Match de football sur le court

Match de football sur le court

It was September 2002. I was lucky enough to be part of the team living this experience — playing in the Davis Cup at Roland-Garros, against the USA. FFT Physical Trainer We had 3 days of nice weather, a great atmosphere for everyone there. I had already thought about after the match. I had hidden two goals in the store-room behind the court, and as soon as the match was over, we removed the net. I got permission. We put up the two goals on the clay and ended with a score of 6-6 on the Roland-Garros centre court, with all the Davis Cup players. Amélie Mauresmo came and played with us. And all our fans came to the centre court to watch the football match. We played for 30-40 minutes, knowing the team had qualified for the Davis Cup Final. Roland-Garros is not only the story of two players.
It’s a story that belongs to everyone. I think Michael Llodra scored a hat-trick, three goals, on the day. He was on form!

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