Long Jump Final • 2019 Ukrainian National Championships

Long Jump Final • 2019 Ukrainian National Championships

Good Afternoon from Avangard
Stadium in Lutsk that we gonna Watch Highlights of the Women Long Jump Final Your Global Friend ICON MIKE
at the commentary for Blue TV Sports And We Gonna Start Our Highlights with the First Jump of Anna Lunyova (Yermakova) Five point Fourty-Seven (5.47) was her First Jump, And We Go Now to See the Favorite of the Event Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk at Her First Jump a First Jump for Maryna that was at… Six point Seventy-Nine (6.79) We See Here the Replay… of Maryna’s First Jump With number 1597 is Iryna Nerubalshchuk and this is Her Second Jump 5.68 was… Her First Jump, let’s see here now at her
Second Jump what she can do… Valid Jump A Second Jump that was… Five point Sixty-Six (5.66) This is Yelyzaveta Babii at her Second Jump Valid Jump Five-point Eighty-Four (5.84) as you can see also, 5.99 It Was Her First Jump and this is… Anna Krasutska Anna Krasutska that… A Day Earlier She Won The Triple Jump Title! of 2019 Ukrainian Nationals Let’s See What She Can do in Long Jump Now, This is her Second Jump and Was Void Void Was Also Her First Jump of Her And We Go to See the Second Jump of Anastasiya Cheremisina A Valid Jump Her First Jump was at Six meters point Zero-Two (6.02m) And Her Second Jump that we Just Watch at Five point Seventy-Two (5.72m) Visit and Subscribe Ukrainian Athletics
YouTube Channel You Can Watch There The Full Event,
or Other Sports of Ukrainian Athletics With the Original Sounds and Color’s We Go Now to see Margaryta
Akhkorzova at her Second Jump 5.88 was her First Jump Let’s See What She Can Do at Her Second Jump Void Jump as you can see,
the Red Flag is Up! The Names at the Cards, is as I get it from The Federation of Ukraine…Official Results You See they have “H” and not “G” for Margaryta [Marharyta] I don’t change, I leave it is As i see it on the Official…. Results Papers Let’s go to see with Number 1595
The Second Jump of Anna Lunyova Valid Jump! White Flag is Up! The Second Jump of Anna that was Five point Forty-Nine (5.49m) Just Two centimeters Better from the First Jump And Let’s go Now to the Leading Girl at the event Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk With Number 1672 We Remind you, 6.79 was her First Jump, Let’s See Now Her Second Attempt The background sounds you hear,
I want to mention it again, Is based to Sound Effects Is Not the Original Sounds Let’s see Maryna’s Second Jump… Valid Jump at… Six point Seventy-Two (6.72) was The Second Jump of Maryna You can see, 6.79 was the first one, She is leading the event so far And let’s go to number 1597 She is Iryna Nerubalshchuk at her Third Jump 5.68 was the First Jump, 5.66 was the Second Jump, let’s see the third… it’s a Void Jump, Red Flaq is up Void Jump for Iryna With Number 95… is Kateryna Holovchuk at her Third Jump Her First Jump was at 5.61 The Second was Void, let’s see the Third Jump Is a Valid Jump A Valid Jump that was at 5.76 Tetyana a Day Before, was Third at Triple Jump Let’s see now Anna Krasutskawith number 1129 at her Third Jump The First Two Jump’s of her was Void… Let’s see now… it’s a Valid Jump this time,
White flag is up! Anna Krasutska is the 2019 Triple Jump
Champion of Ukraine 5.81m the Third Jump of Anna This is the Third Jump of Anna Lunyova White Flag! Valid Jump! We see the Replay a Third that was at 5.47m Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk at her Third Jump 6.79m was Her First Jump and 6.72m was Her Second Jump Let’s see what she can do now at her Third Jump, Valid Jump… You see… White Flag is Up! We see the Replay Third Jump…
6.72 Again from Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk This is Yuliya Firsova At her Fourth Jump She is at the Second Place So Far, with a Jump at 6.21m from her First Jump Let’s See Her Now, Red Flag Up! It’s a Void Jump You can see there
Six point Twenty-One (6.21) at her First Jump And let’s go now to see the Fourth Jump of… Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk Valid Jump for Maryna, A Valid Jump at Six point Seventy-Seven (6.77m) With number 148 is Hanna Nelepa at her Sixth and Last Jump A Void Jump as you see… Hanna with 6.02m she will the Sixth Place out of 12 athletes with 1273 she is Anastasiya Cheremisina at her Last Jump Anastasiya for now She’s at Third Place After her Fifth Jump at…. Six point Seventeen (6.17) Let’s see if she can improve that…
Jump With her Sixth and Last Jump, Unfortunately No… because it’s a Void Jump This is Oksana Martynova at her Last Jump It’s a Valid Jump for Oksana Let’s See the Replay Again Oksana Martynova That She Will Take the Fifth Place, Out of 12 Athletes With Six point Zero-Five (6.05) from her Third Jump And let’s go now to Yuliya Firsova At Her Sixth and Last Jump She’s at the Second Place for the moment Very Beautiful Lady! Let’s See What She can do at Her Last Jump It’s a Valid Jump You see, White Flag is Up! Let’s See the Replay Again of Yuliya Bravo Yuliya Six point Zero-Two (6.02m) Was her Last Jump She Will Take the Second Place! And Let’s Go to The… “Champion of Ukraine” at Women Long Jump 2019 Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk At Her Last Attempt Last Jump for Maryna She is Already The Champion She Know it Valid Jump for Maryna White Flag is Up! A Jump at Six point Sixty-One (6.61m) So… With Her First Jump at 6.79m Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk She is First! She’s The Women Long Jump
Champion of Ukraine for 2019

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