Maradona dribble [Football dribblings]

Maradona dribble [Football dribblings]

Hello, players!
Today I show you another dribble. It is called “False blow”. This is when we make a move, and the enemy thinks that we will give a pass, And we do dribbling because of the heel. How to perform this dribbling? Pay attention, if we perform dribbling with the right foot … We give a head start aside. And the right leg should be on this place bent at the knee. So the foot can not stand like that. Because we can not do it right. The foot should be like this and bent the knee. And not here, then we can not do it. And here. Do you see how worth a stop? It’s so easy to do. To the side … and the foot here … To the side … the foot is here … The position of the body is very important. A leg … a hand … As if we want to give a pass … It was Jovan Negush. See our channel. Bye.

One thought on “Maradona dribble [Football dribblings]

  1. Pokusavam ovo da uradim vec 15 dana ali nikako da savladam ovaj skill move..
    Ako budes nekad mogao napravi ponovo ovaj klip ali malo jasniji budi
    pozz sve najbolje

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