100 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Stops a Gang Member From Getting Into a Fight With His Bodyguard?

  1. I think this black man got upset because Manny lost.It's good to see that he defined that fight as shit as hell. Good job man!

  2. Straight up mark!!! Not a major player in the game or streets he's a MJ slut he's a no body trying to capitalize of MJ on YouTube wanting to be famous is a powerful drug Lmao!!!

  3. When I first saw this video, I thought they Black dude told M.J. to "Get the f*ck off me," but then I saw the White guy's arm holding him… A sigh of relief came over me. M.J. is like American Royalty. lol

  4. michael saved that man from being put to sleep just like manny got put to sleep by marquez hahahah

  5. MJ shows class.  It's a pity  he recording was below par. It's best to take a video with the phone in the horizontal position.

  6. What was actually said???
    all I heard was "I got every number" and "Mike, Mike, Mike and Micheal Jordan"

  7. That was a better fight than the one inside the Arena, That is why MJ wanted to be a part of it…….ha!

  8. V.V.S.
    Vertical Video Syndrome.
    For those who are afflicted, please, make them aware of their symptoms. Tell them to seek help immediately.

  9. There was not enough action at the fight specially from Fraud Gayweather that they had to create the action by their own means… Outside boxing

  10. I hate when people label something as a 'fight' when all it is, is people screaming at eachother. It's like in baseball, 'bench clearing fight' when in reality it's a bunch of people holding each other back and yelling.

  11. I fucking hate these vultures. Leave the man and all these other celebrities the fuck alone why you gotta harass the fuck out of em "Yo Mike I got all your shoes man, every number" shut the fuck up bro no you don't

  12. It's got to be weird to have yourself all psyched up to whoop on some fool and Michael f'n Jordan steps in front of you from out of nowhere and is like 'chill out'. Can't deny the King's request.

  13. How did you come to the conclusion that this dude was a "major player"? What does a "major player" look like? What is your definition of a "major player"?

  14. I find it pretty egotistical of MJ to still even have a bodyguard 12 years after he stopped playing. Is he still gonna walk around with a bodyguard when he's 70?

  15. i buy all your shoes lmao i buy all your shoes. Funny ive seen jordan out in public in charlotte a couple of times never seen him wearing Jordan's i don't think  he cares about them.

  16. what's sad is people don't realize Jordan doesn't give a fuck about you buying his shoes. he only designed that one pair, he had nothing to do with the rest of them. he could sell them for whatever he wants, someone's going to buy them.

  17. Michael Jordan has rejected his black heritage. He should have busted a 9 and slang some dope and done 99 to life behind bars. Then he should release a mixtape from jail. Then he should have all 5 of his baby mommas go after him for child support. What happened to you Mike? Why you gotta be a racist slave owner like that.

  18. MJ once said proudly how he hates white people  WELL we hate you back  MJ.. hail to our mullato messiah, ape king ebola of the shit-show called baboonistan. And to those if I OFFENDED YOU!! tell me what it feels like to be so weak? that mere words hurt you……..

  19. why is this guy yelling every number like that.. chill the fuck out.. say thank you for what you did and you a boss for making dude shut up cause you mothafucking MJ23 greatest of all time

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  21. liljodan is a worthless piece of nothing just a panty salesman thats all. HE AIN'T SHIT!!!! KOBE BRYANT IS BETTER THAN lil jordan, LEBRON JAMES IS BETTER THAN liljordan. THEY ARE STILL PLAYING. OH THEM WHAT 6 RINGS OR 5 RINGS WHO GIVES A FUCK HE DIDN'T DO BY HIMSELF IT TOOK A TEAM SO HA HA LOL

  22. Securities sometimes are going to have to push people around for the man's safety reasons, especially in a crowded situation like that, things could go wrong quickly. So what you got pushed? Shouting out some random gang name like it's supposed to mean anything lol. And why the f would people be so proud of being a gang member anyway? Just because people avoid to get in conflict with you doesn't mean they are scared or have respect for you, it's because normal people are not stupid enough to get themselves injured or killed by some fucking low life over some stupid shit many idiots call "respect".

  23. Fuck Mj.. I never buy those sneakers that probably cost $2 to make with child labor.. My friend told me he's a cheap jerk to wirk for anyway..

  24. Looks like MJ was trying to avoid a major law suit if his security would've ended up having to beat the breaks off this nigga.

  25. Interesting Video ,,,never heard of this delray/delfunkboy but I downloaded his music on iTunes and its awesome!!! https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/mahogany-masterpiece-return/id957578281

  26. what yawl dont know is the Piru dude is rapper the game's manager and singer ray j manager hes also the guy who knocked out rapper stiches in miami recently he is also president of blood money records and also a major figure in the piru bloods .. dude is not to be fucked with

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  28. y'all dudes is embarrassing begging a man for attention , I'm glad I from Dade we're not star strucks , you dudes see. a star and y'all ready to kiss his ass , dat dude wasn't even paying you guy any a attention you yelling I got all your shoes , what you think , he give a fuck , he's like keep buying my shoes dummy , but the funny thing is he doesn't give a fuck bout you or your money, and he let's you know it blatantly, but like the cattle you are , he'll drop a she and your dum ass will stand I. line waiting on a ticket to buy his shoe , straight dummies, lol

  29. 'I buy all your shoes please…I've got every number. ' awwww sounds almost believable. If only MJ cared

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