Match Preview: Maroc – Libye (Friendly 2019 )

Match Preview: Maroc – Libye (Friendly 2019 )

marhabaa’ let’s talk about some brand
information who is missing prior to the friendlies against Libya and Gabon
who’s new to the roster let’s talk about the brand new kit intro Salam Alaikum
welcome to the brand new episode of Soccerocco my name is Youssef we’re going
to talk about the Moroccan national team prior to the friendlies we’re gonna talk
about the brand new kit I’m in good old Germany the sun is shining but
it’s cold so we got to talk about the Moroccan national team just to get heated up a little bit I’m ruining my brand new my brand new vans for you on a muddy
pitch just for you this deserves a subscribe that’s all I’m saying
subscribe because there’s gonna be a lot of new information because I’m talking
about some stuff nobody seems to talk about so let’s jump right in everybody
alright who is missing who’s not gonna be on a team on Friday
Roman Saiss from Wolverhampton he’s injured Noussair Mazraoui from Ajax
Amsterdam is not gonna be on a team as well as tTaarabt injured it’s not gonna be
on a team he’s gonna be present in Oujda and Tanger that’s what he said but
he’s not gonna be on the pitch supposingly Ashraf Hakimi he’s not
gonna be there Hakim Ziyech is not gonna be there but there are gonna be
some brand new players Walid El Karti I’m super excited to see that man
playing Nayef is gonna be there El Kaddouri is gonna be there so many new
players so I’m gonna talk about that in a few I’m pretty curious and I want to
find out with you Soccerocans who can replace Mehdi Benatia
I’ll tell ya I believe in players like Jawad El Yamiq Younis Abdelhamid Boutaib
we do have some talented players who can replace Madiba I’ll tell ya I’m pretty
sure so we’re gonna see on Friday we know that players like Achraf Hakimi and Noussair Mazraoui they have the talent but inshallah we’re gonna see
some new players and I’m also excited to see Walid El Karti I want to see him
on the pitch let’s see what he can do we’ve had we’ve talked about Malcuit is
not gonna play he’s not gonna be on a team but I’m I don’t care about that
actually because if you don’t want to play for this team
get out that’s all I’m saying and Belhanda is not gonna be there use of it
but nothing’s gonna be not gonna be there I’m pretty shocked that Boufal is
not gonna be on Team I don’t know why but I hope he can join the team in the
future because he’s always good for that last 30 or 40 minutes he can bring
something to the table he got the speed he got the technical skills let’s see
what happens but I believe in Sofian Boufal he has to
come back Nabil Dirar is not gonna be
there because he’s facing a surgery interesting is that Mehdi Carcela
I don’t know how to pronounce him is gonna be back I’m not a
fan of his style of playing but he’s gonna be there I think because so many
more talented more gifted players are missing sorry Mehdi but
maybe you can show something I believe and everybody was wearing that kit let’s
see what happened alright let’s talk about the opponent nobody seems to talk
about Libya but I want to show some respect so we got to talk about the game
and the opponent Libya I predict a 3-1 win I need you to put
down in the comments below what you predict your predictions put them down
below two zero two nil whatever you want write it down I’m I’m in for trouble
just write down whatever you want and I say it’s not gonna be that easy I know
that Libya is not a big team but we always struggle with that small teams
and now we’re gonna talk about Libya well as I said Libya is one of the
smaller teams it’s ranked on the 105th position in the FIFA World Ranking the
overall team value is about 7 million the average age of the squad is 27 and
it consists of 25 players they will play in the 10th group of the qualifiers for
the Afghan 2021 against Tunisia Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea I’m sorry
pretty windy in Germany all right who are the stars on the team I tried to
come I try to come up with one superstar and one interesting player of Libya is
Ismael Tajouri he’s 25 years old he was born in Switzerland raised in Austria
and he’s playing for New York City FC and he said it’s an honor for him to
play for the Libyan national team he’s an interesting striker and right winger
he can play both positions and he can score some goals he can cause some
trouble in the Moroccan Defense so I’m pretty interesting to see what Ismael
Tajouri can do hope he’s not gonna score the goal against us but you know
I’m a I’m a I’m a fan right alright I’m pretty I’m pretty
excited and I’m pretty curious to see how are we gonna do against Libya how
the game is gonna go I think everything inshallah everything is gonna go well
but I’m tired of all those rumors that are going around with Malcuit I hope
that shit is done and Hamdallah and I don’t know that the coach is lying I
wanted to play for the team but he didn’t want me on the team
and the coach why he’d said that I’m the law doesn’t want to put it be on the
team I’m sick of that we don’t have time for then we don’t have the energy for
that I think we all have one specific goal that we want to reach inshallah so
I hope they can focus on the game itself We got a new kit! Puma signed a
multi-year contract with a Moroccan Football Federation and everybody is
excited and I got to see that new kit yesterday on Instagram and I was shocked
because it’s ugly AF that’s all I’m saying it’s not my kind of style I don’t
know if just write down your opinion about this kit but I’m shocked it’s not
beautiful at all I’m sorry I don’t know what they did they started that
beautiful fabric right here and then there was nothing I don’t know what that
is Halloween is it’s coming pretty soon I
don’t know what Pumas trying to tell us right here but I’m not gonna buy this
they said that the overall cost the expected cost is about 450 Dirham it’s
okay but it’s too much for that I’m not that excited I don’t like it sorry
everybody just tell me your opinion in the comments down below
but I don’t like it I’m not gonna buy it but I like the new shirts that training
shirts the black and the white one with the buttons that’s that’s beautiful I
think I’m going to get one of these but the new kit is ugly AF sorry thank you
very much for watching Soccerocans stick around I hope you liked the video
I’m pretty optimistic when it comes to the upcoming friendlies let’s see what
happens write down in the comments below if
there are any players who want me to talk about in the future or subjects or
more about the Moroccan national teams or Algerian or Tunisian national team
whatever you want put it down in the comments below thank you very much for
watching this lemma choke it on everybody

5 thoughts on “Match Preview: Maroc – Libye (Friendly 2019 )

  1. Ich verstehe einfach nicht warum man nicht auf neue Spieler setzt, und auf einmal ist es keine große Ehre für die Marokkanische Nationalmanschaft zu spielen. Seit der Wm ist es nur noch Scheisse und traurig was in der Nationalmannschaft passiert. Und wie oft sind die großen Namen wie Ziyech verletzt wenn es Länderspielpause ist.

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