Mambo FC Match | Episode 9 | Tango Squad F.C.

Mambo FC Match | Episode 9 | Tango Squad F.C.

LD: Almost! GH: I was told you have a game coming up tomorrow with Arbeloa, right? XA: Tomorrow we’re playing against Mambo FC, we’re going to crush them. VB: Right now we’re driving to the Tango League event here in Madrid. JD: We’re playing against a newly-formed team called Mambo FC, comprised of the best YouTubers and influencers which Spain has to offer. There’s going to be goals, there’s going to be pannas. VB: We shall see who will be victorious. LD: A very quick 1-0 for us. LD: Nice tackle by the goalkeeper. LD: It’s fire, it’s fire. CU: Relax! XA: Chinz, I chose you as captain because I saw that you have passion and those emotions. I know that sometimes in the heat of the game, it’s not easy. It’s by what you do on the pitch and how you perform. That’s the best way to show the guys you are the one. LD: Ok, half-time. 2-1 to us. LD: Second half much better than the first. LD: Almost! LD: What a play by Victor! LD: Three minutes left, three minutes left. LD: Very intense again, very intense. G: We’ve played against Tango Squad FC. It’s been a very nice game indeed, it’s been hard though. M: Yes, it’s been rather hard but in the end they won. G: Best wishes to the Tango Squad FC guys. Surely they’ll beat F2FC. It’ll be tricky because I think they have a really good team. M: Also being freestylers, that’ll go a long way. But we think they can win and we wish them luck. JD: Hey F2, man! You see that rainbow flick I pulled out at the end? Billy and Jez in one rainbow, I’ve called it. XA: Hi Jez, how are you doing?
JL: Hello, mate! I’m good thanks, how are you? XA: Good, good! Good so far. We are here in Madrid today with the guys. So, Tango Squad FC against F2FC is going to happen. How does it sound if we organise a night match at Old Trafford? JL: Sounds amazing! Let’s do it, let’s do it! Do you guys feel prepared to play against us? Or do you need some more training? XA: No, no! We are more than ready. JL: We’re going to do everything we can to prepare and give ourselves the best chance to beat you guys. JL: So it should be a good game.
XA: Sure, sure! JL: Bye Xabi, speak to you soon!
XA: Ok! See you, mate! Take care. CU: The F2 are definitely two individuals that I consider as an inspiration to me, because I watched their videos on a daily basis. One thing is for sure, is when I saw them doing things with the football it’s amazing every time. Every time. RB: I have to admit they have very good players, they must be a pretty good team. But we are ready, we’ve been training for this for a long time, I am sure we’ll nail it. JD: It would be a dream for me to challenge the F2. I think, one they’re great guys. It’d be a lot of fun to spend time and share skills. But two, it would be great to give them a couple of pannas. TSFC vs F2FC, Old Trafford.
Coming in May.

59 thoughts on “Mambo FC Match | Episode 9 | Tango Squad F.C.

  1. Fuckin hell Jezza and Billy must be pissing their pants now
    This is the most amazing collab ever in the history of youtube

  2. Can't wait to see the match between F2 & Tango FC ❤️😍😍 definitely it's going to be fire..🔥🔥✌️

  3. Baiteze squad much better than Tango Squad, but they don’t get the same opportunities👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  4. Where is Kobi Botwe??
    He came in the first and second episode. Where is he now?? He made it into the team right?

  5. Chainz's stubbornness is what makes him a good captain, this is football, you gotta be strong and aggressive. you cant be a little bitch on the pitch

  6. I’m disappointed, I thought this Tango squad was going to be like the Nike academy. But they’re more about joga instead of actual proper football. Kids these days can’t pass balls or tackle properly because they’re too worried about beating people one on one. Their coach Xabi was more about passing, vision and tackling then he was with any of this Panna stuff.

  7. stupid, supposedly the best "freestylers" vs 5 fat youtubers who have not played soccer in his life in a freestyle camp and only 4 goals is disappointing

  8. Captain of team tango how he reacts is very bad. He has some errors in defending. I don't know. Not sure if he can really play or his only good on shouting and emotional speaches. Please play football please. Very dissapointed.😔

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