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Welcome to Episode 743 How to Make a Doll Soccer Field For the soccer ball: we’ll be using a foam ball. You can use small ones or big one depending on the
size of your doll. You can also use a ping pong ball for larger dolls like American girls. To make the ball Start by drawing a small pentagon in the center then make extended lines on each vertices Draw another pentagon at the tip of each line And repeat until you there is no more space on the ball To make the net cut straws or wooden dowels to a height that will match your doll’s height. make a frame attaching them together by using transparent tape cut a piece of netting or tulle about the same size of the frame and glue or sew it to the frame make 3 more frames for the sides and the top and attach them together to form the net you will need two nets one for each team home To make the field you can use the printable templates from our website and printed to fit the size of your doll or you can make your own field. Draw and cut strips of cardboard attach them using transparent tape and on the reverse side decorate forming the field lines by using white paper, cutting strips of paper as needed and shapes and attaching them to the field repeat for the other side of the field And now you have a portable field that you can take literally anywhere To make the fence draw and cut strips of cardboard If you want you can paint them and then glue on ads on them The ads can be downloaded from our website to make one long strip you can glue on additional strips together then make them fit the field by folding them to match the same size and shape of the field the cardboard bended into a rectangle will stand on its own. and that’s it! Well this is the end of the video, I hope that you enjoyed it! don’t forget to share, comment, rate, subscribe and keep on recycling I will see you on the next video! Bye!

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