Maryland Football – Spring Game

Maryland Football – Spring Game

COACH: Let’s have some fun
today. It’s a beautiful day for
football. Let’s represent our program, our
team, one another, in the right way. You guys are going on in
about a minute and a half. One minute, one minute. [WHISTLES] Start bringing it up. Start bringing it up. Helmets on! We got some people here. Let’s go give ’em a show. All right, man, let’s go,
let’s go. ♪♪ Nice job, nice job. Two minutes this situation,
playing in the half. Let’s go play ball. ♪♪ This is where you win your
games right now. You come in at halftime. The great teams respond. They come out and start fast and
finish the game. ♪♪ Let’s go, team, let’s go now. Keep it tough, let’s go. ♪♪ Finishing strong, let’s go. Finish strong, let’s go. ♪♪ Nice job. ♪♪ We got something special
going on. You can feel that brewing. People know it. There’s something special
brewing. Let’s go take this thing and
take off. Let’s have no regrets. Let’s come through the summer
knowing, man, we put everything. We’re all in. We are all in. Our investment is so strong that
we ain’t gonna let go. It’s so strong, I put so much
into this program, man, I’m not gonna let go. Have that feeling. Know that about one another. Be able to look the other guy in
the eye. Be able to look yourself in the
mirror every day and say, “I’ve put so much into this
program, I ain’t gonna let go.” That’s how you win games. That’s how you win games. I’m proud of you. I appreciate what you did for us
this spring. This is just a start. This is just the start. All right, bring it in tight,
everyone, tight, tight, tight. Get in there tight. Let’s go, “family” on three,
one, two, three — “Family.”

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