Mark Farley, UNI Football interview Sept 21 (3 of 3)

Mark Farley, UNI Football interview Sept 21 (3 of 3)

We wrap things up here
with UNI head football coach, Mark Farley Coach
the Hampton Pirates did not play this past
Saturday because of Hurricane Florence,
but they come into the UNIDome. they’ve got some
athletes on this team. Start with their
quarterback, Williams. He seems like somebody that
has the ability to run and throw. How tough will he
be to contain? He’ll be very tough. and their
whole offense and defense, very athletic. They spread
the football field. they go as fast to the
perimeter as they do down vertical and that’s their
whole essense of their team, so they use their
athleticism. They are very very very good. How would
you kind of describe their style or something that
they try and do? Well, as I said, they will spread
out on offense. They’ll go sideline to sideline.
They’ll go vertical routes and you’ll see a lot of
perimeter runs. And then by doing so they spread
your defense out and try to gut it in the middle.
And then defensive, they play a lot of man to man
and try to get after you that way because they are
so skilled. Give me a couple of keys that you’ll
be focusing on in that home opener. We need to
focus on our execution. That’s what we’ve kind of
struggled in right now is our total team execution.
Offense. Defense. And special teams. So, you
know we’ve got to go back and get this lined up and
get started. Coach are you happy to finally be at
home here inside the UNI Dome? It is always good to
finally get back in the dome in late September,
but we are here and we are anxious to get started.
Alright. Get out and support the UNI Panther
football team inside the UNI Dome. 4 o’clock the
Panthers will kick it off against the Hampton
Pirates and it’s hall of fame weekend, so you’ll
get to see all of the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees at
halftime as well. Thanks so much for joining us
today on Panther Sports Talk.

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