Manchester United vs Arsenal (1-2) 09.03.15 | FA Cup Football Match Preview and Predictions

Manchester United vs Arsenal (1-2) 09.03.15 | FA Cup Football Match Preview and Predictions

Hi this is Natalie Rydstrom from
Now Mondays FA Cup fixture sees two premier league teams battling it out Manchester United
vs Arsenal Now This could be a tough one to call but I think the home advantage could
play a part in this match Let’s see what our guest has to say Stuart from Talking
joins us now to preview the match. I think this is going to an exciting match two great
teams looking at their history its always been close what are you expecting? Well as
you said these are two sites that have a lot of history and there’s been a lot of friction
between these two sites in the past. Also you look at the defenses of both sides it
looks a little weak so I think we could see quite a number of goals in this one and some
good attacking play but not sure we’re going to see a lot of defensive play. Alright interesting
Now I’ve got a prop bet here here for you. Rooney anytime goal scorer? 2.75 88sport he
scored 2 stunners in their match against Sunderland last weekend albeit he did go through that
dry spell throughout January. Do we consider it or do we leave it? well I think you’ve
got to look at his dry spell and say that’s because he was playing in mid field most of
the time, since he’s been moved back up front he’s started to do pretty well again and we
have Robin Van Persie continuing with his injury and he’s looking to be missing in this
one as well by the sound of it so I actually think there’s a good chance that one could
come in. OK so you’re predicting goals in this match, the over comes in 1.95 there,
is that a bet you’ll play? It’s one I’m definitely definitely looking at let’s put it that way.
Alright definitely looking at, that brings us now to the predictions what predictions
do you have for this match? Well I was looking at a few I thought potentially an Arsenal
win but I thought I’d just go on the safe side and i would go with the over two and
a half goals and I found that at 1.9 with Ladbrokes. Ok so for those two going for the
over two and a half goals there. Stuart is from Stuart what’s going
on over at talkingtipsters? Well we’re in the middle of two reviews so we’ve got two
tipsters that we are following at the moment, one of whom is Jason Mills who has joined
us on the Over/Under two and half goals show in the past and I’m also looking at Bonash
who is a basketball tipster from Piquio so if people haven’t noticed the site there’s
some stuff to read on it. Ok wonderful talking with you on the Over/Under show, will you
be on next week Stuart to give us your tips? If I’m invited, if you remind me I’ll be her
if I’m in. Fantastic you’re always invited, you’re always invited and I’m always there.
Wonderful, OK the link to talking tipsters can be found in the description right below
this video Stuart thank you for joining us today. Anytime.

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