London and Paris Compared

London and Paris Compared

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  1. From Norway here.
    I thought Paris was quite dirty in many parts, London too. But it was cleaner and more organised than Paris. Best of France in my opinion is outside Paris.
    Both French and British are nice in the rural areas. Parisian people are too rude and loud. I don't like that. Londoners tend to be more mannered and keep to themselves.

    Food is awesome in Paris. I also love their cafe culture, people seem more relaxed.

  2. OMG we can tell this video has been made by an English (possibly a Londonian). Comparisons are so unfairly made and massively biased in favor of London.
    –> E.g:
    The landmarks shown for London (most of them) vs. the landmarks in Paris (not even 1/100 and not even the prettiest of Paris!
    OR It is colder and rains more in Paris than in London -> Yeah. LOL. Sure!
    OR London is the 2nd most visited city in the world vs. Paris the 3rd! Euhhh… Sources please?!! Because I have learnt that for years France has been the most visited country in the world and Paris the most visited city as a consequence.
    OR Paris traffic is more horrendous than in London. I disagree.
    OR London's cost of living is cheaper than Paris. I sooooo disagree.
    OR London has more museums (numbers please?) but what about the biggest / most prestigious museum in the world? -> The Louvre in Paris.
    OR London has arguably the highest concentration of prestigious universities in the world (in the English world maybe but in the latin / French speaking world Paris famous schools and universities are well renowned).
    And the list goes on to favor London over Paris… it all depends on how you caliber the comparison to make look a city better than the other.

  3. london has nice center of the city but there london basically finish. rest of the london looks like old wall build from tiny houses sticked together where is no place to go and enjoy your time, no benches in the parks and overall looks not appealing at all. that brick architecture is boring and repetitive and many parts of the london looks the same way. just house never ending houses even no shops for 30 minutes of walk, no toilet, many stations do not has toilets also. london do not looks like rest of the european cities. like berlin, prague, barcelona… its everything here but also you travel excessively to get to the point of your interest. and i miss some sort of THE "typical" character from london. never been paris, but think that it has definitely more character then london.

  4. whats is in common of this too capital therre are badly protected capitale doesnt have protection and too close to other country

  5. To sum up the video: "London is better and even when it's not, I'll mention something else to make it better". Yeah, cause you don't see piss and graffitti and vomit in London. Dissapointing video

  6. This seems really inaccurate. It is regularly reported that Paris is the most visited city on the planet. Your definition for the boundary of each city is not consistent and therefore incomparable, the common definition of 'Paris' has a slightly larger population than the common definition of 'London'. And finally nobody says Chunnel. Ever.

  7. Been to both cities on many occasions. I prefer London, much cleaner, more friendly, eating out is more expensive in Paris and some of the toilets in Paris are disgusting.

  8. "I am just reporting facts here"… come on you are just full of BS here, presenting stereotypes as facts. And if the conclusion of your wife after visiting Paris is that it is a city of dirt and vomit rather than love and romance then your wife didn't really get to know or understand Paris. Not surprising though coming from US citizens.

  9. Just think there are more people of foreign decent in London than english people now and in fact a muslim mayor. Thanks liberals!

  10. That is totally incorrect what you said about Parisians – if you try to interact with Parisians and make an effort to communicate without speaking English first you will be fine. At least ask if using English is okay! You are in French society so respect that and you will more than likely be respected too.

  11. Was funny and nice to hear you say people in London are friendly/friendlier as the rest of the UK stereotypes us all as being unfriendly as we don't all spend our time greeting every stranger we see. Although Brits do stereotype French folk in France as being rude.

  12. less rain in London? also excellent food ?
    Paris called Parisi in Roman time ? What about Lutèce ? Why not calling London Londres.
    About real estate price why not telling that you can buy nothing but only have monarchial long range rents ?

  13. better residence in London for visitors ? Hotels are 2/3 times more expensive.
    For living ? Compare Haussmanian buildings with Londonese shared houses or apartments with one room per floor and 50% room occupied by the stairs.
    Higher growth in London ? It changes every other day with a poor period nowadays with Brexit fears.

  14. French message : we love visiting London, we like tradition and originality, humor, gentle and flegmatic behaviours… The problem is rain, food and prices of hotels, if any.

  15. The Londonese and Brits compare their capital with Paris, while the Parisians and French wonders whether Roma is more attractve or not.

  16. You’re factually incorrect by only paying in cash for the Paris metro, maybe you should visit places before you report on them specs

  17. As a Parisian citizen I have to say that half of the informations you’ve said are completely wrong, we have a pass navigo which is like an Oyster card , public toilets are free and if I go to a fast-food , I don’t have to show any receipt to go to the toilets. Using your girlfriend opinion to prove that your informations are trues is not really objective ( i don’t if it’s the right word in English) . Just call your video “reasons why I prefer London “ and try to work more on your video with real facts .

  18. le mec il bosse pour le tourisme de londres sinon je vois pas d'autre explication possible
    En plus il dit que les toilettes sont payantes y'a écrit "acces GRATUIT"

  19. Well,can understand why his comparison has upset some people who prefer Paris. Surprised Paris is more expensive than London. Yes, Paris has cheaper public transport but as he says it's dirty and smelly. London is more diverse and Paris is prettier. Unfair of him to say France simply capitulated during the war many French people died resisting Germans. Only a non Londoner would see Leicester Square as anything other than a tourist trap. London is wealthier and more open to change perhaps because of its constantly shifting population. Each city has its merits. It's not a question of which is better they're just different.

  20. As a tourist I've been in both cities, they both have very interesting places where to go, however, I prefer Paris. While in Paris I felt that I was IN a French culture, on the other hand in London it felt like I was just in yet another big modern city.

  21. Totally subjective point of view, and bad data, for example on France you also have a card to use all transport system, the navigo. And London is full of homeless too

  22. I don't really like either of these cities, having been to both a couple of times. They're very similar in many ways, almost like the same city in two alternate universes (a bit like the UK and France really). They're both overcrowded, loud, expensive and not representative of the culture of the country they're in. Beyond a decent photo for Instagram I'd say there are better trips to be had in both countries outside the capital city…

  23. London has shit food, the stores have bigger magazine racks than produce sections. They like to brag about the wealth of the city but 'poor' Paris and Rome have better quality basic necessities. And the fake politeness is shit, you can readily feel how people in England are forced to be polite and are not enjoying their lives there. You can see more happiness in people from the banlieues going into and out of Paris than the drones taking the tube in London.

    The French having fallen to the Germans have preserved Paris for generations of visitors to come. The English will not let you forget about the war, but unfortunately, the ugly architecture and random style due to the German bombings makes it ugly.

    In London, you have pubs with the very limited food they know how to make. In Paris, you have cafés. In one, people are addicted to alcohol, in the other to chain smoking, but again, you can readily see who is happier.

    As a tourist, you can either pay for the superbly curated exhibitions at Parisian Museums, or you can get in for free at the lacklustre collections in London. It's not always about numbers, Amsterdam has a lot of museums, but you would be lying if you said it would surpass the things you can see at just the Louvre.

    Look at the people on weekend nights, one group is rowdy and drunk, the other still able to hold their alcohol because more likely they drank wine or beer and not the shit you find in London pubs.

  24. Yes London has homeless people, a lot, the homeless are around kensington park and the marble arch. And homelessness in the UK has worsened over the past decade. To use this (and to use facts incorrectly) to put down one city is immoral. I am sad for these homeless people and I have seen a lot (Brussels, Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Sydne. But not in Bergen and Stockholm, so good for them), and against the backdrop of such rich societies makes it even more sad. I am asian and the poor are not so far from the rich where I come from, so we have very few homeless, family-less individuals on the streets because even the very poor have a social group around them. But the homeless in first world nations need support from strangers like us, instead of being used for point scoring. One of my saddest travel experiences was trying to give food to a homeless person in Berlin, but I didn't notice that he was trying to pee into a cup, he was already cold, hungry, and dirty and then he was more humiliated when I accidentally saw him. We need to care more instead of using fake information on social media to try and be viral and finance our own miserable lives.

  25. I mean in paris they have also tram so yeah public
    So if you have the cards of metro you can also use the bus end the tram
    While in london there is only the metro

  26. Fuck London and Paris même si j’adore la France !
    The best city in the world is Agrabah ruled by by the great Ali Ababwa!

  27. 💚🇵🇰💚 BAHRIA TOWN 💚🇵🇰💚

  28. London Museum is full of objects stole during the colonization than Paris Museum is full of painting and sculpture make by French artists.
    This is a BIG difference

  29. Nothing to compare between this 2 capitals,, Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, famous brands of jewellerys and clothes, French elegance, and the most important , the best gastronomy of food and wines in the world..!
    Something that English do not have, ..!!!

  30. If you watch the NYC and LA comparison video, you can tell that London is very similar to NYC, while Paris is very similar to LA.

  31. I don't know why, but everyone forgets about The Shard when talking about London's places to visit. I don't know why since its a good place

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