Mark Dantonio 100 Wins | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Football

Mark Dantonio 100 Wins | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Football

– [Announcer] They’re going
to go for it on 4th and 1. Essentially this is the game. – [Announcer] To try to send
it to a second overtime. – [Mike] To send us to a fourth overtime. – [Announcer] Right now Ohio
State faced with a 4th down and a yard and a half. – [Brent] The Cardinal
needs a yard to stay alive. – [Announcer] Geiger from 41 for the win. – [Announcer] 21 plays. The Spartans have had it for nine minutes. – [Commentator] But it’s
only a championship drive if you can finish it. – [Announcer] Tell your
punter to one step it. Don’t take your normal steps,
one step it, get it out. – [Announcer] For the very
first time Mark Dantonio is leading his team on a
march to what Spartan Nation hopes is a bright future. But all the fans are
charged up in East Lansing as the Mark Dantonio era begins. – You ready?
– Yeah. – We all right? Got some young blood? Huh, we gonna be all right today? – [Announcer] I think Mark
Dantonio is the perfect fit for this job. He’s been here before,
he knows the landscape. He has his staff and system in place, and maybe the most important thing, he has the passion for Spartan football. – Let’s get it going, let’s go! Let’s get it going, let’s go! – [Announcer] The play-action,
Hoyer going for the home run, up top, perfectly thrown. Touchdown to Devin Thomas. (crowd cheers) – We first came here 1995
as assistants for Nick Saban and really became Spartans at that time. So when we had the
opportunity to come back, it was a very easy decision for all of us because we had people
here in the community that already knew us, that
we had support from them. So really we had the best of both worlds. We brought our coaches. There will people here
maybe, that we already knew. So there was a built-in support system, and my children never
stopped being Spartans. So, when we came back, you know, we just grew with the program. We grew with the community. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Green is
stopped in the backfield by Adam Decker, and Michigan State will takeover on downs again. – [George] 3rd down, 5. Spartans at their 39. Brian’s in the shotgun
with Javon to his right. Quick throw over the middle. Caught by Blair White. He’s behind the Wolverines. He’s at the 30.
– He’s gone. – [George] The 25, the 20,
angles to the left pylon. He’s in there, standing up! Touchdown MSU! But Brian Hoyer will play fake it, toss it left side to Josh Rouse. Into the end zone. Touchdown MSU! Michigan State wins in Ann Arbor. 35 to 21. – [Reporter] How does that feel to see your players hold it up? – Feels great. Been a long time, been a long time since
I’ve seen that big fella. We are very very proud of the fact of our continuity on our staff. I think it speaks to the work environment. You know loyalty is a two-way street. We’ve all grown together, and a lot of our children and our family I’ve known since they’ve been born. You know that’s a nice feeling. – [Announcer] Conroy. It’s a fake. Bates is gonna throw.
– He’s got it. – [Announcer] Touchdown, Michigan State! Wins it in overtime! (crowd cheering) The call of the year. – [George] Badgers have three defenders back inside the five yard line. Kirk rolls to his right. Finally sends a long spiral
to the endzone, tap– – He got it!
– And caught at the goalline. – Caught at the goalline.
– He got over George. – After further review, the
runner did cross the goalline. Touchdown.
– There it is. – There is is!
– I hear ya! Spartans win! – Unbelievable.
– Touchdown! Touchdown MSU! – Yeah, I got some favorites, but it’s tough to really say one. I think you gotta look
back and say the Rose Bowl. Probably gotta say the first Big Ten Championship
game against Wisconsin. Even though we didn’t win,
was very memorable to me, because it sorta set us
up for the second one versus Ohio State. – [Announcer] 4th down. Here’s Braxton Miller. – [Commentator] And he
won’t get it, what a play! Denicos Allen! – [Announcer] They’ll give
it straight ahead, Langford. Still running, touchdown Spartan! (crowd cheers) – Tape away, say tape away. – [Commentator] They did it. – [George] The Spartans 34, Ohio State 24. – I guess some of the games that maybe people don’t talk about are the games after those
big games, you know? And I’ve always tried to say
what are you going to do next? Whether you win that
big game or you lose it. What’s gonna be your
response to adversity? That to me a lot of times is
how we’re measured as people, and so we’ve really tried
to build into those games being big big games for us, and I think our players have delivered. – [George] This is the Rose Bowl. They don’t call it “The Granddaddy
of Them All” for nothing. It’s the oldest and most famous bowl game played in the world. Everybody around the world now knows about the Michigan State Spartans. – [Announcer] Hogan gonna go deep. And a reaching catch, but
an interception by Waynes. Oh my, what a play by Trae Waynes. – [George] Connor winds
up, throws over the middle. – Oh there he is.
– Caught at the five. – He’s in there!
– Tony Lippett dives into the end zone. Touchdown MSU! – [Commentator] It’s all coming down to one play here George. 4th down, and ball game. – [George] Long count. Hands to–
– He stuffed him! He stuffed him!
– He can’t. – He stuffed him!
– He won’t go anywhere! He won’t go anywhere! Michigan State stops Stanford. And stuffs ’em at the line of scrimmage. And the Spartans are on their way to a win in the Rose Bowl. (crowd cheers) (ambient music) – You know really it’s been
about one at a time, really is. And I think we’ve tried to
take every single football game and put it. It’s got its own life. And so you know when you stack
together a hundred of them, I think it’s a statement
towards the continuity that’s been here. Our coaching staff, our players, and there are so many people that have been involved in these games that have had impact on these games. Whether it’s been great players, or decisions made by administration to play here, there, wherever. Some of the different things. Resources we’ve been given, and then also, obviously
the coaching aspect of it. Our coaching staff and we’ve
had tremendous continuity here, and I think that breeds success. (energetic music)
(players chanting) – [Geroge] Hand off to
LJ, running to his right. He’s into the end zone! Touchdown MSU! – [Commentator] This has
been one flat-out war, and now Michigan has, they’re gonna punt the ball here. – [George] Whoa, he has
trouble with the snap. And the ball is free! It’s picked up by Michigan State. Jalen Watts-Jackson, and he scores! On the last play of the game! Unbelievable! (crowd cheering) (band plays) – You know, I know I’ve sit
here doing this interview here about these games, but
until I look at a schedule and say, okay that game and
this year, those type of things. The bowl games. The big games, the moments. Overcoming adversity. Playing when you don’t have one of your star players playing. And, somebody else picks up the slack. Those are the things that
really stand out for me. Those moments when guys
rise up and meet challenges. That’s as big as anything for me. Certainly, finishing the season. What’s the last game like? Those types of things really
have meant a lot to me. It’s really been a response to challenges as much as anything. It’s not so much about a particular team that we play against, but
it’s more about the moments and the time that those
moments are creating. – [Announcer] We are set for the fifth Big 10 Championship Game. Michigan State gets
their third appearance. Iowa, their first appearance. This one folks, for a trip to the College Football Playoffs. Beathard, looking, over the middle. Intercepted! Cox! He picked that one like Derek Jeter. – [Commentator] This might be the series where they have to go score a touchdown. They might not get the ball back. This feels like it. This drive feels like the
determining drive of this game. – [Announcer] LJ Scott the deep man. LJ Scott running right. (crowd cheering)
Did he get in? Okay, yes! Touchdown Spartans! What strength by the true freshman! – [George] And the Spartans
are champions of the Big 10 for the ninth time, and for
the third time in six years under Mark Dantonio. (crowd cheers)
(band plays) – Yeah you can reflect,
it’s after year 11. Year 12 is a month away. Yeah, it’s a benchmark. You know, it’s a benchmark. You know, you’re always
trying to challenge yourself to go to another limit. So I guess it is a benchmark. I saw where somebody put down
all the games that were won. Sort of in a row. And there’s a lot of time invested. I think I got all those
scouting reports up there too. And they’re about that thick. But, I don’t know, I
take it one at a time. I look back and there was some
ones that we should have won. Maybe there’s a couple
we should have lost? But athletics and sports,
such a challenging experience for our
players, for our coaches, and for the general public. That’s what makes it so exciting, and college football is very exciting. We’ve been blessed to have
the position that we’ve had, and we’re gonna just gonna
keep on pushing forward. (crowd cheering) (hip hop music)

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  1. I was at Coach Dantonio's first game, it was my first Spartans football game and I've been Green ever since. Much love from Dublin Ireland. Go Greeeeen

  2. No disrespect to Duffy or Biggie, but this is the finest football coach in MSU history. And how great is it to have him paired with the greatest basketball coach in MSU history? Nick Saban would have done great things if they hadn't let him get away, but he would have bolted for the NFL like he did at LSU. Mark is a true Spartan.

  3. Whoever produces these videos is extremely talented. Excellent work! That intro with the setup of those big plays gave me chills. Great memories with a legendary coach. Go Green!!!

  4. I decided to apply to MSU’s Grad school program just so I can be part of the Spartan Nation lol. It’s just something about MSU’s blue collar nature that really inspires me. They Always get below the radar players and they work hard to achieve together. Much respect from CA!

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