‘Messi is God’: Can Manchester United stop Barcelona’s divine talent?

‘Messi is God’: Can Manchester United stop Barcelona’s divine talent?

Messi is God Kim Manchester United stop
Barcelona CNN bring it on was the rallying cry from Chris Smalling as the
Manchester United defender was confronted with the reality of facing
Lionel Messi in Wednesday’s Champions League quarter-final with Smalling
likely to start at the heart of alayka and her soul stirrers defense and Messi
intent on performing the role immortalized by his unparalleled
phenomenon the pair will buy the game is close be well-acquainted to leave Messi
unattended is at best unwise Mikkel Silvester a Champions
League winner during his time at Manchester United acknowledged that if
his Messi’s divine brilliance that stands in his former team’s way on its
path to an unlikely semi-final place Barcelona except God Messi is a team
that you can stop over two games Silvester told CNN’s for it last month
I think United can stop Barcelona and progress given both the Catalan side
style of play and the Central they did it against Paris in the previous round
where united overcame a 2-0 first leg deficit to win on away goals they ended
up playing with Mason Greenwood telleth Chong James Garner the three youngsters
in the Parc des Princes it was an inspiring performance with that mental
ability to stay in the game and believe and to never ever give up it is in the
club’s DNA that never give up attitude Messi though remains the key as a
defender who racked up 249 appearances during the Alex Ferguson era Silvester
has a warning for his former team it is when you have the ball that he is at his
most dangerous because he is going to disappear and then going to reappear
Silvester explained of Messi’s threat stopping him has been done before he
points out we know how to do it indeed Silvester hims timeless supremacy
his unique ability has never declined and nor have his own numbers 26 goals in
the 2015-16 LA River season have subsequently been followed by 37 and 34
with the Argentine great sat on 33 with seven games of the current season
remaining a year dominated by his Barcelona side in this year’s Champion’s
League Messi six appearances have brought with them eight goals and a
further three assists it is a run that is added to an already exceptional
overall record in Europe’s major club competition 108 goals in 131 appearances
give him a superior minutes per goal ratio to that of his great rival
Cristiano Ronaldo though the Argentine remains 16 strikes behind the Juventus
forwards 124 the duo’s long-running battle for footballing supremacy has
seen alongside Messi’s extraordinary timeless supremacy has however sat an
accusation that he has struggled to reach his own high standards when faced
with English opposition yet for almost as long as the theory has existed it is
a label that Messi has confounded there are of course occasional outliers
Messi’s record against Chelsea for example sits adjust three goals in 10
games however his history with Manchester United is different although
it currently shows just two goals in four games those strikes came in the
2009 and 2011 finals his performance at Wembley in the latter of the two is
remembered for its sheer majesty as Barcelona cruised to a 3-1 victory some
hope perhaps for the Old Trafford

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