Mark Farley, UNI Football interview Sept 28 (3 of 3)

Mark Farley, UNI Football interview Sept 28 (3 of 3)

Welcome back to our final
segmetn here on Panther Sports Talk, again with
coach Farley. the Missouri Valley
Football Conference year after year is just going
to be a grind and you look at what it’s done on
the national scale. What do you see from this
conference again this season. Mark: I see a dominant
top level league again. You’ve got number one,
number three, and I would suspect Illinois State
would climb into the top 5 after beating Colorado
State, so you have three of the top five within the
league as of today and yet we’re going to have to
go play each other, so that’ll all unfold as
the season unfolds. Eric: How important is it
to protect the home turf when you have these
top 5 teams coming in? Mark: Well, I’ve always
said you have to win your home game. That gives you 4 league
game wins and you have to your non-league games
and then find a way to win a couple on the road. You do that and you’re in
position at the end of the season. Eric: Where we are now
heading into October, always things to work on
and improve with this football team as you go
over the course of the 2018 schedule? Mark: You say the
beginning of October already, it doesn’t
seem like that. We’ve got a lot of work to
do and a lot of work to do in a short amount on time. We’ve got some momentum
now, something to work from something to build from,
but there’s plenty to do. Eric: The next home game
will be against North Dakota State. A 1 o’clock kickoff
in the dome. Make sure you’re there and
make sure you’re loud. Thanks for your
time coach. Thank you. Already, that will do
it for this edition of Panther Sports Talk.

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