Mark Farley, UNI football interview Sept 14 (1 of 3)

Mark Farley, UNI football interview Sept 14 (1 of 3)

Joined with UNI head football coach Mark Farley as the Panthers come off of a bye week and get ready for the Iowa Hawkeyes in Kinnick Stadium. it’s a 630pm game, under the lights. Coach it’ll be a fun atmosphere but first let’s talk about come off the bye week, the season opener against Montana. What did you want to accomplish in that extra week of prep? Well, I wanted to improve the whole football team, the two deep not just the starters because we’re looking at the Iowa game, week 7, week 9, we’re going to need some of these players to become the starters in those games Once you get into a season you’re going to get some people nicked up, so we need to improve the entire team. the entire depth of our team to be sure your ready for our season. You always look to make significant improvement in that extra week. Do you like how it came so early in the season/ No not really. You’ll take it when it comes. You just played a game, coming off two a day camp. You’d like to have played a couple games and get a rhythm going and then have a chance to get an open date to prepare for the rest of our season. Ours is a little different this year so we just have to adapt to what’s on the schedule. making adjustments during that bye week. talk about offense coming off that season opener against Montana. You got a spark in that second half to score those 23 points. Colton Howell came in at quarterback. Do you like what you saw out of him in that backup quarterback role? We really moved the ball well. We did some good things, not just Colton, but a lot of people stepped up during that second half. So, we didn’t know what Montana exactly was going to do with a new staff and everything going on. Once we saw what they were going to do and made adjustments at half time Colton came out and did a great job. One really big target for your quarterbacks is Briley Moore. He had 5 catches for over 70 yards. Doesn’t he have that potential to be that number 1 target on any given Saturday? Anytime you can get a tight end that can block and make catches, you’ve got guy that’s hard to find because you usually have a blocker or a receiver, but to have a dual purpose person like Briley, and he’s got a competitive edge too. What did you want to see, in improvements to the run game? About 100 yards rushing for the team in the opener. Yeah we got all 100 in the second half. I think our offensive line was the inexperience, but yet the age where they should grow quickly. that first to second game you’ hope you’d have seen a growth spurt there. no with a week off we see that growth spurt, time will tell. There’s no question that development is exactly the age group of that offensive line, they need that experience to get better. Offense as a whole, any specific area made a big improvement or you created some extra depth in this week? No, we just need to make improvement. I don’t know if a big improvement is going to happen. Even this challenge this week is much stronger than the previous week so we just had to get better to get into this game to make sure we’re going to be prepared and the challenge is enormous. More coming up with UNI head football coach Mark Farley. The Panthers playing at the Iowa Hawkeyes this Saturday, 6:30 under the lights in Kinnick. More Panther Sports Talk coming up right after this. BRAD: Last year Sarah McMichael shot a season best in the second round of the MVC Championships. That performance helped the UNI women to a runner-up finish. Now McMichael is the lone senior on the UNI golf team, and will help lead a young but talented roster. John Bermel is back for
his 23rd year leading the men’s and women’s golf
programs, and this Fall he is excited about the
potential he is seeing from the women’s team
as they take on tough competition in
six tournaments. A lot of work needs to be
done before the Valley Championships in Spring. The big thing is we need to keep improving on our short game. You can tell the kids have been working hard on it this Summer but we still have a ways to go but if we get things straightened up there we are good. I am telling you now we may have the longest team we have had in awhile because they do hit it. So if we get the short game sharpened up we are going to be really tough to handle I think. The Panthers return a
couple of core members off last years team but
welcome a talented mix of underclassmen. It should make for a fun
2018-19 season for the Panther women! Emily Shnelling is a sophomore that I think quite honestly was the best player in the state coming out of that grade and my daughter Hannah has been low for us the first few tournaments and played really well and those are going to be the two main ones along with the senior Sarah McMichael and she is going to be important for us because she has played on the top 5 the past 3 years and so those are going to be our big 3 and we are getting some nice play from the kids underneath too so it is going to be exciting this year. BRAD: The UNI Athletics department is preparing for Hall of Fame weekend as the ceremony and all the hall of fame festivities take place around the home opener for the football team. I was able to catch up with one of the inductees, Kim Davis, who played at UNI when she was Kim Coffey. She goes in with 1999 team AND individually this year. Now an assistant, there’s never a shortage of memories. Do you remember that first day when you came in as a freshman, and what were your optimistic goals at that point? Coming in as a freshman, I knew I was coming into a program with a ton of history and I was just excited to have the opportunity to come here. the players that were there already, we had a lot of veterans and a lot of newbies coming in. So it was a really good mix. I was excited to have an opportunity to compete on the court and especially at the caliber that UNI volleyball competes at. Having some of those quality players here already what did that do for you as a player. It was amazing, that year we didn’t have any seniors, we had 3 juniors, they were great leaders and did a fabulous job of trying to keep us all on the same page. they just did a fantastic job leading us. How do you feel you’re expectations as a freshman to what you were able to accomplish as a senior, 2 Sweet 16’s, how accomplished did you feel a t the end? It was an amazing journey. to understand how a group of athletes, volleyball players came together, it was such an amazing journey to go from where we started to the undefeated season to winning the conference championships NCAA Tournaments, going to where no program had gone before here, yet. A lot of that came from the hard work from those teams, but the teams before us that set that tone of, ‘this is how we do things’ and this is what we expect. As you’ve been reflecting on your career, what’s your most vivid memories from your playing days? Oh, boy, there’s a lot of amazing memories. I would say the one that sticks out the most is the one that happened right here. Our win over Minnesota and being down zero games to two and coming back winning the next three sets in pretty dramatic fashion. to send us to the Sweet 16 on our home court, the build up to it. Minnesota coming in, they thought they got a soft draw and didn’t want to play in the West Gym. that just fueled our fire and then playing here in front of our home crowd was amazing. BRAD: We’ll have more with Kim Davis next week as she tells us how her coaches have impacted her life and more. Still to come in this week’s show, a preview of the men’s golf team, and a senior defensive lineman that’s seeing his own life impacted by his position coach. Bryce Douglas on Bryce Paup. Today’s MidWestOne Bank, Where are they now Panther is Krista DeGeest. Krista earned Honorable Mention All-American honors in both 2011 and 2012. The three time first team all- -MVC performer ranks 3 in UNI history for attack percentage, number 5 in total career blocks, and holds the UNI record for most sets played as she was a part of 3 NCAA Tournament wins and 3 MVC Tournament titles. Krista is currently in her 6th year of professional volleyball playing for Ladies in Black in the highest pro league in Germany.

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