Liverpool 1-1 Napoli – Carlo Ancelotti FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Liverpool 1-1 Napoli – Carlo Ancelotti FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Okay who’d like to start? no one?
all right, oh there is a question after all Mr Ancelotti, so what’s happened in these last four days? and can we say that this evening you gave everything, your hearts you suffered, somewhat um you’re pretty clear minded which is what you asked for yesterday apart from in a couple of moments of the game and perhaps towards the end of the game but that’s quite human anyway isn’t it? Well what’s happened, what’s happened the team’s aware of the issues that we’ve been encountering and over the last few weeks or so and I think we’re beginning to improve, to leave those problems behind, we’re showing a lot of commitment a lot of hard work, a lot of character and personalising, a whole range of factors and I think as already have said, I think that I’ve seen that the teams definitely still alive not just the result but it seems alive, we can still do better of course in the Serie A in particular Yes a couple of quick things, can you tell us a little bit about Allan’s performance today? I think that.. I thought that he was probably the best player on the pitch for Napoli and do you think that now this could pave the way for a solution to be found on Friday and when you get back to Napoli when you speak to the president? Well yes I have spoken to the president as it happens, he’s really pleased, he thanked the players for their efforts, I think Allan did what he’s done in the past, he played extremely well just as he did against him AC Milan, I think he was probably the best player on the pitch then and he was again tonight and he’s.. I think he’s back, he’s back to his best level absolutely, I think he’s showing that he’s a player who’s indispensable for us So do you think that the president will bear this in mind end on Friday? do you think this will help the situation?
Well we’ll have to see over the next couple of days won’t we, the president wants to speak with all of the group, all of the players and so I believe that this is a positive sign absolutely, on everyone’s behalf and Mr Ancelotti a couple of things, first of all when exactly did you decide to play Di Lorenzo in that position? and then secondly do you think that and we’ve said this often of course after good performances in the Champions League do you think that this could represent for your group the turning point, you know from a mental point for the group could it be the turning point some help you to improve matters in Serie A? Well I think I said this yesterday, it’s true to say that we’ve been playing pretty well in the domestic league, we’ve lost points in the league we perhaps shouldn’t of lost but this also I have no doubt whatsoever this team will get back to playing at its best level and I think that’s what we began to do today and I think each and every game you know helps us to reach this level once again there are lots of expectations around this game and not just this game of the game in Milan at the weekend as well, you know and perhaps some people thought that you know we’d concede quite a good few goals but that hasn’t happened either and even though we haven’t been playing at our very best we’ve always been very solid and what about the Di Lorenzo? uh oh but fact that some, well Mário Rui we was able to play otherwise would have had someone else on for Mário Rui we did play and he was back and coming back after quite a while as well of course he played a great game and then I decided yesterday and then when we saw that Mário Rui was okay then we could do something different with Lorenzo I just wanted to ask whether umm.. can Anfield represent the turning point for you this season,
Well I don’t know, I mean I knew that we were going to play well, I was convinced up against the team like Liverpool, awesome team, fantastic team and you know you gonna suffer against a team like that but we know that we can create them problems as well and perhaps because of the way that we play, so I was certain that would play well but just because you play a great game against the team like Liverpool doesn’t mean that you get a good result, I think today perhaps and the game wasn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing as it were but we were certainly clear minded we were solid and our aim wasn’t to put in a fantastic performance our objective was to get through to the next round and we still need another point to do that of course Well Liverpool had won all of its games thus far in Liverpool and yet how do you explain that Napoli is a capable of putting in great performances, wonderful in defence this evening for example and then on other occasions it’s almost as if it has a blackout during a game I mean even before the so called mutiny affair as it were Well listen if I knew, if I knew why that happened, that means it’s difficult to put your finger on it I think it’s difficult to find an explanation and you know I think proxy it’s something which is in the place mine’s a mental thing and it’s not really tactical, it’s not physical but let’s just say that for.. and this goes for everyone by the way, you know we are not to try to spend too much time looking for the most effective system, least effective system, ultimately it’s down to the players and how they give value to the system regardless of what it is 4-3-3 4-3-2-1 today we played 5-3-1 well no it’s not true, we didn’t do that and we didn’t play with five defenders and Di Lorenzo, I think played a game where he did the same kind of work that Gaetano has been doing for quite a lot of games and so far this season both in defense and then in the midfield so, I think that you need a lot of courage, show a lot of character, personality, show great mentality, I think this is a kind of a team that we have that you know we lose ourselves a little bit very quickly but we find ourselves quickly as well and that’s a good thing Well looking at the last three games that you’ve played, I mean you look a different team you look like a different team, compared to the team that played the previous two games against Genoa and Milan, can you just say that boils down to mentality? because today was the real Napoli wasn’t it it? it was a real Napoli Well I think that mentality, motivation and then perhaps we didn’t have quite the same pressure, we didn’t feel the same pressure perhaps, oh I didn’t certainly didn’t want the players to feel under pressure this time around so I think it was important to bear in mind that you’re really lucky to be playing here at Anfield, it’s a great fortune for everyone to be able to play here, it’s a special place to play I remember in Genk you said that you liked your team when they’re under siege and they enclosed themselves in defense and I think that’s what you did today, do you think you can improve even? but what about set pieces? set pieces was your downfall again Well we knew, we were well structured and we had a great shape today, we had tall centre players in the middle of the pitch but you know it was a deep cross and perhaps we could have avoided that and perhaps we should have pushed up a little bit further and had our taller players closer towards their players but you know let’s be honest it’s more detailed and ultimately Liverpool didn’t deserve to lose at this evening We also know Mr Klopp’s on his way so we’re on our way too now

14 thoughts on “Liverpool 1-1 Napoli – Carlo Ancelotti FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

  1. Ancelotti is a great manager, and not only because he has won so much, but also because he makes players do things while being friendly and likeable (something that Mourinho or Capello never mastered) and understanding that abstract plans and philosophies have to adjust to the players and not the other way around (something that Guardiola and Van Gaal never mastered).

  2. So much respect for Carlo Ancelotti – one of only three managers to have won the UEFA Champions League (3x) three times (twice with Milan and once with Real Madrid), and one of only two to have managed teams in four finals. @MrAncelotti – fantastic manager!

  3. What a great manager ,even when his team is having the worst of their time he knows what to do,close the spaces against a loser team of runners and they'll suffer ,lmao.
    the criminal loserpoop club was lucky that the uefa helped with that goal allowed even though Lovren was clearly climbing over Mertens.

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