Mehdi Hasan Is Relentless in His Interviews with Trump Proxies

Mehdi Hasan Is Relentless in His Interviews with Trump Proxies

-I’m so happy to have you here.
-Happy to be here. I want to start
by showing a clip for those who are here who maybe
aren’t familiar with your work. You interviewed —
What is he, you said? -A Trump campaign adviser. -Yes, in charge
of re-election, I guess. -Yes.
-And you interviewed him in a way that many have said, “This is the template
for talking to people within the Trump sphere,” and I just want
to show it real quick. Let’s take a look. -He said during the campaign that there’s six to seven
steel facilities that are gonna be opened up.
There are none. U.S. Steel has not announced
any facilities. Why did he say they’ve announced
new facilities? That’s a lie, isn’t it? -No, it isn’t, because there are
a lot of companies opening up. There are steel facilities
that are gonna be opening up. -No, no. Sorry.
Sorry, Steven. That’s not what he said.
I know it’s difficult for you. I know you want
to try and defend him. But let me read the quote
to you. “U.S. Steel just announced that they’re building
six new steel mills.” That’s a very specific claim. U.S. Steel have not announced
six new steel mills. They have said they’ve not
announced six new steel mills. There’s no evidence
of six new steel mills. He just made it up. -The American people
are doing well. -That’s fine. The American people
can be doing well, and the President can be a liar. There’s no contradiction
between those two statements. [ Cheers and applause ]
-So, well done. Do you think — I don’t want to — I don’t want to put you
inside his head, but do you think
he was unexpected for how prepared you were? What do you think
was happening there? -I think so. And to be fair
to Steve Rogers — that’s his name —
he’s a very nice guy and, you know,
good sport about it. But he does Fox News
most of his time. And if he does
do other cable news channels, it’s the same problem
everywhere. Unfortunately, interviewers
on U.S. television tend to have limited time,
limited resources, and just want to keep
moving things along. And when I interview people,
I try not to move along. I don’t want to move on. I want to stick to it
and try and get an answer. That’s my job. -Well, I think one of the things
you did that was so nice is, again, there’s so much
happening in the Trump campaign that, I think, oftentimes,
as an interviewer, you’re caught with, “I want to hit
11 different topics.” You stayed on one thing. -I was like, “The lies.
Let’s go with the lies.” There’s six and a half
thousand of them. I’ll pick three or four. -But, you know,
and that makes it — I think they are hoping
and waiting for you to move onto the next thing. -There’s a bit in the clip,
which you don’t see. He actually says to me
at the end, he goes, “Let’s just move on.
Ask me another question.” [ Laughter ] I’m not gonna do that. And the problem is,
look, most people would move on because it’s — it’s uneasy. It’s not easy to go up and to just keep asking someone
the same question. I don’t like doing it. You have to relentlessly
keep asking the same question, keep asking for answers,
not moving on, getting in people’s face —
That’s rude, right? Seth, you don’t want to be rude
to your guests. -Of course not.
-It’s socially awkward. And we’re taught
not to be like that. Although I’m British, I’m rude and socially awkward
to begin with. So I may have an advantage
over some Americans. -But what are the differences
that you’ve seen in how the U.K. press
and the U.S. press deals with power? -That’s a very good question,
and I think you guys — Definitely,
there’s a cultural issue. You guys had your revolution,
War of Independence. You kicked the Brits out. And yet, weirdly, you’re
more deferential to power, I would argue, than we are. You know, the President
walks into the East Room of the White House, and the White House press corps
stands up, which I find — British journalists,
for all their sins, would not stand up if the Prime Minister
comes into the room. They’d be lucky to even
pay attention sometimes. You guys have this thing
where it’s kind of Banana Republic-esque,
where you allow your politicians to have their
job titles for life. So, do you remember in 2012, it was Governor Romney,
Governor Romney. Governor of what?
His backyard? He hadn’t been governor of
Massachusetts for five years. Secretary Albright,
Secretary Clinton, Mayor Giuliani,
Ambassador Bolton. If anyone here lost their job, they wouldn’t get to keep
the title the next day. Why do you do that? Why do you do that
with your politicians? It’s weird.
I just don’t get it.

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  1. It is about time for someone to ask the right questions, and call those fools out for their sick stupidity,, and racism!! I kept saying why people not going to call these fools out that is always talking about immigrates, and stereotyping people, telling people to go back to their own country, when they should be saying your ancestors are not from here, and how do you think you people ended up here since the 1600's? Nobody would open their mouths and ask those haters that? People need to learn their history before criticizing immigrates that is and always have been from the Americas compared to any white nationalist, or European!!

  2. Excellent but the Dems are wussies, pussified cowardly wonders. And, reporters are afraid to interrupt the POTUS specifically because he is the POTUS and they will risk their jobs….in other words, journalists care more about money and are just as greedy as Republicans when it comes to defending the Truth, the Constitution, etc. And elected Dems are far worse. The debates with Trump will be fascinating because it will be a show-down to see if the Dems can get as combative as this guy. The real problem, actually, with the debates are the incredibly stupid, ignorance corporate media who hire jerk-offs who cater to the Imbecile in Chief by NOT doing their jobs.

  3. Imagine. If our BS corporate media had pundits like Mahdi in prime time .

    I’m confident trump wouldn’t happen

    Good journalism = less propaganda

  4. You go Mehadi Hasan! Hold these idiot’s feet to the fire of truth!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. He’s a good interviewer/debater, but he also literally asked Dawkins whether he could prove that Muhammed didn’t fly to heaven on a winged horse.

  6. This guy is a Muslim centric journalist. He goes after all countries that he believes harms Islam's but keeps quiet on Muslim atrocities and belligerence.

  7. Welcome to wonderful antagonist we dont give respect to bullshitters British journalism! Now let's have the pipsquek Sharpiro! Get pulled apart again and then give him to Paxman to finally give him a breakdown

  8. …// .. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Ayesje was 9
    Mohammad 52 .. and married to 13 other women ….. mashallah'
    This guy is a Muslim, defending, following and worshipping a genocidal pedophile desert thief and murderer (Mohammad). -that's all

  9. This guy spits fire every time he interviews someone…finding ways to get his shows 24/7…all politicians need to be decimated at every interview…that’s the point…an interview!

  10. Actually Mahdi don't represent the Soni Muslim as I'm I thought he is a Soni one but when I get know I really don't take his information … Why someone like Mohamed hidjabe not caring of his the seines he have .. his games cuz his Shia not a Sona and they know the true guide is SONA one not a Shia

  11. Right he have some true information but he's believing in things not completely he don't believe that Aicha the mother of believer as a honest and greatest wife for the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him and there is many thing go to Islamic web or search in Google and compare between the Shia one and the Soni one and by the way the believe in ALI is a messenger after Mohamed and that is not true at all .

  12. Medhi is it possible you talk to Donal trump and nailed him up in debate with rudeness and truth LOL will be fun watching you and Donald talking

  13. I love Mehdi Hassan, I wish there would be at least half of him in any american journalist/reporter.. Please clone Mehdi Hassan !

  14. There's a reason for the pointless displays of formality like rising when the president enters the room or addressing a retired politician by his former title. Americans love to feel subordinate to authority and take great pleasure in confirming their obedience in any manner possible.

  15. Mehdi Hassan & Co attack Trump's economic record – compared to the far worse economic record of Democrats? How many steel plants are Democrats planning to build? None – which is why they won't get elected – because they don't even have any job creation plans to not live up to.

  16. If not for perspective, Mehdi Hasan admitted on television that he honestly believes Mohammod flew to the moon on a winged horse.

    Fact. Mehdi Hasan believes Neil Armstrong was the second man on the moon. Nut job.

  17. Mehdi. Why not do a special investigation on dead Indian laborers building soccer stadiums in Qatar? Oh, you don't want to bite the hand that feeds you, huh?

  18. Have we gona all mad
    All these liberals cheering up this guy who has called non muslims cattle and has said non muslims have diseased mind
    Why are you guys worshipping this inherently anti liberal man who is openly homophobic and muslim supremacist
    Watch this video yourself

  19. To be clear i have many muslim friends and i aint islamophobic
    I like muslims people
    But people like hassan funded by wahabbi petro dollars are no better than extremists

  20. I would like to destroy this Mehdi over smart in a debate.
    Westerners r fools. They gets hassled by a Qatari low IQ British brought up fool.

  21. American people in general are really good. But trump got selected and elected. Then , i think Are americans really good ????

  22. There are 24000 students in Oxford University. A lot of them are Pakistanis and Chinese with lots of money. That shows what Oxford and Britain has become

  23. Mehdi Hassan – Journalism at its best. Relentless and thoroughly prepared with facts. Thank you Seth for interviewing Mr Hassan.

  24. Mehdi Hassan DESTROYS interviewees on his Show Heat to Head
    My favorite is when he interviewed Charles Liu and Victor Gao and exposed China's CCP lies to the MAX:

  25. But isn’t you just took US NGO’s invalidated source of information to accuse Chinese Xinjiang education camp? You are no difference to fix news

  26. American media and the system are on the same payroll ,don’t ever expect press them ,even they do a little is all a show

  27. Those in power must always be questioned rigorously. Remember, the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance! Good night, friends!

  28. This what a true journalist looks like and not the paid $$$hill lap dogs that we have with the corrupt corporate MSM .. hats off to Mehdi

  29. This smart journalist has the calibre for his well prepared data information. BUT he seems to buy into the so-called FAKE NEWS in favor of the noisy public and mainstream medias, which have mainly educated him.

  30. I’ll pay anything to have Mehdi replace Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. It’s about time politicians actually met the press.

  31. Mr.Mehdi Hasan is the best interviewer in the Britain (and probably the world)… always maintain his integrity and and factually straight. He is an excellent orator and highly intelligent… I always pay attention to his works. Kudos to your presence in America… you made them looks so stupid.

  32. Mehdi Hasan is a Islamist supporter all the time and he supports the Islamization of america and what ever he speaks based of Islamic idea and the sharia law

  33. Though I agree with the first half of this video, the second half is not true at all. American Jurnalis may stand up for the president, but, Briton has a Royal family, and everyone stands up even for the Queen's grandchildren. What a joke is that.

  34. politicians are often given a lot of deference in America some more than others and then theres fox news.In the U.K. Some political interviewers are too agressive and just try to trip up mps because it makes good radio and tv.There is a balance where by you dont let a politician fob you off with slogans or bullshit but you also let them use the rope you give them instead of beating them into sunbmission.

  35. Before you invite that dunce to your home make sure you lock away all your knives, swords and oh yea make DAM SURE you lock away your six year old daughter because these guys they defend a prophet who think under age girls should be his wife

  36. It is not possible to be a decent human being, let alone a decent journalist, and work for Al Jazeera. This is apparent every time Hassan opens his mouth.

  37. Hasan style of interviewing is normal in the UK, those Orange White House lackeys are lucky that it wasn't our rottweilers Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Mar or Andrew Neil.

  38. Trump haters with their irrational hatred against Trump are mentally unstable because they're out of touch with reality. Trump haters in fact have no sense of right and wrong or good and bad. Here's the reality. Under Trump administration, our economy is now doing well with a creation of almost 6 million jobs, which greatly helped the unemployment rate fall to 3.6% – the lowest in 50 years. Our stock market is doing great with Down Jones Index surpassing the 26,000 point mark. Experts predict, it would reach 30,000 points next year! Businesses in America are thriving. Our country GDP is doing well. Gasoline prices have been quite stable despite the instability of the oil production in the Persian Gulf. The ISIS was gone. The border wall is going up miles and miles day by day, and the birth tourism fraud is all going to end soon. Everything is going to be in place as Trump has promised. Truly deeply caring for America and the American people, Trump had set aside his good life of a billionaire to be unfairly viciously mocked and attacked by Democrats and fake news, in order to Make America Great Again and to Keep America Great. With his tireless efforts, Trump has been working tirelessly to bring pride back to America and energy back to the American people. All the countries in the world, including G7 are envying our country America for what Trump has been doing for all of us Americans. Now, the question is: What have Trump haters like Democrats and fake news done to help America and the American people so far? Nothing! In bed with China, Trump haters have been doing nothing, but stopping America from moving forward. Sadly with their irrational hatred against Trump, Trump haters continue blaming everything on Trump to demean and deflate him. With their irrational hatred against Trump, Trump haters are indeed all mentally ill having no sense of right and wrong or good and bad.

  39. Mehdi HASAN – you should be the interviewer for the presidential debates – just you! My fellow citizens can then see the irony and mockery of this Administration!

  40. Americans equate a title or even authority with expertise. Any culture that can take this long to discover Trump is nothing else than deviant, well……

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