Meet the Class of 2022 – Alonie Sutton

Meet the Class of 2022 – Alonie Sutton

(MUSIC) My name is Alonie Sutton, and I’ll be
a long jumper and triple jumper at the University of Tennessee this year. Me being from Alabama my mom was kind of nervous, but then she really just told me that it
was my choice, and whatever I choose she’d be there to support me no matter
what. The University of Tennessee was different from the rest of the schools that I had in mind as far as the staff and the people here. I wanted to go somewhere that would be comfortable and I definitely got that feel here at UT. I’m most excited about a new level of competition, and I know it will be challenging,
but I’m ready to be challenged on that level. My first year I hope that I can
make SEC’s, and if God willing NCAA’s, but overall I just want to become a better
jumper and a better person. Really the pressure that I get comes from myself more than anybody else, so I had to learn how to just go out there and trust
everything that I’ve trained for so far. The more that you put pressure on
yourself in anything– you’re not going to get the outcome that you expect. I think if you practice for something or you work at something so hard, then it’s
eventually going to show– so I think you should just trust that.

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