MEN’S SOCCER – Audi Field Day Trip


[MUSIC PLAYING] It was a long day. A very long day for the
staff, and particularly staff. Coaches, support staff,
Jeff Boyer, Carl Carpenter, Peter Alston, all the supports. A really long day. Generally, what
I do is make sure that travel is as easy as
possible for the players and staff so they often
think about it on a game day. So that involves anything
from ordering food before the day of
the game to make sure it’s available for
them after, arranging travel with the bus system. So I talk with the bus
driver to make sure he knows where we’re trying to go. And as well, talking to the
staff for the opposition team. So for away at a game, I’ll
talk to their operations guy and make sure that our locker
room’s all set up for us. And we made it a day trip
this year on purpose. We just wanted to have
access to our own food. We had a nice
training meal at JPJ. We wanted to get an activation
period on the field, which we don’t get in the hotel. We wanted a chance to look at
some more video that morning. So we were able to do that in
our environment, individually and as a team. Jeff Boyer, our trainer,
is with us all the time. Usually on a day trip he’ll
be there in the training room, usually about two hours before. So players will
always be in their getting tape, getting ice,
getting treatment, et cetera. During a game,
he’ll help players. If there’s an
injury on the pitch, he’ll always be out
there to treat them. And working with Peter
to warm up the players, cool down the
players, provide them with any sort of physical
stuff that coaching staff and I aren’t qualified to do. Jeff’s a real pro. And it’s not just this
day of the game, which is very, very long for him. It’s just how he takes
care of the players. I mean, he’s just very,
very good at his job. Preparation for the
game day is actually– takes place three to four
days before the actual game. And that also involves
scouting reports and stuff like that, which I help out the
coaching staff put together. You want to get off
to a good start, winning your first
couple of games. Just get that under your belt
no matter who the opposition is. But put in the context that it’s
the defending national champs, number one ranked
team in the country, playing in Audi Stadium. Just taking the load off
in that sort of sense, just to make sure
the players and staff can just focus on the one thing. And that’s getting a
result on match day. Game day is– that’s the
easiest part of the job and the most fun
part of the job. The players are the ones who we
like to see you get the show. That’s a perfect day, I think,
to be able to see that– that cohesion of that
group all working. All the gears meshing together
and turning at the same time over a long day. And then see the culmination of
a great performance like that. I think when you look
at that from the outside and see all those moving
pieces, it’s pretty impressive. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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