Liverpool vs Newcastle | Mane’s sensational strike helps Reds win

Liverpool vs Newcastle | Mane’s sensational strike helps Reds win

Willems goes on the outside. Joelinton now making a run through
the middle, nice little dummy… Great goal! And he picks out the top corner. Robertson, great take, gets away
from Krafth, on towards Mane! Oh, yes! Special once again from Sadio Mane. Firmino takes it off Atsu,
on towards Sadio Mane, Dubravka half-saves it,
but he doesn’t keep it out, and Sadio Mane has turned
the game around on his own. Oh, Wijnaldum! Oh, that would have been a work of art. Lovely feet from Atsu. And the man arriving behind,
it’s Emil Krafth with the chance! Oh, he’s blazed it. Puts himself on the front foot,
Alexander-Arnold, Mane waits in the middle! Oh, the goalkeeper’s done really well. Firmino. Robertson, oh, it’s glorious! And it’s another brilliant Dubravka save. Firmino, brilliant, Salah, Salaaah! CHUCKLING: What a goal. That’s Firmino, for Salah again, and it might break for Alexander-Arnold –
Dubravka’s saved it again!

100 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Newcastle | Mane’s sensational strike helps Reds win

  1. Firmino is doing the best show. I just love what he did in this match, and I know that he enjoyed every pass that impressed us

  2. To me…salah and mane bmvery good on scored…but the key here is firmino …love dis guy…bobby do a very great pass and oppurtinty cto mane and salah….firmino beastttt..

  3. what a victory, after a spectacular goal from newcastle it feels mane said "your team score a spectacular but we can respond with a similar goal, of course, the victory still be ours"

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    But that Bobby Firminho assist and pass are filthy!

  5. Was at the game Saturday. Newcastle fans were embarrassing to say the least. Can't remember the last time they won a trophy but they've the cheek to sing about Stevie Gerrard slipping etc. If that's the best you's can do stay at home. Champions of Europe

  6. OX was shocking again. Shouldn't even be on the pitch. Thought he was great signing at 1st but it's turned into a nightmare he's shocking. He was out for a long time injured which is understandable but isn't good enough anymore

  7. Am a blue but I have to say this liverpool are fantastic you can't deny it it makes me wonder how I ended up a blue in the first they really are totally embarrassing to Merseyside!

  8. I hate this team because they make this sport seem so simple and for them it's like a football match in the school yard. I'm kidding, I don't hate them. I love Manchester United before I even knew what love is and I never liked this team but since Klopp came to the team despite the fact that I support the greatest rival of this team, I like how these boys play and what Klopp succeeded to do to this team. To buy some unknown players and turn them into some super stars in such a small time it's incredible. Bravo Liverpool, Bravo Jurgen.

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  10. Bobby Firmino is a dream player for any manager… Dream player for any fan of any club…
    Selfless… Humble,extremely skillful, intelligent … He got it all….!!! Best in the world is Bobby Firmino!

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