried to take him down cuz they saw how good he was‬

  5. Thompson was better than Jordan but drugs didn't allow that to be the ultimate end of the story.

    Thompson and Drexler are the only two players I know of that have jumped from around the free throw line and dunked in a game. That is why Thompson was called "Skywalker" and Drexler "Glide".

  6. 21.02.2012 / 23:23 long, numerology, perfection, the greatest.
    Kobetards and LeBronsexuals disliked this video.
    They are the 3 best players ever but please respect the order 1.MJ /2.LBJ /3.KB

  7. Overrated btw Nike owns the nba so stop buying the Chinese bs. Anyway The team around him made him that good . He’s no Leonard. Ugh Steve the liberal Kerr that guy is a Nike pawn.Good job m.j you got a award you suck .

  8. I'll admit, I absolutely dislike MJ a whole lot.

    The reason mainly is because of how awful of a human being he is. However, I gotta give him respect for using his Hall of Fame induction speech as a way to give thee ultimate "Fuck You" to all of the people that doubted him & treat him like shit back then.

    This by far is one of thee greatest savage moments ever.

    MJ got himself inducted to another hall of fame with this speech – the Savage Hall of Fame

  9. I loved watching this. And, yes. There are lots of things that I didn't know about Michael Jordan. I have fallen in love with him, again!

  10. 😢😢😢We are proud of you Michael

    You are the best forever 🏀🏀🏀⛹🏽‍♂️⛹🏽‍♂️⛹🏽‍♂️

  11. Mike is my all time favorite athlete hands down. But this speech, is self serving, and the most arrogant speech I have ever heard. Lol I love Mike!

  12. Just a little bit arrogant but he darn well earned it. The best ever that laced up a pair of gym shoes. Did he score more on or off the court.? Shaq's HOF speech was must better. I hope he makes it in the business world, lol Thanks for all the memories Mike.

  13. He got told he'll never be as good as Magic and Bird.
    Now Lebron's being told the same about MJ and Kobe…just goes to show shit will never change. Probably start to here how Zion will never be as good as Lebron and KD soon…it just goes on and on from generation to generation

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