32 thoughts on “Matthew Boling of Strake Jesuit sets new state and national record

  1. This is the white guys answer to the Usain Bolt era. Things are gonna be different,lol. Im a fan!

  2. first of all kalon Barnes ran 10.04 in the state track meet last year with a 3 mile per hour wind behind him so that is a better time.

  3. maybe if they moved the camera people from the end of the track, he could be more focused on follow thru, and less worried about decelerating and hitting the camera people…🤔

  4. Just a little 'white' lie. He did NOT set a national record. The national HS record is 10.00. Typical Great White Hope nonsense.

  5. I dont get it. Boling is gonna be 19 in June. That's the average age of a college freshman. So he's at least 1 year older than all his competition, which is significant at that age. That's why we have tight age groups for high school records.

  6. Staying off social media turning off notification. Kid you’re definitely going places with that mentality alone! Focus on your success and passion brother let your actions do the talking! Much respect for this kid. He’s a man among the boys in his generation

  7. He's a great U.S. high schooler, but not the greatest. That's Houston Mctear. Look him up, kids or ask your coaches.

  8. He said he needs more work on his start? Well that means once he gets good at that he will be even faster.

  9. If it’s a national record we sorta figured it’s a state record too. Unless there was a high school track meet for the years Texas was a republic or during the civil war when it seceded.

  10. He needs to go to Texas Tech the #1 Track team in america. Not to mention second in basketball, 4th in baseball, #1 in men and wemons indoor track and field national championships. GUNS UP

  11. He will built up his speed one day he will create record and beat usian bolt..he is still kidd and he will do that.

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