Match Fixing Scam in Football


directly sports gambling in sports had
pretty much gone hand in hand for many many years and even with the corruption
that we’ve seen across many many sports uh… at has been great now the examples of people rose betting
on baseball and even in cricket where many players through matches the uh…
black socks and uh… controversy that occurred where the team through games and mean
this is happened four years with match fixing but never have we seen the this great in european football how what exactly do
i mean by that well a report that has been put out by
routers indicates that over thirty countries
their birth six hundred and any matches that just after a second it isn’t eighteen-month investigation by you’re all paul three hundred and eighty matches
occurred in europe three hundred in latin america uh…
asia and africa these matters include world
cup qualifiers european championships and you at the champions league matches big big matches so in the past what
we’ve seen you know finish football that have been
corrupted granted its big it’s not as big as this
and it’s not been seen by as many i’ve also as these three categories of
matches that took place at the screen shot right here uh…
diving into the investigation thirteen thousand emails were analyzed four
hundred twenty five suspects right down the side fifty arrests were made eighty search warrant for obtaining this
is that this is very very bad eight million euros of gambling profits
recovered offer a quote concrete prove now all of this took place mainly through organized criminals in singapore now it’s important to note that
singapore has not come out at all and said anything what exactly their strategy is by doing
this i have no idea but the fact that become
not not come out and said anything on this matter not saying that we’re gonna work are
hardest to try and find these criminals and all this and they’ve tried it serve
as this unique governing body for years is quite surprising to many me included route is also uh…
identified at bull there was a man who’s identified twenty eleven by in german magazine called stern he is listed in court documents and his name is dan ten though he denies ever being involved how
exactly is name came up was because of wilson rise who was arrested for match
fixing in finnish and a finish forty league cd and identified ten as quote be
singaporean against the essence tonight now this took place between two dozen
eight and twenty eleven again champions league matches world cup qualifiers and the european championship matches in singaporean these are organized an
organized crime syndicate and on routers said that careers paid
off players atarax four hundred twenty-five propped
officials players and criminals and fifteen
countries turkey germany switzerland belgium
croatia austria hungary bosnia selena canada possibly africa asia latin
america anyone around history rs one route finding takers for these bribes now this is also to be noted from
routers edible police chief ronald noble is his
name until arrests are made in singapore and
until actual names dates in specific match fixing details are given these
organized criminals walter above the law and sing for the reputation will continue to suffer so it seems like he is pulling ahead of
sing forcing hank month make a movement now the bribes again we’re roughly one
hundred thousand euros paid per match andrews indicated this is players and coaches are to be players and
referees they did not say coaches an actor players and referees twenty people are being investigated also of those twenty there also players
that are being investigated for possible fraud money-laundering embedding however they
did say that no names will be released during the investigation now in hungary and prosecutor this is
really interesting was quoted as saying in routers his report the hyundai remember who was immediately
below the sink or had was in touch with hungarian referees who could then intent
to swing matches at which they fishy in around the world accomplices would then placing bets on
the internet or by phone with bookmakers initial work that’s that would be
illegal in europe were accepted and anyone on one fix a match might
involve up to fifty suspects in ten countries on separate continents even to world cup qualification matches
in africa and one in central america are under suspicion that is the hungarian
prosecutor now there’s over one trillion dollars bet on sports each year and roughly one
billion per day here’s the problem with this and that many people at this it is questioning the integrity of the gain now let me give you an example if someone were to go to el my bosses
that i’m a horrible broadcaster which i am and that pie and stupid and i don’t know what i’m talking
about i use uh… a wrong fraser whatever he wouldn’t care if you go to my boss and you basically give him specific
evidence that i’m questioning the integrity of the company the nazis there’s a huge difference between
criticizing enough player for the way that he uh…
goes about his game and you know some decisions he makes as opposed to questioning his integrity and on whether
he is fixing a match when you question the integrity and that is when there’s a real real
problem now again this is an eighteen-month
investigation by the year opal ural pull i believe is how to pronounce and has run out of singapore six hundred
and eighty matches were reportedly fixed the question that i have to ask all of
you is what result would you like to see it’s players it’s wraps and it’s all these organized criminals uh… that are involved so what’s a that you identify the
organized criminals even go about identify at you i mean you
have to but identifying the players in the rats from then on it is they domino affect of integrity being even more questions and more results that we may not even
want to hear but are going to have to hear and the truth will heart so i’d turn to you guys i guess in the
comments what do you guys think about all this what is the correct solution
what would you like to see but it’s also the comments section below
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