Māori twins make NZ basketball representative side

Māori twins make NZ basketball representative side

While basketball
is gaining popularity, children as young as eleven
are being chosen to represent NZ in the sport. Only two players from each region
can be chosen for the NZ under 12s boys team. And as Krystal-Lee Brown reports,
the Counties Manukau selections are two Maori boys
who happen to be twins. They eat, sleep
and breathe basketball. These twin brothers
have both been selected to represent NZ in the Australia
Jamboree Basketball Competition. We’re going to Australia
for the first time. We’re confident because we’re
excited to be a part of the team. Two players from each region
are selected to make up the team, it just so happens
that these twin brothers were the duo selected
from Counties Manukau. They felt the struggle
of finding support to make it over to the competition. However, the community
got wind of their situation and raised $1800 for the twins. I’m really surprised
because we’re going to Australia. I reckon we’ll win. The pair say they started
playing basketball as soon as they could walk. And that it was their mum that
planted their love for the game. Our mum encouraged us
to play basketball. Beside their mum the NBA also has a huge influence
on the pair. My dream is for us to play
in the NBA. Do you think you
will achieve that goal? Yes. Lebron James is my favourite player
because he’s the king of basketball. My favourite player
is Kevin Durrant. He’s awesome. The tournament in Australia will run
from November 23 to November 26. Krystal-Lee Brown, Te Karere.

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