Make Someone Smile Challenge | Cricket Wireless

(upbeat music) – Hello. Hi. I like your braid, it’s really pretty. (upbeat music) Hello. Hi. – What’s happening? – OK, our mission is to
make a stranger smile today. – OK. – But the trick is you can’t talk to them. You’re gonna be giving
me activities and ideas to do to make them smile. – That’s cute. – Let’s get our smile on. (whimsical music) – Hey Rose, let’s tell the man
sitting on the chair hello. – Hello sir. Yes you in the red suspenders. Hi. – Ah, there you are. (laughing) – I love your red suspenders. – You know, believe it or not, where ever I go, they
like my red suspenders. – They’re working for you. (whimsical music) – How you doin’ today? – Hi. – Alright (clapping) – Can you ask him to do some stretches? – Would you like to do
some stretches with me? – Did you say stretches? I’m prepared. Yes I go all the way back. – [Rose] Yes hands in the air! How about jumping jacks? Nice! – Ask her what her favorite dance move is? – What’s your favorite
dance move right now? – Yeeesssss (laughing) – I think I’m crazy. – [Rose] Okay, Okay Wow! It’s hard in the snow. You can totally do this. That was good! Headbanging yeesss! – Rose, ask them if they
can do a whole group dance. – [Rose] Yeesss! Nice! You guys are awesome! (clapping) Do you by any chance have your phone? Could we take a selfie real quick? – Selfie time everybody. (peaceful music) – Well, you just brought
a huge smile on my face. – Thank you so much. – [Rose] Thank you so much. Bye! – It was an actual genuine interaction. – My cheeks hurt, like
it made me smile a lot. – It made me just forget
about everything and be a kid and just dance. – Alright let’s go outside. – So I just saw you talking
to Rose, that was me telling her what to do. I literally was cracking up back there. I feel like a million times better. – Anything that connects
people to be like, that was pretty funny wasn’t it? That’s the kinda stuff
that makes you feel good. – Happy Holidays! (relaxing music)

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