100 thoughts on “MESSI & CR7 SKILLS YOU NEED TO LEARN | top 5 football skills

  1. The 1st cr7 skill was too good .
    I also get🤔🤔 confused🤔🤔 when I have done this first time……..🤭🤭🤭🤭😅😅😅😅

  2. #IF U ARE A CR7 FAN LEAVE A LIKE😉👍. CR7 IS THE BEST GOALSCORER OF ALL TIME. 9 Hat tricks in a Single LaLiga Season.He wins all kinds of cups. He has won the:
    1.CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Multiple times.

    2.Balland O Multiple times. 😎

    3.Golden Boot Multiple times😁✨

    4.Euro Nation's League with Portugal. What has Messi won with Argentina.?

    5. G.O.A.T 🐐

    ECT cetra

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