Megan Rapinoe: Time For The Next Step For Women’s Soccer | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Megan Rapinoe: Time For The Next Step For Women’s Soccer | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Megan Rapinoe: Time For The Next Step For Women’s Soccer | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Nobody is asking why the NBA players get paid more than the WNBA players? There's not equal pay in bball. The men are the ones that generate all the money….they should get paid more. Same in soccer.

  2. Maybe we should open the borders so that all the women in the world can try out and take rapinos spot on the team. First open border argument I actually agree with.

  3. Lol your fans don’t spend enough of their hard earned money..I don’t want to earn the money I just want you to redistribute wealth to me..commi trash!!! 😂😂

  4. Yeah if you don't belive in her speel your so far out of reality yeah ok…what a condensending pos that drops the usa flag on the ground then doesn't even look at a youngster when she signs a soccer ball for him.

  5. How can I make soccer less interesting🤔🤔🤔. I know, let girls play and shame on us for not watching, got it

  6. I don’t understand , what rights to equal pay does this lady football player not have ? Play brilliant football , become a marketable commodity and employ a sports agent . If the market thinks she’s worth more she will be paid more . That’s the same for all sports folk and it seems to work . What am I missing ?


  8. Dallas U15s boys team 5. V USA woman’s 2

    U14 boys team 7 v Australia woman’s team 0

    What a joke, no one cares about woman’s soccer. Soccer is as boring already, woman make it even more boring . Again, no one cares

    Show some respect for your flag and privileged upbringing

    Go Trump

  9. Breathtaking narcissism from someone who gets to kick a ball about for a huge sum of money. They'd struggle against a sixth form boys team in the UK, the physicality is incomparable. There would be some tears at that trouncing 😭😭😭😭

  10. Despite being way over-promoted (noone really cared), the Wn's World Cup made 2% of the revenue that the Men's did last year. Even Rapinoe understands that, when she says than fans need to buy jersey, buy season ticket, etc……So she gets it!! This is the way it works. It's hilarious that she knows the interest is not there and she STILLS demands equal pay

  11. First off MSNBC is evil, propaganda FAKE NEWS! Second, both of these idiots are victims to their own stupidity. JUST CLASSIC and rich! Who would have thunk it? Having fans go to your games and buying your apparel supports the team. GENIUS! I MEAN F'ING GENIUS! I never knew that. Even after winning it all, you still find room to complain and be a victim. Just move to the utopian socialist nation of your choice and please leave us. You are a spoiled and privileged child.

  12. So at last she understand that she cant get equal pay as men soccer team unless she earn more revenue from all the noise were just empty can..and distraction for publicity..

  13. I think it would come full circle if Nike would have that as their next campaign person. I can see it now, she's american hating, men hating, free market hating, common sense hating and well just not a very bright human. That's exactly what Nike wants to endorse!

  14. So….you want pay to be equal across the board. So the amount of revenue your sport and team bring in don’t matter? Pay should be based on showing up? Wow….I show up everyday for work….I should get paid the same as the highest paid female in my position at my company. It’s only fair.

  15. Men's soccer-6 billion a year
    Women's soccer 130 million a year.
    Men get paid 7% of what they bring in,
    women get paid 22% of what they bring in.
    Where's the inequality? Seems to me it's the men who are underpaid.
    It's like the WNBA,
    the best women's soccer player in the world would never see play time on a professional or even a D1 college team.
    But what until the pretend women takeover, and they will, this America hating mediocrity will be singing a different tune.

  16. “I deserve this!” You sure do.

    Anti-American, egomaniacal pariah; angling for that CRAPernick social justice PAY DAY!


  17. I believe Women should be given equal pay. I suggest we lower the womens pay to 7 percent of the gross revenue equal to the men!

  18. Would love to take my daughters to NWSL games; needs to be a team in the Kansas City area (Chicago Red Stars closest team right now)

  19. I didn't watch women's soccer before. And after this years CRINGE-fest from the female soccer team I think I will continue the tradition. Way to sell your brand with smugness and egotism.


  20. I'm not down with equal pay. I want what I'm worth. I left my last job because I was doing all of the work, but others were getting paid far more than me. Bottom line, I want a refund.

  21. Do all these awful trolls here get paid to make these nasty comments or are they losers who are so insecure in their masculinity they have a need to downgrade these accomplished, intelligent women to make themselves feel more superior… sad.

  22. I think her idea when she said she wanted people to buy jerseys and go to games was to show that they do have followers and to show they have a group of fans that support the women’s sports

  23. just wait until women are allowed to play with man, some guy accidentally hurts a woman and have their carrier destroyed for it

  24. Shes using "equality" as a guide to get more money then goes onto say to get more money she needs fans to spend more money. Hence making her point suggesting that men get paid more cause its more popular which is true. She just roasted herself didn't even realise it and its so beautiful.

  25. You only take women's football seriously if your mens team is rubbish. Which is why America take women's football seriously.

  26. This soccer team should be paid MORE than the men’s team. The women’s team WINS BIG … the men are HUGE LOSERS.

  27. Lmao . As a man can I get equality in the family court? I just want equal custody. And can men get equality in the criminal justice system also? Wtf these two are crazy men should be marching for equality

  28. How does a TV network host and professional athlete carry on a conversation that is based on lies. Sexism is NOT the reason women get paid less. People DO NOT go to the women's games. That is it. Accept it and move on. But for the good of the planet do not try to brainwash people with your lies and waste everyone's time. Pathetic.

  29. The women get 23% of revenue and men get 7% of revenue so if women want equal pay they'll actually get paid less.

  30. Athletic teams are paid by the amount of views they get, who watches women's soccer unless it is a world cup? This is not about gender inequality but about what people enjoy watching.

  31. I agree let's pay both men and women 10% of the revenue generated by their team. Of course this means the lady in the video that I've never heard of will need to get a second job to make ends meet.

  32. I wonder if these two rug munchers have ever done a real job, like fixing roads or building houses or heaven forfend working in the steel industry… No just kicking a ball around… Join the real world ladies

  33. Yeah its time for you guys to separate from FIFA so you stop crying over your tournaments not making enough money

  34. I think she is right. Now that a female team has won the female world cup it is time FIFA understands female soccer must generate the same kind of revenue as male soccer.
    I am choked, it is the real world cup on the show? I think the male cup hardly ever leaves the FIFA vault. Even on the day of the final the French players touched it a few minutes and it went back to a vault.

  35. There is now a new level above anything every achieved on the cringe scale. This ladies and gentlemen, is the single most cringeworthy person ever to have lived and breathed. Take a moment to take this in people.. wow

  36. Supply and demand matters!!!!

    And that’s exactly why you started advocating for capitalistic strategies as the best way for people to support you!

    How do they not see their hypocrisy!!🤦‍♂️

  37. Weird how female models get paid more…. or how female pornstars get paid more….. wanna know why. ITS WHAT THEY BRING IN how can you ask for “equal pay” when you don’t bring in what the men’s soccer team does or any men’s sport it might be harsh but that’s just facts. If I work as a real estate agent and sell more house then joe shmoe should we be paid the same??? This is just an instance argument. People are delusional.

  38. Its nice to see that the most worthless cow on television managed to find one of the few fuktards on the planet who has even less value and intelligence than she does.

  39. Why are the women being payed less than the men?

    There is no ”mens soccer” or any other ”mens sport”. Those leagues are just the leagues open for everyone, no matter if you are man, woman, under 18 years old, blind, paraplegic etc. There are however a number of leagues open to you only if you fullfill certain specific criteria, such as a U18 league, womens league, paralympics etc.

    If you want equal pay, take a spot on the roster of the one big league that is open to anyone – the so called ”mens league”.

    I can’t believe noone told you about this before…

  40. Looks like the women soccer just actually took four step backwards with this nonsense good job Megan Rapinoe you just literally killed it

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