Loser Gives Away His Football Boots – Ultimate Football Challenge

Loser Gives Away His Football Boots – Ultimate Football Challenge

Hey and welcome to a new video. We are the freekickerz and today we’ve got the SkyStalker pack from adidas in a challenge! In this pack we’ve got: Nemeziz, X, Copa and the Predator, that will take over the ACE. Let’s see how we’ll cope!
Let’s go! And you can win something at the end of this video. The loser has to give away his boots!
Oh shit! No! But I’m out! Cause I’m the goalkeeper.
Yeah, you’re out cause you’re always the loser. Which means you can win one of these three pairs, if you stay until the end of this video! Enjoy! Here we are at the first position. This is my position cause I’ve got the X – the chaos shoe. We will try to strike the ball as hard as we can. The one who hits it hardest and scores, wins! No chance! My hands are so cold!
Just catch the balls man! 69 km/h! That may work with Max…. What’s wrong with that thing?
But still, 63 km/h! Better than no goal! 73 km/h …
Now Konzi, 120 km/h, come on! Yes, here it comes! 72 km/h! Ooooy, 78 km/h! Aaalright!
That flew right to the World Cup in Russia! Come on Lukas!
Upper 90, knuckleball! 78 km/h though! 72 km/h!
72 km/h! It’s so hard tough! Now we’re at the 2nd position. We’ve now got two hoops in goal. If someone hits one of them, he will instantly win. Otherwise the goal count decides. We will shoot from the middle. Let’s see if I can win with my Predators! Konzi has the first shot!
Are you starting Konzi?! You know that the most goals win, but I will just end this now by hitting the hoop! Konstantin Hert aka. The Machine! Rebound Konzi! You so would’ve deserved the win with that left foot! You sometimes have to risk it… He doesn’t get that stupid ring, but the damn camera! Man I missed those fk shoots so bad. It’s so much fun like that, hahaha! Damn, it’s wrecked. It’s not turning on.
Show me… All okay here? That was very, very, very close! Nearly!
That wasn’t in?!
No beneath it! Okay this has been going for too long. Let’s end this! If you don’t hit it now man.
That’d be so funny! This challenge is not getting enough respect. It’s so hard to get it man…
Top left! See, the ball is still in though! Oh my god. Konzi is taking off his clothes! Oh the camera is still standing! Still shit, I’m putting the jacket back on! You so would’ve earned that! That was too slow! Karol is just standing there: Yeah, yeah! No! Yes, no! Yeah, ah damn! That wasn’t in… The third and last challenge will be all about the Nemeziz: agility and goal threat! We’ll play a One Two with our partner and try to score. Winner is whoever gets more goals! Lukas always passes so far away from goal! Good goalie! Where?!?! Where am I shooting?! Mask on and go! This is the win! Naldo! Goalie side… and the camera fell over again… Ohhh, total escalation! Finger tips! Who’s running up?! Naldo! Yes man!
Goalie!! Dude! It looks like we’re gonna have a draw! So we can actually see here who at freekickerz can shoot goals out of the game and who can only score from a still position… What power! That was more like samba! Hey, but it worked… Everyone of us won a challenge, but we really have to give away a prize to one of the winners today. Sooo, penalties, right? Whoever misses first, loses this challenge. Paper, scissors, rock! Tim is out. Okay Lukas starts! Then Tim and me last! If Lukas misses, we still have to score though! Alright, Karol! We actually have to carry him away. This is too embarrassing! I thought that one didn’t count!
Of course it counts! If we both score, you’re out!
Yes, hahaha! You should concentrate now! You can really see that Tim does not want to give away his shoes! I’m gonna miss now as well! Otherwise it’s…unfair.
No man! Nooo, leave my shoes!
Tie him up! Here guys! Your shoes, your shoes! So guys, that were the Sky Stalker challenges. Please write in the comments what shoe you prefer! And also, we need a winner for our raffle. Lukas has to give away his X 17.1. What you have to do for that…oh Lukas really doesn’t want to give away his shoes…but you have to! Please write in the comments what shoe you like the most and don’t forget your Instagram name so we can contact you. I hope you liked it… *whispers* Don’t forget to like the video… Don’t forget to like! That’d be great. Stay active and see you next time! Bye!

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  1. 7:37 Karol sagt man sieht halt wer nur scheiß labern kann
    Also wenn Karol dass sagt dann weiß ich auch nicht

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