Live High School Football – La Sierra vs Hillcrest

Live High School Football – La Sierra vs Hillcrest

we’re back at zakharov stadium Alvord
school district in the city riverside for the high school football game of the
week this week we have Hillcrest and la sierra i’m Ghazala son that’s Jeff
Gorham and we’re back in the river valley league Jeff it is the backyard
battle for the Bell I’ll tell you what this is a big one a lot on the line
tonight it’s the rivalry they both have won two games apiece this is the fifth
game in this series last year won last year it’s a big one tonight
Hillcrest right now probably Jeff playing the best football in the city
and it’s real easy for them than I they can take care of all business they can
beat their rival la sierra avenging last year’s loss they can regain the back
yard bell which is the symbol of this rivalry and they can win the river
valley league with a victory tonight well i’ll tell you what they start off
the season playing some great great teams and that really got them ready for
this river valley league they are dominating right now at this point and
i’ll tell you what they want to separate themselves they don’t want a five-way
tie they want a single winner this year for the eagles of la sierra jeff they
started off real well they won five of their first six they’ve taken it on the
chin each of the last two weeks a combined score of 111 215 what can Gary
Headlands team do what do they need to do to get up off the mat and get back
into this fight well it was an awkward game last week it was lightning there
was hail there was rain this week they just need big plays they have a dynamic
duo of picks and Thomas they could be big playmakers tonight all right it’s a
rivalry Friday in Week nine in the River Valley League before we get to that
though we’ll go to the third member of our broadcast team that’s jr. Rivera
he’s standing by on the sideline little bit of a snack there we won’t quite get
to jr. Barra we’ll get to momentarily but good evening welcome to Zachary
stadium ghazzal Hasan Jeff Gorham with you the aforementioned junior Rivera
down on the sidelines our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew and Jeff
here it is no crest has the league title in its sights they win today they will
be River Valley League champions all alone yet remember last year one of the
most bizarre events in Inland Empire history a five-way tie among the top of
the River Valley League coach Brandon says enough is enough let’s take over
and can do it here tonight another
interesting wrinkle was last year it was La Sierra pulling the upset in the
backyard battle for the Bell as they call it this is the fifth all-time
meeting between the two schools and La Sierra kind of after Hillcrest stumbled
against patriot took advantage of that with the 2113 win yeah and if you look
over the years they’ve been blowout to except for last year was a closed
ballgame 21 to 30 nan alive this is electric tonight can’t wait to see this
game here’s the kickoff and it’ll be Hillcrest fielding it the kickoff from
La Sierra and getting some space and getting into the open space is the ball
carrier for Hillcrest who’ll traverse up into la Sierra territory so a huge play
here to start off this ballgame we talked to coach Brandon before the game
he’s fired up isn’t he yeah coach Brent he’s really fired up and ready to go
tonight and so are this or the Eagles I mean this is kind of you know a last
sigh for them they want to stay in the race for a playoff opportunity and the
ball will start at the 39 for Hillcrest first and 10 Cameron Payne having a very
successful campaign as the quarterback will take the snap as a sophomore he’ll
give to Dominique clay clay will slide in between the tackles over the 35 to
the 34 five-yard gain on that play so we’re gonna see he’ll crest really
worked that Smash Mouth football years he tests that defensive line of La
Sierra second and five line is the 34 for
Hillcrest they are already in La Sierra territory starters for Hillcrest you get
a look at that Dominique lay has really been a big difference for them in the
games he’s played he missed a couple of games early that offensive line
munos Thomas Maldonado Barajas and Walton coach Brendan was very effusive
in his praise for them and how they’ve come together particularly in league
play five-yard Markoff against Hillcrest it’s second and 10 the option keeper by
pain and pain will be spun down he got up look liked about the 32 is we’re
gonna mark them so it’ll be third and manageable this game is gonna be
physical not a lot of love loss here between these two teams but you know it
just separates by one by the freeway coach headland part of that coaching
tree of can bat Dorf back here it nor do this tonight third down in to line to
get is the 29 would be a big stand for the La Sierra defense if they can stop
the Trojans the pain swings it out of the backfield to clay he’ll have the
first down he’ll get bought down over the 25 Julius Hicks back in the starting
lineup for la Sierra makes the hit but about four yards on the play enough for
a first down we saw Hicks out of the linebacker
position watch the big boys up front we’ll see some rotation Joey Alvarez
back had missed some time with an injury and there’s a little miscommunication
but clay will take it he’ll get inside the 25 bill about the 23 maybe a yard or
two on the play for dominique clay you know one thing Hillcrest is gonna try to
do is they’re gonna throw the ball a little short passes to those white outs
and they’re gonna they really think they can make
really take care of that with the quickness on the outside versus lost the
air tonight Brian Howard split out to the near side of the nearside Xavier
banks tight slot up top is Isaac Perez he’s the leading receiver and will get a
penalty marched off second penalty already against Hillcrest another five
yarder yeah both move with their on the line both penalties here need a little
nerves starting off here early cos all ball back to the 23 of La Sierra second
and nine Julius Hicks is a big return on defense for La Sierra Hicks Dorado
inside Knoll and Torres outside the linebacking core a very important unit
for the Eagles take a look at the keys to the game as we have this little delay
lossky are real important you got to bounce back from those last two losses
they need to get the offense going poppy and Thomas are a big size part of that
and I got to match the physicality for Hillcrest really it comes down to number
three they’re gonna win the league trust the process let it fly we had a nice
talk with John Brenda before and he kind of wants them to just cut loose tonight
Jeff cut loose get ready for CIF kind of finely tuned this machine that he has
going on offense from the 29 this is clay slashing right up the middle
he’ll lower the shoulder get maybe back to where they needed to get just outside
the 15 to the 16 so it’ll be second in two coming up if clay can get runs like
that all night long feed the beast let him go right there that’s the success of that
offense clay again turns the corner and he’ll be tackled inside of the ten that
was Bryce poppy playing a little defense so another ten yards for clay gets
inside the five to about the six clay if you watch the initial initiates the hit
here I mean here his runs right over Christian Murillo Glen little fullback
bought him a little extra space with a block at the end of the run first and
goal from the 6 for Hillcrest here’s clay right up the middle and he he’s in
he lost the football no indicate that they indicated touchdown so he crossed
the ball broke the plane and then lost the football but the side judge already
signaling touchdown and it’s a touchdown Hillcrest for dominique clay a big run they’re powerful back and we
saw them early in the year versus Notre Dame and you know they played a very
tough schedule and they had three losses right at the very beginning of the year
they really seemed to be clicking on all cylinders offensively and defensively little Wildcat option they’re gonna go
for two and a false start coming up against Hillcrest that was Dominique
layout of the Wildcats and other penalty three penalties for Hillcrest already
the drive Jeff seven plays 39 yards it took 239 keep in mind there were a
couple of penalties that stalled them Dominique lay with five carries for 36
yards on that drive and he caps it off with a six yard TD run looks like now they’re gonna kick it so
Gerardo will come in he’s 18 for 20 it’s up and it’s good and it’s seven to
nothing Hillcrest and Hillcrest playing like a team Jeff that’s looking to
clinch a league title yes they are and I’ll tell you what it’s been a share or
it’s been nor two Vista for you know since the inception of the River Valley
League coach Branham tonight is looking to bounce back after you know think
about it we talked about their schedule they played Arlington which say they
barely won that first game you know beginning jitters but then they go and
play Notre Dame Grand Terrace and Kaiser and all three of those teams are all
gonna be in the CIF playoffs this year then they start there they’re really
their run of Temescal Canyon they they hammer in order this to they get Ramona
they get Patriot they are just a juggernaut right now playing in this
league their non league games they played all division seven division eight
teams Hillcrest currently in Division ten so they played up for all of their
non league play and that according to coach Brenda me for River Valley League
play 7 nothing Hillcrest started off with about a modest two minute 39 second
try they had a nice kick return to set that up and it’ll be a kick that will go
out of bounds let’s see as Perez and Thomas were deep let’s see if coach
headland makes them Rica core take the ball at the 35 we’ve seen that a few
times this year or they’ve made him read kick remember the playoff game last year
against Arcadia John Brandon made Arcadia wreak a couple times it’s like
the Eagles are gonna go out on offense take over on the 35 yard line
so Gary headland the 4th year head coach of La Sierra 5 wins for Coach headland
the most since he’s been at last year we’ll get a look at their starters
Julius Hicks will also get it in the rotation and running back as well
Anthony Dorado Andre Thomas we talked about him mister electric and Adrian
Lopez sliding in at center for Joey Alvarado who may see some time he was a
game-time decision here’s the reverse little razzle-dazzle
and that’s Gaines being thrown down by Christian Murillo for Hillcrest a loss
about three yards on that play and last week we saw Lamar games have
some big plays in that lost to Ramona that crazy game that we had here in
Riverside TV with the lightning and thunder and apparently there was a hail
after we left so a crazy night last week in Riverside a lot of games kind of were
suspended or halted or had to be replayed it was a really topsy-turvy
week 8 in the Inland Empire loss of 4 officially from the 31 of La Sierra
second and 14 for the Eagles poppy the lefty he’ll swing it out and Hicks
seeing his first action in three weeks couldn’t hold that one
incomplete brings up third down a nice play there just may be getting a little
rust off he hadn’t played in three weeks we’ve had the Eagles for the last three
weeks too so it’s I’m looking forward to seeing mr. Hicks play tonight price
poppy needs 13 yards to reach 3000 on his la sierra career he’s a two-year
starter for coach Gary headland Thomas to the bottom of your screen
Perez split out to the top of the screen for la Sierra here’s papi throwing for
Thomas in and out of the hands nearly intercepted by Manny Robert it’ll bring
up fourth down a couple of pass attempts a little
trickery and the Eagles we’re gonna have to punt back to the Trojans and that’s a
difficult situation Hillcrest Jeff comes down puts the ball
in the end zone and then la Sierra goes three and out if you want to get up off
the mat not the way to to go about it and it’ll be a punt situation for the
Eagles wheelwright has been one of the standouts though this year for loss of
year he’ll kick it away Perez stands at the Hillcrest 35 to receive the kick
he’ll field it right at the 31 and drop down so a 38 yard kick no return as
wheelwright will pin La Sierra back at the 31 yard line
RCB Hillcrest back at the 31 yard line and the Trojans come back out Trojans
their defense as we just saw has been particularly stifling in River Valley
League playing three River Valley League games Jeff they’ve allowed just 17
points 5.7 points per game allowed by the Trojan defense and the Trojans are
where you want to be we’re talking to John Brandon before the game playing
their best football now in late October early November yeah in fact he kind of
gave us a little preview of what’s gonna happen in the next couple weeks first
and 10 pain downfield incomplete double coverage on the play flag comes in Isaac
Perez the intended receiver Hicks was running with him and I believe that’s
Andre Thomas out there as well let’s see you when the flag says and it will be pass interference against
la Sierra so move them up to the 46 yard line
had we talked to the coach Madame before the game and I asked him I said hey how
do you get your guys prepared for the playoffs I said when you you’re winning
games by as many points as you are doing what do you do to get him to get him
ready for the pass he said hey we got to get him conditioned we got to lift
weights we don’t use a lot of pads we’re just gonna be ready offensively by being
in shape from the 46 pain he gets dropped at midfield nice tackle made on
the play so give him about four on that play it’ll bring up a second down
because if you remember came back door had some pretty good years here at
northern esta and before Hillcrest really joined the league nor de Vista
was winning by 40 50 points a game so it was really difficult once you got in the
playoff mode because those guys were only playing a quarter and a half of
true football second and seven watch Isaac Perez in the near slot instead
here’s clay right up the middle stumbling through the first level of
tackle now leaning forward over the 40 to the 36 yard line so give him about 13
on the play and clay just continues to click six carries for clay 49 yards
including a touchdown you look at these Hillcrest often look at clay they have
athletes really at all the skilled positions and really if you have a big
line and great athletes you’re gonna be very successful first and 10 line is the
37 the fake and here’s Perez in space trying to slice through to the 3rd he’ll
get flung down papi was in on the coverage also getting up from the bottom
of the pile I believe that’s Dorado they’ll mark him to the 31 yard line so
about six yards on the completion ties ik Perez a good defense here by the
Eagles as you see they were right on that fake they were where that guys
making pretty good tackle right there second down from the 31 first down to
the 27 they’ll swing it out to clay clay into some space clay swerving to the
outside he’ll finally reborn at the 11 yard line 20 yards on the swing pass and
dominate clay as coach Brenda mock to bat he said he’s kind of been the guy
that’s made it click you can see on that play Jeff why man I’ll tell you what in
the open field and his strength you see when he gets contact he doesn’t lose the
ball he is as strong as they get if we’ve seen all year long here in
Riverside TV what you love about that play is Perez and banks wide receivers
blocking upfield 1st and 10 from the 11 that give to clay
he’ll pound down inside the 5 yard line to about the four Boston he hilt Bruner
with the tackle on the play clay last week had 16 carries 61 yards
and three touchdowns has nine TDs and 438 yards rushing coming into play ball
on the turf clay picks it up veering to the outside touchdown Hillcrest you got to be happy if you have a broken
play a dropped ball and basically goes unscathed going into the end zone
that’s just great athletic ability quickness there clay his second
touchdown already here in the first quarter at 549 and Hillcrest again jumps
out on top and La Sierra again find themselves staring up at a deficit Jeff
if you’re last year you’ve got to make make some adjustments here and that
adjustment has to be on that number five clay is really kind of taking control of
this ballgame he’s good another look at that it was a broke well this is the
drive I’m more interested in the final play and kind of see how that came
together here’s Dominique clay just straight up
and down great balance as Gaines takes him down at the end of that run there’s
the little swing pass out to Perez they had that defense pretty well did la
sierra they just have not been able to have an answer for dominique clay clay
gets outside look at isaac Perez blocking and the down field Xavier banks
both wide receivers blocking he gets this one inside the five yard line takes
a nice knock nearly loses the ball then out of the Wildcat fumbles the football
but no problem he picks it up and look at the strength at the end he muscles
past Andre Thomas mano-a-mano for the touchdown gave you so all of a sudden the scar scoreboard
one out short kick picked up at the 20 and he’ll be bang up to about the 34 it
looks like that’s where la Sierra will start this Drive so this may sound a bit
hyperbolic Jeff Gorham la Sierra’s playing for their season right now they
need to get the ball in the end zone here early they don’t want to be looking
up at a 22 to nothing score no you don’t you know and the one thing coach
headland has done is he’s really kept his kids positive these last few weeks
remember last week was kind of a one of those once-in-a-lifetime situations they
were actually playing pretty well until all hell broke loose as you’d like to
say with the heavens opened up and lightning thunder Gary headland does
have them playing with confidence is hope it translates into this ballgame
lime is the 35 its first in ten la sierra papi gonna wind it up he’s got
Thomas incomplete one on cuff one on one coverage asan team a koala draws the
assignment and he’s right step for step with Andre Thomas but a good play call
there Andre Thomas Mr electric is that what they call him that his nickname on
campus well you want to get him one-on-one and you got Julius Hicks back
this week which is a plus but they got to get Thomas going because as he goes
so do the Eagles Eduardo Aquino did a great job on him last week for Ramona
limiting him to three catches 56 yards line is the 35 at second and 10 for la
Sierra Hicks try to find the outside he’s got some space he’ll have the first
first down of the evening for La Sierra hurdle over the 45 yard line
so they’ll mark it up to the 47 little ground-level action look at the flag at
Julia’s Hicks missing in action in the last three
weeks nice to see him back in tough tough call on the Eagles here as they
bring it all the way back because all so to be a hold marked off back to the
25-yard line if you’re scoring at home you can wipe away the 12 yard run by
Julia six it’s an old baseball thing you know
sometimes the baseball in the old days Jeff I don’t know if you know this
people would keep score at home so my dad used to take me to angels day and
that’s I could I could run a score book Wow but right now if I had to so it’s
like fast Johnny plays baseball you can do the book yes that’s right second down
from the 25 here’s the give and that’s Hicks stumbles down for no gain I was a
rite of passage I believe for people our age I don’t want to say how old we are
yeah but we’re old 26 yeah it’s 26 27 fact every time we went to a game an
angel of Dodger game I always had my clipboard my book and kept score and we
never left early your true angel fans the fact what the Angels are really good
though yeah Don Baylor my all-time favorite Frank Tanana Nolan Ryan he’s
good team let the Reggie air Reggie Jackson Reggie Jackson is prime but did
get to see old reg third and 20 here’s the throw across the middle incomplete
triple coverage can develop the intended receiver on the place cerrado is the
intended receiver at about the 30 I believe he was the check down option
it’ll bring up fourth down well you wipe away the run by Hicks and
so far Jeff the Eagles with negative three yards of offense their offensive
star has been Tyler wheelwright their punter who’s back out on the field as
poppy strides off we got a look at him and his team down 15 to nothing
I’m sure coach Headlands gonna pull those guys here as his defense is gonna
be on the field and he’s got to do something here to get these guys going
you know he’s been an offensive coordinator here at Norton Vista and has
done a really good job at last year despite the last couple losses he’s
really turned the program around well the penalty is gonna be a
unsportsmanlike against La Sierra so there’ll be ten yards deeper and we’ll
Wright will kick from the La Sierra end zone so Perez is in La Sierra territory
awaiting the kick and right now it looks like the defense sport la Sierra will
have to make a play Jeff because the offense just seems like they’re in a bit
of a daze early they trail already 15 to nothing against Hillcrest and you can’t
be in a daze versus as potent offense it could get out of hand very quickly here
we all right puts his foot into it backtracking calling for a fair catches
Perez Hill fair catch the ball at the 47 yard line so 37 yard kick for
wheelwright no return but very good field position coming up for the Trojans
of Hillcrest third drive for Hillcrest they’ve
started twice in la Sierra territory we’re just in the first quarter and this
is almost a carbon copy of what happened to La Sierra last week they fell behind
early 20 to nothing against Ramona yeah Ramona really kind of the big surprise
of the river valley lady I don’t think anybody anticipated there would be this
good and they you know they put up 48 points in a weather ridden battle ear
pain to throw looking at it’s complete this is Dominique clay he’ll go to the
house touchdown Hillcrest 46 yard pass from Dominique Cameron Payne to
dominique clay the two sophomores hook it up and it’s 21 the nothing’s can
somebody stop Reggie Bush after is that Reggie Bush certainly looks they look
like the Pete Carroll era Trojans back so a penalty will bring that play back
false start against Hillcrest ought to do it all over again
I want to say this as we’re going in week nine is that we’re in week 9 week
nine John random we get a shot of him is it you notice that the referees flags
aren’t as aren’t as bright and vibrant as we’ve seen in the past but kind of
dirty and grungy maybe they missed laundry day oh that’s that that’s the part of the
play that looks good it was something back on the line that was illegal motion
ball back to the 48 of Hillcrest first and 15 pain looking to throw paint over
the middle incomplete Xavier banks running in the
pattern was the intended receiver first incompletion of the night for Cameron
Payne I’ll tell you what though Cameron Payne those just steps back a lot of
confidence in the pocket he threw that pass was just out of reach but man got
it has a very good arm just took one step back and fired dominant kid on the
freshman team you know remember he got called up to play the Europe of alley
game last year as a freshman for John Branden
exactly what you mentioned he said you know he’s just got to work on confidence
with regard to his varsity reps and the more he gets the more confident he’ll
become clay dancing in to La Sierra territory he’ll be shoved out at the 40 so close to a first down will be about
third and for Lamar Gaines on the hit clays third reception from the 41 give
to clay and he’ll have the first down and more
you’ll cross over the 35 of La Sierra to about the 33 so you’re telling me that
clay and pain are gonna be together for another two years
that’s the idea holy smokes wonder John Brandon is so happy he seems to be like
I’m like a giddy schoolgirl just Numa pinballing bouncing off a contact talked
about that a little bit last week from the 33 of La Sierra defense for the
Eagles needs to put up some resistance clay right up the gut again five more
yards if John Brandon did seem a little bit very happy tonight before the game
I’ve known coach Branham for years I have never seen him just happy jovial
team playing well Perez split out to the nearside banks in
the Far slot Howard split out to the far side and
they catch la Sierra offside so it’ll be a first down fourth penalty on La Sierra
they’ve been penalized 35 yards they haven’t moved the stick stop and now
they’re gonna move them from the La Sierra 23 Hillcrest has been dominating
in this first quarter pain to the outside complete at the 7 yard line
Isaac Perez reels it in 16 yard completion pain now 5 of 6 through the
air for 59 yards Perez his second reception on the evening and Trojans
just clicking Jeff well I’ll tell you what Perez ran a great route as you see
here and a perfect pass went to the outside got both steps in great play by
the Trojans chewing him Bishop to the bottom of your screen but instead
they’ll take the give and then Payne will take it into the end zone for a
touchdown clay was the play fake and then pain rather than throw the ball
call his own number touchdown Hillcrest any time you can
play fake to clay everybody jumps and I’ll tell you what Cameron Payne that
young sophomore quarterback went in like a running back tough move there by the
young side he had a 50-yard run last week didn’t
Cameron Payne 5 plays 47 yards on the drive going for 2 still on his feet is
he in and he’s in they’re gonna throw a flag so the two-point conversion is good
flag comes in after the play Wow what a beast I think they just – looks like
Hicks might be the guy with the flag so clay with the two-point conversion and
Seth Morgan having a discussion with our officiating crew about the result of
that so give clay the two-point conversion so he now has two touchdowns
and a couple of two-point conversions tell you what everybody in the stadium
thought he was down and out of nowhere he just I guess he didn’t go down he
just ran right through everyone doesn’t matter what you think as a matter what I
think it’s a matter what Sam Weinberg thinks all it matters is what Dan Cathy
thinks no the officials obviously have the final authority on that play you saw
a few good men did Jeff of course I did Kevin Bacon Tom Cruise to me more so
here’s the initial stop they have him pushed back and he just keeps driving so
I guess the the argument from La Sierra is normally a play like that as whistled
dead they thought it was should have been whistled dead and it was not another penalty flag because it’d be
called on the sidelines you hate to see a game like this just
real out of control go kind of go off the rails this early 23 nothing 206 left
to play we’re still in the first quarter folks Hillcrest hey it’s pretty simple
for them they lost to La Sierra last year they’re not happy about it it’s a
rivalry game on sportsman like Conda called on la sierra and believe they’ve
they’ve injected somebody a dejected a player Wow no Gary Hamlin getting the
explanation does have it let’s see what gr bear has yeah guys down in the sidelines on that
last play on the goal line there there was a little bit of a mix-up obviously
and Justin Hicks was really hot and got very excited he had some words exchanged
with some of the players and the L officials and it looks like they have
ejected him for this game so that last flag you just saw was for
unsportsmanlike conduct and he is gonna sit on the sidelines for the rest of
this contest thank you guys that really hurts last year they’ve been
missing Hicks for the last couple of games and if he is the player rejected
so back-to-back 15 yarders which means as you can see here Hillcrest gonna kick
off from the LA Sierra 31 I’m on site here yeah I would imagine I mean know
you don’t wanna run the score up but now but you almost have to you’re on the
30-yard line it’s still the first quarter if this was the third quarter I
say man you don’t do it but I think you almost have to playoffs coming up you
want to try every scenario here’s Gerardo back and we just lined drive it
out of the end zone it’ll be a touchback for la sierra so john brendham showing
some mercy here on this particular Drive he always seemed to be more of a me
Aikido karate guy as opposed to the Cobra Kai tattoos notwithstanding so
ball comes out to the 24 la sierra 23 to nothing in Hillcrest really they’ve
gotten the ball three times Jeff and they’ve driven right down the field all
three times and they’ve really cut through it like like melted butter I
mean it’s just they have just taken apart this law see our defense and the
offense really hasn’t been on the field walk enough to do any damage no first
downs yet for la sierra they’ve totaled negative 3 yards Gaines with a take
trying to get up around the right side and Gaines down at the 23 3 yard pickup
on the play yeah with with Hicks no longer in the
ball game it’s gonna lady solely on the shoulders of them are games so they gave
before make it a second in 6 they market up to the 24 yard line
and if you’re la Sierra you’ve got to get to the game plan you can’t score 23
points at once you got to go one by one and try to control the clock keep this
game from getting too out of hand Andre Thomas to the near side
papi let some pressure we’ll throw it up Murillo will get whistled on that Sarada
I mean the ball was well over his head and Murillo came in and kind of decked
him with his shoulder and the official standing right there a flag will come in
on Hillcrest question is they call it pass interference or do they call it
personal foul pass interference I thought it would be illegal use of hands
or pass interference yeah because he didn’t use his arm he just I think he
just ran into his fifth penalty whistled on Hillcrest 40 yards it’ll move up 15
though to the 39 yard line of la sierra so perhaps this will give him a boost
the first first down of the game where they had one on the run by Hicks wiped
out by a penalty and this is the first one that will go down in the score book
officially first intent line is the 39 for Hillcrest Gaines running right kind
of picking his way and marilla will finish him off he’ll Traverse up to the
44 so 5 yards on first down for Lamar Gaines so a couple of good runs here by Lamar
games see if we get that poppy to Thomas combination going here check him out at
the end of the first quarter remember they scored late as poppy launches it
downfield for Thomas hand fighting with ma koala and here comes the flag out
it’ll be pass interference on Hillcrest good job by Thomas he turned back inside
to kind of initiate that contact I thought it was pretty good coverage till
the end of that play and anytime you have one-on-one coverage with Andre
Thomas I mean you got to put a hand on me so fast and as we’ve seen he’s he’s
he’s one of those big play guys you throw him deep he’s gonna he’s gonna
make big plays and so far just by him running routes in running smart route so
you gotta got him that’s gonna cost Hillcrest here so two straight pass
interference penalties move the ball to the Hillcrest 45 perhaps this is the
life they need here’s the give Gaines in the middle gets passed Baker and then
the three linebackers converge on him and drop him he’ll cross the 45 to about
the 43 a couple of yards on the play for gains if you lost the area you really
just want to continue this drive you don’t need to score right here in the
first quarter but you need to try to score on this drive to try to get the
deficit before halftime because Hillcrest is gonna get the ball a couple
more times you got to stop them but you also have to put the ball in the end
zone end of the first quarter we’ll switch sides and the first quarter
pretty much until the end was all Hillcrest 23 for the Trojans nothing for
la sierra and we’ll throw it down on the sidelines to junior Ybarra
standing by with the new superintendent of the Alvord School District from what
I understand is he ready we can go we’re here with Ellen Musa RINO the
brand new superintendent for the Albert’s school district mr.
superintendent good to see you out here on a Friday night what brings you out to
see a kind of a nice night of football for you here there’s no better place to
be on a Friday night than a high school football game jr. so I’m all about kids
I’m all about participating and seeing the kids out here performing and it’s
just what you do on a Friday night when you’re involved in education now
athletics are a really important part of academics obviously they are you know
extracurricular but to a lot of kids it’s the reason that they come to school
right it gets kids connected and my goal like every educators goal is to get kids
connected to schools get gets connected to adults and nothing does that better
than athletics now that you’re brand-new to this district what kind of things do
you envision for the future that you’d like to share with the community I
appreciate that opportunity you know it’s about college and career because
kids are all different right they’re all different shapes and sizes so I think
what is important to us to all of us the School Board of Albert and myself is to
make sure that kids who want to go on one path get an opportunity and kids who
want to go into another have an opportunity
all right got opportunities great thanks so much for joining my pleasure thank
you all right guys we’ll send it back up your way hey thanks Junior great chat
with the Alford school district superintendent does that mean he’s your
new boss yeah he is I have yet to meet him I’ve kind of shook I shook his hand
when I was with pet Fernandes on a on a gig and well that guy that Bella
Gaines had a four yard gain while we were away so it brings up third and
about five and poppy looking for Randall and kind of misfires it’ll bring up
fourth down papi came into the game we talked about
Jeff needing 13 yards for 3000 for his career he’s over his first five has
induced a couple of pass interference penalties I want to see him get that
three thousand that’s a pretty good milestone too bad his name’s not Andre
then you call him Andre 3000 Bryce 3000 doesn’t sound as now for papi for the
Pop’s it Papi’s a tough kid according to Gary headland but papi 3000 doesn’t have
a good ring to it they’ll go for it on fourth down an
incomplete ball will go over on downs to Hillcrest
intended for Andre Thomas mock Walla on the coverage for Hillcrest and poppy now
over six through the air the ball goes over on downs to the Trojans yeah and
Thomas ran a great route he really lost his man on offense and just passes
overthrown over his head little nerves though when you’re playing a rivalry
game these guys are probably friends with the junior high together a lot of
emotions going on in that field 1122 play in the second quarter twenty three
nothing Hillcrest and the offense for LA see I really doesn’t generate anything
is flags and whistles as pain takes the snap and it will come down it’ll be a
false start on Hillcrest and that’s something that John brand him and his
staff were gonna go to on the film thus far already seven penalties on the
Trojans with 11 19 to play in the second quarter so you know you are you’re an
old coach even in a game where you’re winning handily the coach needs
something to harp on well coach Brandon we can look at these penalties Ryan
Howard split out to the near side that’s clay going into motion throwing to the
far side and completing it that’s Isaac Perez catches the ball in La Sierra
territory at the 46 yard line 18 more yards and I think if you’re a coach and
you’re a coach that’s not only trying to win a league title but a CIF title
you’ve got to go back to this and say guys we can’t make mental mistakes
because mental mistakes are gonna cost you in big games because you’re not
gonna have blowout you’re gonna be a tight tight games you you there’s no
excuse for mental breakdowns three receivers to the near side here’s clay
right up the middle for Hillcrest on first down pounding through the second
level inside the 35 to the 30 to 14 more yards for Dominique clay he now
unofficially Jeff I have him for 87 yards on 11 carries in the two
touchdowns not a bad clip was Larry David’s a pretty pretty pretty
good three receivers to the nearside Howard
nearest to the bottom of the screen in the middle Perez right
to the right of him is banks he’ll instead go to the short side juggling
and dropping that one is Julian Bishop incomplete now six of eight through the
air is Cameron Payne you watch coach man I’m telling them a make the catch first
before you make the play it’s real important you know sometimes
guys go I have a big player and they they forget to make the biggest
important thing catch the ball second and ten from the 31 clay I mean
nothing fancy just taking it right up the gut another first down for Hillcrest he has run it up like Eric Dickerson
just running through guys Reggie Bush was a really good was a really good
comparison apt comparison the old USC days yeah cuz he catches it out of the
backfield Matt Leinart only had Glendale white as well thunder
and lightning Perez the top of your screen clay in the backfield are gonna
go to Perez Perez with the catch at the five you’ll be tackled inside the five
at about the to Lamar Gaines on the tackle was lyndale white thunder or
lightning do you remember it’s a good question
I think it might have been thunder he’s he’s more of a Tundra guy first and goal
from the four so Perez on the far side they’ll give it right to clay he’s into
the end zone touchdown Dominic clay with the hat-trick his
third trip to pay dirt on the evening and the rout is on for the Trojans I’ll
tell you what when you play a tough schedule early in the year and you just
continue to get better and guys are healthy that’s really key I mean if you
have guys that are healthy in week 9 as you go into the you know your last
couple games as your head in the playoffs I’ll tell you what Hillcrest
I’d take them over anybody right now two-point conversion attempt this is
clay looked like he was close but they stopped him no good how the two-point
conversion good drive Jeff for Hillcrest we’ll get
a look at some of the plays from it six plays 59 yards 151 culminating in the
four yard run by Dominique clay he now has three touchdowns on the evening clay
I have him unofficially 13 carries 102 yards and three touchdowns pretty good
day’s work he had three touchdowns last week in the wind for Hillcrest /
Patriots and that win versus patriot really was a surprise I thought you know
a lot of a lot of people were talking at Patriots defensively was one of the
better teams yet Hillcrest blanked him on defense and then put up 42 that’s a
pretty good game the Brewers after 5 lead the Dodgers five to two Jeff I know
you’re watching that game with a lot of interest
you’re an Angels guy anyway though I’m an Angels guy and I used to be a Dodgers
guy when they had like Steve Garvey Gary Royce Davey Lopes Ron Cey the MVP here’s
the kickoff fielded at the six trying to make something to happen and really not
a lot has happened for La Sierra no gap to about the 22 you’re a Jersey
guy are you a Yankee fan yeah grew up with the Yankees I went to my first
old-timers day when I was eight and all those guys are still alive DiMaggio and
Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle and I saw them and I was talk about that somebody
recently you know when you’re a child and you see like a professionally
manicured feel it’s not like today you know we have HD every games on TV you
know we were kids every game wasn’t on TV you remember that right hey you
brought you brought your radio to the game and you kept scoring but to see
that field I was the best thing in the world yeah it’s like seeing you know you
know beautiful woman or a handsome man depending on your orientation you know I
was when I was seven you have as I guess that was more than anything from the 22
for La Sierra its first intent papi looking to give and he turned him down
it’s like a guy turning down his screen papi dancing over the 25 to the 26 takes
a pretty hard lick by Eric Rivera at the end of that run he’s dropped munos on the tackle 3 yard game it will
bring up second and 7 you know the best thing about being an adult now going to
the games you go to an Astros game you can look at the well manicured lawn you
can see Justin Verlander pitch and then you could see his wife sitting in the
bleachers hey you get the best of both worlds
well we come to a game come to a UC Riverside game you can see Jeff Gorham
all the game and sees lovely wife Carly in the stands that’s always yeah yeah
you gotta get her to come out to games with you this year I know you had the
kids take care of those bleachers attack the cheerleaders they bother the coach
second and five give to Gaines dives forward maybe back to the original line
of scrimmage yeah fast Johnny came to a game last
year against the Fullerton at UC Riverside my buddy John Smith’s a coach
and he goes John Stosur where’s your words fast Johnny and I said he’s the
kid up there with the sunglasses you told me I’m told me because when Luke
and John they want to play yeah run around which is good in a way
but yeah I get it I understand what’s a rough on the parent but fast johnny was
wearing sunglasses in a hood and John Smith looked over at me goes is your son
the Unabomber you want to run around and play and have fun third and five for La
Sierra papi Long’s is it throwing to the outside complete the first dam this is
Andre Thomas Thomas trying to make the move they forgot about Dre but he’ll
have the first down as Rivera drops him at the 44 and with that play price
popping out over 3,000 passing yards for his career and you got to be happy you
throw to your main guy Andre Thomas they’re always gonna be a part of that
but Andre Thomas took a shot there the last as we see yikes smattering of fans
he’s right back on the field yeah tough guy right there yeah 3,000
yards congratulations to Brice papi first and ten from the 44 Gaines goes
down Derrick Walton finished him off I think Josh Ford was the first man to him
lost back to the 42nd and 14 line is the 40 La Sierra trailing this one big 29
nothing in the second quarter here yo crest looking to reclaim the back
yard Bell but also look in to clinch the River Valley League we’ll explain how in
a little bit second and 14 short hop on the snap broken play papi pulled down by
Josh Ford they’ll lose back to the 38 so they lose two more and it’s gonna be
third and 16 so the opponent next week for Hillcrest Jeff is Harappa Valley
they’ve already lost three league games so for Hillcrest to win they would be
for no and the only other opponent would be a team that’s already lost three
games so the only teams that would have a chance to tie Hillcrest at four and
one would be Ramona and nor to Vista and the Trojans have already dispatched both
of those teams yes they have rather easily I must say third and 16 Perez to
the bottom of your screen top of your screen is Thomas pressure and Down Goes
papi Murillo down below Ezekiel holiday up top combined on the
sack back inside the 30-yard line nine yard loss on that play and you talked
about those other two teams Nord Avista they beat 53 to 14
Ramona though game a game they in fact Ramona was up at halftime three nothing
mm-hmm and yell crest within I think a 3-minute span was seven they got they
got Josh Ford caught a touchdown and then they induced two turnovers a fumble
and an interception it was a pick the interception was a pick six by man
Robert will write will kick Perez standing at the 35-yard line of
Hillcrest he’ll feel the ball 237 so a 33 yard kick and he’s got some room
Perez will be bought down from around the ankles making the tackle is Jorge
Gonzalez so return back to the 42 of La Sierra nice job by Perez 20-yard return
after a 33 yard kick Jorge Gonzalez saved him that would have been pay dirt
Perez is turning those Jets on he can motor a little bit and good tackle so 4/20 is the clock runs and now it
stops some confusion on the sideline for la Sierra and man it’s just sometimes
you know Petrus Papa Doc is the commentator of college football to get a
timeout on the field he talks about every year and he played at USC he was a
captain at USC and he always jokes I was the captain of the worst team in USC
history but you have those games that he calls quote unquote get away from you
and they happen to good teams and it happens to teams that aren’t so good and
last year now it’s just a weird scenario for them because as good as they looked
over those first six weeks this is a third straight game that’s in has in
danger of kind of just slipping away from them very early yeah it’s I don’t
know if it’s the rhythm but there’s just something off you know they played a
very good game against who repo Valley where they came from behind the fourth
quarter they had four games for their wins were comforting all the fourth
quarters you thought they were tested you know and that’s and that’s the
catch-22 that we talked about is you know people say oh you know they’re
they’re barely beating teams they should beat but you wonder is that really
reflective of the schedule or is that reflective of a team that can come from
behind a drop of a hat and we’re seeing everything kind of even out a little bit
here in the second half of the year and it’s first and ten from the 42 for
Hillcrest pain slings it middle of the field banks had it and then became
dislodged he was dispossessed by Lamar Gaines incomplete brings up second down
good defensive by Lamar games but if you’re Hillcrest you know you got to be
able to connect on these these are kind of open plays good teams make big-time
plays and especially if you’re going for like I said not only league
championships but CIF championships the second down from the 42 pain goes over
and adjust some equipment for banks trips to the top of the formation to the
nearside split out is dominique clay Payne clay in space he’ll be tackling
the 15-yard line Bryce poppy was in on the hit 27 yard
completion and that’s one guy you don’t want to have catch the ball in open
space the ball to the 15 will be first intent Payne rolls right throws back
tackle eligible that’s Derek Walton the big fella with the football
touchdown Derrick Walton reported as ineligible
he’s an offensive and defensive lineman and he catches a touchdown pass from
Cameron Payne how about that you know John Brandon’s an old offensive
lineman he wants one of the big boys to get a touchdown huh I’ll tell you what
that might have been one of the prettiest plays we have seen all season
long here on riverside TV flag on the play let’s see what that is I thought it
was pretty good play can we send him up here to look at our
replay the officials caucusing now obviously if he didn’t report he could
be ruled ineligible touchdown
the play will stand it’s a dead ball foul unsportsmanlike
conduct whistled on La Sierra that’ll be assessed on the kickoff la
sierra you got a whole composure here that great run so Cameron Peyton on nine
have 12 through the air 137 yards and he’s thrown a touchdown pass now to
Walton and here’s equit the p80 and that’ll park the uprights 36 to nothing
in favor of Hillcrest so from the La Sierra side you really need to get up
off the mat because the division 12 playoffs are very interesting picture
they’re probably about 10 teams that are in and then there’s about 14 teams that
have between five and six wins that are angling for those last six spots in
Division 12 Rio Hondo is in a weird spot I think they’re one of the ten that are
in there they’re a game short they’re five and two after eight weeks there was
some kind of scheduling issue or game got canceled because of some weather but
obviously they’re i think they’ve gotten two league wins and if you’re a la
sierra you need to win either this week or next week because you can’t probably
wouldn’t get in with just one league win you know it’s that’s really difficult
especially in today’s southern section and the CIF it’s it’s kind of tough if
you can’t get at least two wins and lee look at john brendham you know John
Brandon hasn’t won a league title outright since 1999 all due respect to
Prince there remember was a five-way tie last year for the River Valley League
but he wants his own title of course I mean he’s he’s been around remember he’s
a Riverside poly guys at Riverside gangs at Corona he was at Santiago with Jeff
Steinberg our friend and they won John Brennan when he was head coach at Corona
won the Mountain Valley League in 98 99 and that was a league with Norco and
with Centennial think about that those carny teams that won the league
titles back then John ran a long time coach fiery guy on the sidelines line
drive kick skips out of the end zone will come out to the 20 he was a member
I believe that 84 Riverside Poly CIF championship team correct played for
Mike Churchill and then went on to the University of Arizona be an offensive
lineman at U of A you know and he was also it did some of the student teaching
or a long-term sub work at La Sierra so what like work with you Jeff cuz you
have the real nitty-gritty you have the real dirt so he’s got some history at La
Sierra yeah history might you know I wouldn’t I talked to my dad today and
hey gonna see good random I said yeah because I remember when he was a
long-term sub at La Sierra I used to see him in the lunchroom eating giant
sandwiches first intent for La Sierra line is the 20 the ball squirts past
poppy and there’s Murillo like ringing a dinner bell he touches him down inside
the 10 nothing going right for the Eagles well I guess you could say more
everything going right for Hillcrest yes let’s say that that defensive man
stifling just ran right in fifth meeting between the two teams two wins each that
was a tough loss last year for Hillcrest to take remember we did that incredible
game against Patriot yes which they lost late in the game they
were up 28 7 at the half give I believe this is null surging forward to the 14
yard line about five yards on the play for Luke Knoll but they were playing
well remember Hillcrest won their first two games in league they were poised to
go three and OH every moves to another they won their first game and ranked
really high they were ranked and Patriot knocked him off and then a little bit of
a hangover and they got nipped by la Sierra they eventually came back they
had that incredible comeback themselves in week 10 against Nord Avista to get
them into the playoffs last year and without the services of Cornell of
remember third and 16 from the 14 throwing good job that was intended for
Thomas did a nice job coming back to the football couldn’t quite snare it on the
coverage a son team a koala for Hillcrest fourth down you can see
why they call him mr. electric tell you what he was spinning and somehow it
managed his hands and a ball just dropped it but man super athlete there we’ll right we’ll kick for la sierra
midfield about the 45 yard line of la sierra that’s where Perez stands
wheelwright kicks and Perez will catch it at the 46 and there he goes the 32
yard kick and Perez will get up to the 35 before he shoved back they’ll mark up
a 37 so give it about a nine yards on the return and still very good field
position to start for Hillcrest plenty of time as we’ve seen so far in the
first half for Hillcrest to put up another touchdown here Seth Morgan makes
the tackle for La Sierra let’s get a look at Perez spins past the first
contact with that big boy ain’t letting him go by
talk about sandwiches earlier Seth Morgan grabbed that like like it was a
big sandwich and Jersey Mike’s turkey sandwich number seven turkey and
provolone Mike’s way Mike’s way of course with pickles how is that pistons
first in ten line is the 37 La Sierra we do that joke every week
this battle station Jeff fully operational play fake throw Perez with
the catch Perez with the run it dives into the end zone touchdown
Hillcrest we’re gonna bring this one back is all looks like a hold is gonna be called
against the Trojans and that hold is that’s 20 yards past the line of
scrimmage I mean there’s no need to hold a bow now Perez was on his way so the
officials gonna bring it back I wonder maybe III want to start a conspiracy
theory I was gonna tell a joke about how people keep it to myself remember the
old ollie Ernie Terrell fight yes when Tyrell
wouldn’t call him Ali is in a column clay so you know the fight probably
should’ve been over on the fifth round Ali stretched him out yeah 15 rounds so
he could punish him a joke would be you know maybe Hillcrest
wants to just keep scoring so there you know they’ll score a penalty score it’s
like a movie they’re working on there they’re working on their game so they’re gonna March it off from the
point of the hold so the whole the current as you mentioned Jeff around the
17 yard line the ball will move back to the 27 so we can give a completion to
the 17 so first intent Hillcrest pain fade
route in and out of the hands of Perez Elijah Randall on the coverage
Isaac Perez was the intended receiver it’ll fall him complete you have a setup
funny look at it said first and one yard but that’s bass beat based on the
penalty yeah I just figured they forgot to move the sticks in its so Yancy
Dodson’s not over there so we can’t really rely rely on the I can’t she sit
Jane game I kid of course the no disrespect to the la Sierra chain gang
pain over the middle banks touchdown no they’re gonna rule him down the official
raised his hands but it was to stop the clock not to say no cuts down so a 27
yard completion to banks and Xavier bank with his tenth catch on the year he’s
down inside the 2 at the one-yard line first and goal clay he’s in touchdown
Hillcrest clay with touchdown number four on the
evening no clay does have four who’s got the Al
Bundy special he’s got four touchdowns so I’m being told from the truck that al
Bundy’s record was five okay he might get al Bundy’s record tonight the great
Ed O’Neill Gerardo ik makes it good a forty three to nothing ballgame clay
with his fourth touchdown as we get a look at the place that set it up the
throat of banks stopped at the one-yard line and then they’ll give the ball the
claims into the end zone Dominique clay with touchdown runs of
six for four and one yard and Hillcrest Jeff just putting it on La Sierra 43 to
nothing over the last ten or actually to nine quarters because the last week’s
game was ended early la Sierra now being scored 154 to 15 tough very very tough you feel for Coach headland and his
staff you know how hard they work but great guys Hillcrest just the better
team tonight by Lots they’re just playing well I mean heck when you play a
rough preseason schedule and you get banged around a little bit you can learn
from those things and you could yeah I know we try to be fair to everybody a
lot of that Stalin is hey you know we knew even when they were 1 in 3 or
whatever they were Hillcrest probably one of the more if not the most and one
of the top two or three talented teams in the city Riverside is kick-off is
returned up to the 28 yard line by la sierra and they’re and they’re young
let’s do that’s that’s the amazing thing yeah they’ve got it sophomore sophomore
sophomore a junior sophomore but the thing is we had our Riverside TV
rankings and where’s Hillcrest number numero uno this week okay hey well weird
I felt bad because you know it’s a purely mathematical mathematical salute
you know formula yeah and although Notre Dame was the number one team they won
last week but Hillcrest surpassed them because there’s four criteria there is
the one loss obviously there’s the opponent’s strength you know the
strength the schedule and then I wait you wait road wins and you wait wins
against teams in higher divisions in here Hillcrest is won two games on the
road and they’ve won two games against teams and up in higher divisions so –
did Notre Dame do the that they call you up angry I think they’re me the weird
thing is obviously the Notre Dame beat Hillcrest first and 10 after the penalty
it’s at the 40-yard line papí to the outside its complete at the
45 yard line you know I was driving by Notre Dame
earlier today and I looked on the marquee and there was a picture of unit
it said ghazzal hassan wanted cerrado with the reception wanted I’ve never
been wanted by at a Catholic school but I wasn’t a good one
there anything you’re like why why did we drop I think it was right there
picture you on there I can’t believe that I know I know coach coach where to
nose at what’s up is another loss by poppy back inside the 46 yards as the
clock will stop 45 and 2/10 of a second to play in the second quarter I mean
it’s close it’s decimal points you know I think I think he’ll the questions like
209 and Notre Dame was 206 oh it’s right there
you’re not invited to any more of those big nice dinners at Notre Dame coach
Lara Lara that no dude want no Jews was not my friend anymore Jim long had a
great game we mention that 48-yard field goal yeah and he wanted some love he was
all over Twitter saying hey give me some love we we call the 40-yard kick of his
but it was Phe because of penalties so the penalty again speaking of penalties
a 15-yard are marked off on Hillcrest it’ll move the ball in to Hillcrest
territory so 45 and 2/10 of a second to play here in the first half so there was
a penalty on Hillcrest which is their eighth here in the first half first and 10 from the 47 papí winds it
up he’s got a man down the field that is complete that’s Perez catching the ball
deep in Hillcrest territory so some life from the Eagles the ball down to the 17
yard line a 30 yard completion to Sergio Perez and he look at papi he is a
gunslinger he likes he does and yellow air it out
poppy corner intercepted ma koala with the pick but let’s sort out the penalty
Seth Morgan having a discussion with our white hat so it was the first intent
play great play by ma koala to come up with that interception and it’ll be
defensive pass interference so mark half the distance another penalty on
Hillcrest it reminds me of the Karate Kid
win a point lose a point win a point lose a point Cobra Kai did you watch the
youtube series by any chance his family I got you to bread just for that oh wow
fantastic the great William Zabka first in 10 line is the eight poppy
same part of the end zone incomplete this time one-on-one Andre Thomas and
Asante McCollum bring up second down I just like my favorite part of Josie
still drove the same car after all these years
I love that when the you know the the daughter’s boyfriend comes over he makes
Toro yes Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprising their roles from The Karate
Kid in a web series by YouTube I guess we can mention YouTube because we’re a
YouTube partner City rivers part of our network 2nd and 8th the ball on the turf
poppy picks it up and he’ll go down hello not easily at the 13 yard line
time out la Sierra they’ll stop the clock
I’ll tell you what Bryce papi has shown as Gorilla Monsoon used to call it
intestinal fortitude great story about Bryce papi after the loss to Nerdist I
got another look at the play kind of fumbled snap here comes Christian
Murillo with bad intentions actually falls into his own guy Seth Morgan kind
of holds him up kind of like the bush bush talking USC but papi went to the
hospital after the Nord Avista game and coach Headlands initial intent was to
hold him out of the game against Ramona and got checked out everything was ok
there was no concussion issue and Bryce came to coach said no coach I’m playing
doctor cleared him the rest as we say is history and you watch him he really is a
leader on that field he’s talking up to every player offensive line receivers he
hasn’t given up and that’s one thing you gotta like when you coach young men like
this even if you’re down 43 nothing here in the second quarter these are positive
aspects that coach headland and his staff have shown these guys you can’t
give up you can’t quit the fight so let’s see if la sierra here can get in
the end zone with just under 17 seconds here they’ll get two shots here and it’d
be big psychologically for the Eagles to get into the end zone it’s been all
Hillcrest 43 to nothing here in the second quarter four touchdowns already
for Dominique Klay clay with touchdown runs of six four
four and one yard a seven yard touchdown run by Cameron Payne himself and then a
15 yard touchdown pass from pain to Derrick Walton checked in as a tackle
eligible third and 14 here’s the give to Serato down at the 10 yard line cerrado is stopped and the clock will
stop with fourth down and Lafayette calls their timeout here once you try to
turn thomas loose on that play that’s what I don’t understand but here we go
designed run you know la Sierra lost a couple of players before the year even
started and then they’ve kind of battled some injuries get a look at Hillcrest
schedule those are winds not losses the last two Hillcrest looking to win their
fifth in a row they won five in a row once before back in 2016 they won five
in a row between September 16th and October 20th
never once six in a row so next week would be a new school record if they can
knock off her up a valley obviously the width those last two games against
Ramona and Patriot both wins for Hillcrest final play Papi throwing
Thomas up can’t come up with it makalah on the coverage makes the play
ball over on downs to La Sierra with seven and four tenths of a second to
play in the first half see I understand why you run the play
with Shraddha but I’m wondering why not give Thomas two shots yeah he’s been
your stud he’s mr. electric as they call him and
he’s connected with Poppy here in the second quarter a few times it’s like in
heat number one Pacino and De Niro there John Voight’s talking to the arrow
telling them hey he touches you once that’s it he could hit or miss you can’t
kind of the same thing right with buck wallah and Thomas ball Thomas has to do
is catch one of those passes percentages are he’ll get one of them and you got a
touchdown and it looks like that pain will just take a knee and that’ll be the
end of the first half with Hillcrest leading at forty three to nothing over
La Sierra all Trojans in the first half they look well on their way to regaining
the Bell the rivalry Bell the backyard Bell and also clinching a River Valley
League title yeah they they are playing phenomenal when you mentioned Cameron
Payne and Dominic clay both sophomores both huge playmakers the first drive of
the game that took them two minutes and 39 seconds
Dominic clay with that 36 yards and the touchdown that’s when it was over right
there we’ll toss it down a very tough interview for junior Ribera talking to
Gary headland whose team trails big at the end of the first half coach are
really tough first half what do you got to do to tighten things up in order to
keep playing you know as a little kid you like playing football and you know
that’s we got doing second half we’ve got to go out and have fun seniors they
got a game and a half left and let’s have some fun and try to do something
good in the second half these are memories that you have for your life and
you know there’s a brotherhood family and they’re just going to try to play
hard in second half you showed some life there you’re able to get a good drive on
unable to get it into the end zone so there’s a little bit of positive they
can take away for that yeah we have seniors who are really good kids and you
know I know they’re not going to stop playing so he’s got to play hard and try
to do their best all right coach well as you get into the locker room there thank
you alright guys we’ll try to come back in
the second half and talk to coach Brian I’m obviously there’s a real
big deficit for the Eagles to try to make up here in the second half of this
contest we’ll send it back up to you guys thanks Junior very tough interview
appreciate coach Headlands stopping to talk to junior I mean you’ve been in
this situation on both sides of it yeah I’m sure you’ve been in situations where
you’ve been up big and then even other situations where you’ve been down big
how do you handle that half time in the locker room Jeff well you got to tell
guys maybe correlated to something you do in life you know you’re not always
going to come out close and it’s how you handle those losses and how you handle
the second half is what defines you as a team but define you as a person and you
really just got to tell it to guys you say look we’re down 43 nothing you’re
getting you’re getting crushed out there what can you do in the second half to
make sure that you win a quarter you win a minute you win a drive
you got to continue to fight you can’t roll over and I’m sure that’s what coach
had and I’m saying to those guys right now is we can’t roll over guys we got a
fight let’s get back into this we’re not gonna win this ballgame but let’s make
it respectable the scoreboard really says it all here at Sac herb Stadium
Hillcrest is 24 minutes from clinching the River Valley League title for 2018
we’ll step out for a moment I believe the last year a band and Spirit Squad
have a presentation planned at halftime and then Jeff I’ll come back and reset
the second half for you here it’s the CIF on Riverside TV we’re back after
this I have been an artist for over 40 years
I’ve been collecting paper materials for almost that entire time I’m a
mixed-media collage artist I combine images from magazines advertisements
trade publications photos and I mix them and layer them and then add colored
pencil and oil pastel I had always been interested in art as a child I kind of
became an artist accidentally I was asked to volunteer in the school system
taking reproductions of works of art into the school to show the children and
help children learn to look at our each piece that I work on is focused
specifically around what I’m reading hearing during the approximately two to
three month period that I work on one piece I only do one piece at a time what
really gets me going is pulling out some of those paper images and just shuffling
them around I love mixing things don’t seem to belong together like an
advertisement for a towel that I will mix with a picture of formal trimmed
hedges a maze or a labyrinth when I see the images kind of going
together as I work it develops around what I’m thinking about but I don’t
start out saying oh well now I’m going to make something about the environment
for instance I am thrilled to be back here at the Riverside Art Museum for my
second solo show my first one was in 2004 beyond just be
here what’s important to me is this opportunity to talk to people about my
art I enjoy every visitor who comes and shares what they think they are seeing
in my art I don’t think art really lives just because it’s created I think it
lives when it’s seen and people react to it got junk too big for the trash can
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we’ll haul it away my name is lovey Jung and I work for the
city oversight fire department I’ve been here for about seven years now and I’m a
firefighter/paramedic on engine one when I was younger I actually wanted to be a
firefighter but I ended up getting sidetracked and went and played softball
for the Olympic team in 2004 and 2008 and when I retired in 2009 that’s when I
decided I wanted to switch over to become a firefighter usually when I come
in the first thing I do is I check my personal protective equipment and then
I’ll also check the medical equipment being a paramedic I have to make sure
all my medications are there and that my equipment is working properly so that
when we go on a scene to a medical aid that everything’s in working form and
that were professional on scene if I were to describe my job in one word it
would be adventurous every day is different from day to day depending on
the training or the type of calls that we run you know some days we might go on
more duis or some days we might go on more traffic accidents so every day that
I come to work is gonna be completely different from the day before and the
next day they get to work with a group of people that I enjoy working with and
having that camaraderie that I’ve missed from being an athlete but now being a
mom I just kind of I want to be that role model for my daughter to you know
show her that you can be independent and you can have a job that you want to work
in whether it’s a male-dominated career or not and I want her to understand that
how she grows up we need to make sure our seniors are
safe with consistent proper nutrition and healthy foods delivered to their
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have noticed new traffic lights popping up around Riverside and the Public Works
Department wants you to see how they work first of all you’ll notice the new
left turn signals consists of four lights a red arrow a solid yellow arrow
a flashing yellow arrow and a green air chin the running clock you ever wear
here with coach John Brandon coach a very good first half for you guys thank
you much you know kids got after it um you know just taking it to him our goal
was to hit him up tonight and and they did just that and they’re doing the
Litoral Litoral hitting as far as with fists and things of that nature so and
our kids are composed themselves very well which is impressive to me you know
we got a lot – a lot to play for and they don’t and so you know something
that gets out of hand like that any changes in the second half for you guys
no we’re just we’re gonna get our starters in for a series maybe two at
the most and they get them out well up already Clark the whole second half all
right coach good luck to you thank you alright coach John Brandon obviously
with that big lead he has the luxury of sitting down those starters and maybe
playing some of those guys the bench and getting them some little
bit of a playing experience cons will send you back up your way all right
let’s discuss that Jeff we get a look at the backyard the battle for the Bell
that is the Bell the victory bell that is shared between La Sierra and
Hillcrest we get a look at Dominique lay what a big first half he had 14 carries
for Dominique lay 103 yards and four for counting before touchdowns tying the the
Scott pros always talks about the Al Bundy record nice run here after the
catch they ran that swing play a couple of times Jeff it was really effective
for them and clay according to John Brennan he’s been the difference maker
for Hillcrest in their winning streak they’ve won four in a row now going on
five yeah when you have that breakaway speed especially on the outside of the
field and you can get around those defensive ends with ease you’ve got a
pretty good ballclub and I’ll tell you what they’re young they they’re skilled
and they’re very intelligent football players to say the least talking with
John Brandon but his team you know I think you and I have said this they’re a
pretty talented team we knew they’re one of the more talented teams in Riverside
if not the most talented team in Riverside and what he actually said to
me a couple talked a couple different things and we get a look at the first
half numbers for both teams he said first of all that his senior group this
group has been special to him he kind of got a little bit emotional when talking
about him that it’s you know four years they’ve been here with him since they
were freshmen and it’s been one of the better senior groups he’s been around
and he says the younger group the issue has been not necessarily they’re not
ready as Hillcrest will kick-off to last year to start the second half but it’s
been about them kind of figuring out the buy-in aspect of it so you know they’re
all good kids they all come to practice but it’s the little things they need to
understand is that just because you play well on one Friday doesn’t mean you
immediately jump to next Friday no no there’s Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday before we get to the next game on Friday and that’s really
been the challenges Perez brings it back took a little bit of a hit see him kind
of hunched over there it’ll be first in 10th for La Sierra from the 29th and
it’s a new program and one thing a new school new program and when you’re gonna
have growing pains and that growing pain is usually consistency as you just
mentioned you got to be consistent as as the team and
school matures they will only get better and better la Sierra 1st and 10 from the
29 here’s the give to null leans forward Nate Bernal got in there on the tackle
maybe lost a yard on the play did Noel just 16 rushing yards in the first half
for La Sierra so a good job by the Hillcrest defense Hillcrest held the
ball for a good portion of the first half as well running up those 43 points
John Brandon mentioned in his interview with junior Ibarra the second half will
be played with a running clock second and 11 over the 30 yard line
that’s Gaines Josh Ford in on the hit bryce papi in the first half Jeff 3 of
12 through the year for 51 yards but did eclipse 3,000 yards before his la Sierra
career two seasons of varsity play for the senior QB third down complete to
cerrado first down oh they’ll say he was out at the 37 which leaves him short of
the first down so five yards on the play will bring up
fourth and tooth and it looks like they’re gonna keep papi in I’m gonna go
for it here and fourth and two it might as well it’s a running clock it’s not
gonna hurt you too much go for it they marked him to the 38 and they’re
gonna call it first and fourth and a one flak comes in from the back judge so it’ll be offsite 10th penalty on
Hillcrest that is the one place they haven’t really excelled 9 penalties for
88 yards in the first half and the first penalty here in the second half will
give la Sierra a first down yeah I’m sure they’re gonna have to
really work on that here in the next two weeks before they get going into
playoffs like I said close games you can’t make mistakes especially mental
ones Perez to the near side Thomas split out to the far side here’s
sarado in motion option faked to him and down goes poppy making that play again
Josh Ford blows it up from his linebacker position 8 yard loss on the
play that line backing core for la Sierra look at the point scored here and
in league play you’ll notice Hillcrest second in points scored and first in
points allowed last year at the bottom in both categories overall Hillcrest
third La Sierra fifth in points scored defensively Hillcrest 4th La Sierra
fifth overall you mentioned the schedule that
Hillcrest played though was pretty tough here’s the give inside but that’s Randle
again Randle will get cut down for another loss mentioning the linebacking core they’re
all seniors Josh Ford Eric Rivera Christian Murillo Rivera Merle of and
starting since they’re sophomores Ford played as a sophomore started last year
as well and they’ve not only been leaders on the field for Hillcrest Jeff
but coach Brandon credits them with kind of doing some of the peer counseling off
the field if you will as well and you have to when you have young guys young
skilled guys you want to show them how it’s done and you want to continue the
third and long and a nice catch will be close to a first down great play that’s
Randall who makes the catch in the middle of the field and I’m wondering
why the Eagles haven’t tried the middle of the field made a couple of nice plays
in the middle of field have two Eagles I think so it will be fourth and one yeah
those line back in court you know you’re starting really a tradition here winning
and you want to continue it and by teaching you look at the the Hillcrest
starters and they’re all sophomores juniors peppered with a couple seniors
you want to teach them to be not only great athletes great teammates but great
individuals and so that’s just building a program and we’ve seen it at
Centennial we see at Norco we seem to hear nor do this
coach Branham and his staff it’s kind of essentially doing the same thing
e returning starters for Hillcrest on defense five them being seniors which
means they’re gonna have three guys next year coming back still and then they
have a couple of those sophomore guys Manny Robert Xavier banks on the corners
who are back next year Ryan Howard’s back as well he’s kind of rotates in
every once in a while at defensive back so they’ll have some players available
to them next year as well again for sophomores on that event a couple of
juniors the rest seniors like you said some confusion with the chain gang they
moved like it was the first and it wasn’t it was fourth and one you think
you got Yancey Dotson in every game Jeff because when he runs those chains
there’s no efficient efficiency is Yancey efficiency Dotson fourth and one
down the field incomplete and the ball will go over on
downs to Hillcrest another update we have an update here in the river valley
good the Ramona Rams 51 the Jags of Rupa
Valley 0 with 525 left in the third Wow so Ken machine skis team hitting
their stride and it’s interesting talking with John Brandon he was very
complimentary about Ramona he said he feels they could make a run in their
division for the playoffs yeah I’ll tell you Ramona is really the biggest
surprise to me in the entire area is Ramona defensively they don’t make
mistakes coach Basinski has everybody buying into the program and I’ll tell
you what they’re playing really well and they got a big one next week versus
North Vista that’s for second place in the river valley
first intent from the 48 flinging it to the outside complete and tackled in La
Sierra territory kiante clay makes the reception a couple other local scores
North High School down 22 seven and half to orange Vista let’s dig in Awards
Vista their offense is fairly explosive it’s not not bad if they’re holding on
to 20 points then Norco 44 nothing over Roseville and
halftime pain got time now I’ll just run pain weaving getting to the outside and
pain will just slide down the 31 yard line pick up 17 yards on the run
Payne now for Russia’s 436 yards to go with his hundred 89 yards passing and at
the half I have another score Santiago 45 Corona nothing say it the way you’re
supposed to know you won’t say it that way I can’t say it like that my family
will disown me from the 32 so a 16 yard run officially for Cameron Payne first
and 10 at Hillcrest is just clickin they’re just moving the ball down the
field Payne little tunnel screen this is Perez spins off the first tackle he’s on
his scooter to the outside he dives to the inside so Perez will be up to about
the 13 yard line 19 more yards for him through the air and one more Riverside
score and that is Martin Luther King is down to centennial at the beginning of
the third quarter 66 to nothing those evil empire guys the sift Lord Matt
Logan here’s the give to clay clay fighting through traffic into the end
zone touchdown fifth touchdown run of the evening for Dominique clay now does
that get him the Al Bundy record now we had a correction Al Bundy it was four it
wasn’t five so he’s broken the Al Bundy record he’s got five touchdowns I think
that’s the best performance we’ve seen here on Riverside TV this year though
does that give him does he get to wear a sweatshirt for the rest of his life
saying I scored five touchdowns heck the p80 coming the good point did
unless you ever have how many was the most bless you ever had 17 yeah well he
had 56 on the season yes so 56 divided by 14 he averaged four per game yeah I
think he eclipsed that in fact I want to say there’s a school in Orange County in
the playoffs and I think he had seven they put up the scores like 77 to 68 or
something but he had yeah he’s a he was a beast so four plays to move 48 yards
and a touchdown makes it 50 to nothing as the clock runs as Hillcrest very much
in control John random said he’d have his starters out there for one more
series and now I probably clear his bench as a basketball term but you know
what I mean 50 50 guys up 50 down 50 that’s cold
guy used to be one of those guys cool call ourselves 2020s yeah I was coaching
hey hey talking about this I got beat one time I we were playing Ramona high
school I was at La Sierra I was a head basketball coach and I was all excited
to go back to Ramona they had a band your alma mater of Cornell modern they
proceeded to meet me by the score was 110 to 30 that’s ruthless yeah I said
thank you it’s really nice to be back guys really appreciate it
the ball field at the 35 yard line by last year that’s where they’ll start
they’re down 50 to nothing pleasant memories for the Eagles last year on
October 20th they knocked off Hillcrest 2113 378 total yards for the Eagles 326
for Hillcrest they held Hillcrest scoreless in the second half and came up
with a couple of picks on defense interesting the bell away now the Bell
looks like it’s going back to Hillcrest unless something very outlandish occurs
over this last 13 minutes and 25 seconds papí throwing complete to perez perez
will lunge forward to about the 38 for three yards
so papi now six of sixteen through the air for 76 yards Perez with his second
catch Sergio Perez not to be confused with musical legend Sergio Mendes old
surge it’s 50 nothing Jeff we got we got to reach for something get a Seinfeld
reference I got a Larry David reference in tonight
Curb Your Enthusiasm second and seven papi goes down lose the football and he
covered it up Ezequiel holiday was the first man to
him and then he got some help as well well last week
Hillcrest was dominant and Ramona wasn’t Ramona was also la Sierra wasn’t so
Hillcrest now has scored 92 unanswered points how about that that’s pretty
pretty impressive and if you go back to the Ramona game they scored the last 14
points of the game so 106 straight points without being
scored on at the third quarter comes to an end that’s better than AC green you
know what I’m more impressed with is that you did that math so quickly we’re
a math guy I was uh I was a bookie no I wasn’t a math guy I’ll be humanities guy
but what my beloved uncle just had a birthday in October I was struggling in
algebra so we were we’re watching Jimmy the Greek and he’s teaching me algebra
watching Jimmy the Greek little ten-year-old kid we’ll switch sides of
the field fourth quarter begins 52 nothing as far
as la Sierra goes we mentioned it earlier division 12 playoffs there are
46 teams in Division 12 there are 10 teams already as we look at the schedule
for a la Sierra 10 teams in Division 12 already have six wins or more so
obviously for La Sierra right now it looks like the most wins they’ll be able
to amass is six six puts them on the bubble but if you can beat a patriot
team that’s ranked in Division eleven that maybe gets you ahead but the way
they’ve lost these last three games obviously will bare in the mind to the
selection committee I still hope they can get a chance to
get in yeah you know last year was tough they they kept a coin-flip kept him out
of the playoffs yeah third and 17 line of scrimmage of the 28
poppy lines up throws it down the field for Thomas who reels it in over ma koala
nice catch by Andre Thomas you forgot about Dre didn’t you Jeff
Gorham and Thomas reels it in at the 42 yard line of Hillcrest so a 30 yard
pickup from poppy to Thomas poppy not sloppy there you go there’s your sign
said second catch by Andre Thomas for 47 yards on the evening and fly Ciara on
the move from the 42 first and 10 bobbled snap poppy scrambling he’ll
fling to the outside and it’s complete yet again like the Polar’s rifle Ron
Jaworski so Sarada with the catch inside the 30 to the 29 that’s 13 more
yards through the air for a popular all of a sudden he’s hot he’s completed his
last three passes he’s now 8 of 18 for a hundred nineteen years
cerrado with now three receptions for 21 yards for la sierra so here you go you
can end the streak of Hillcrest scoring they’ve scored a hundred and six points
since they last allowed points that was against Ramona a couple of weeks ago
papi complete to Serrano again about the 36
yard line so Serato with his fourth reception the
ball sitting at the 25-yard line of Hillcrest you know that John Brennan at
his defensive coordinator Michael Castro want the shutout so there’s gonna be big
right here second and eight from the 26 ma koala’s still out there the defense
for the most part the start they’re a couple of guys have been replaced but
for the most part starters still out there for Hillcrest here’s the throw
down the field knocked away Bernal on the coverage for Hillcrest will make it
a third down look like wheelwright was the receiver in the pattern it was that
snaps a string of four straight completions for poppy but that said
poppy now has completed six of his last eight passes nine of 20 for the ballgame
and a great arm he just throws a good ball Thomas split out to the nearside for la
Sierra Perez to the top of your screen and papi will throw he’s looking for
Perez now will fling it towards the middle and it’s Thomas for the touchdown Andre Thomas with a 26-yard reception
and papi now with his first touchdown in four weeks the last two games he’d been
held without a touchdown pass thomas latches on to that one here with 841 to
play a beautiful ball they’re thrown great catch by Thomas I’ll tell you what
we were talking if I was to pick a core of guys to play a Sandlot football game
Bryce papi would be my number one guy oh yeah it makes sense never pick a running back in in a street
game of football right that’s fair so seven play drives 65 yards for la
Sierra took just over 5 minutes and the p80 from will right is good it’ll be 52
7 and I know it doesn’t seem like a whole lot Jeff but to get that point
maybe you can start building something towards next week because the Patriot
game is everything’s on the table if you want to stay alive for those division
twelve playoffs you need that win next week maybe they can build on something
here this last seven and a half minutes or so yeah and it’s gonna be another one
of those games next week we’re Patriots really kind of looking to wipe a tree
needs to qualify for their playoffs too so it’s another must-win situation I
don’t know if you noticed this but when he just kicked that PTT I think he might
have hit our camera oh wow so play that he didn’t hurt it I mean that’s a perfect perfect kick
waist right down the center there it is look at this watch this okay watch watch watch bingo whoa hit the camera I’m just
worried if I didn’t hit the camera itself it kind of hit the base of it cuz
they didn’t shook it yeah I’m worried about my camera though guys are working
hard afternoon at cameras like $15,000,000 City Riverside owns it too
so yeah it’s tough the expensive camera La Sierra will kick away they’ll squib
it the ball loose on the turf looks like Hillcrest fell on it trying
the onside kick it’s a little teachable moment there for Gary headland and the
Eagles and it’ll be first in ten Hill crafts from the 46 and that wholesale
changes for Hillcrest and that timeout call by la Sierra join
a running clock I guess a timeout well actually time a timeout stops the
clock so hillcrest wraps up next week against her Upper Valley High Sierra
wraps up next week against Patriot we will have two games for you next week
Thursday we ventured it a land of the big eight where is king in Santiago
that’s the finale on Thursday then on Friday the granddaddy of them all here
in the City of Riverside potentially for a second place in the Inland Valley
League it’s gonna be poly in North OH first and ten from the 47 here’s the
throw it’s complete Johnny Rivera back in at quarterback and the completion
will be up in two La Sierra territory I think they’re kind of tagged on I think there might have been a late hit
let’s see what they call sort out the flag will be against the Trojans so
Johnny Rivera 5/9 jr. in at quarterback last played against Kaiser back on the
7th of September through a couple of passes in that game ball still are the
clock still moving some of the JV guys getting an
opportunity now for Hillcrest to maybe show the coach is something you never
know extra players needed for the playoff run option angel Ruiz with the carry for Hillcrest
clock continues to move 52 7 Hillcrest led 43 nothing at the half we’ve been
playing the second half with a running clock last year it gets on the board at
8:41 of the fourth quarter 26 yard pass from Bryce poppy to Andre Tomas Rivera
to throw Montella with the reception Maison Montello up to the 35 yard line
of la sierra the mariachi festival Saturday November 10th come on out
between noon and 10 p.m. Riverside Municipal Auditorium
Jeff Gorham will be there with his well you won’t i won’t be there cuz i got a
basketball game i think you do too yeah i will i’ll be there in spirit i
will be it’ll both be there in spirit I will be in Las Vegas that night with UC
Riverside men’s basketball Ruiz angles to the outside and gets up to about the
20 yard line for Hillcrest but I am thinking about canceling my trip just to
attend the Mariachi festival because okay I’m shaking right now I got some
groovin telling you man more than anything
montello split out to the bottom of your screen in the near slot is Daniel Parra
senior aide and mikkel to the top of the screen
here’s Rivera fade McHale one on one incomplete got any scores Jeff anything we should
know about do you think Centennial wants to be number one in the country they’re
up on Martin Luther King right now 73 and now they’re gonna get their chance
in the playoffs they are so they’re getting they’re getting going let’s see
here Ramona up OH 65 to six in the fourth
quarter ball is loose Rivera tracks it down the loss back to the 32 as the
clock continues to move here in the fourth quarter
Santiago over Corona 52 to nothing they’re playing well very well north
down at the half 22 7 to oranges to oranges pretty good I like what I saw
when we saw them I think they’ll make a deep run in those division 13 playoffs
and I don’t think they’ll be in Division 13 for long no I I think they’ll be with
the big third down another bad snap and this ball still loose but Rivera goes
back and retrieves it near midfield so Rivera getting his
cardio in a couple of snaps get by him and you know John Brandon we were
talking about this with him before the game interesting he bought it up he said
okay you win you bought this up they win today and win the league they play
Harappa next week what do you do and he told us you know we’re gonna we’re just
gonna play it normal probably that if he was gonna ease off it would be in
practice and not the game yes he said they’re coming over they’re not gonna go
pads next week they’re gonna get their guys in shape they’re gonna lift a lot
because they really you know you can’t look past an opponent but you also have
to look forward towards a playoff you don’t want guys getting hurt and you
really really want to get them ready to play in entire four quarters because
your starters if you’re winning games fifty to seven and there’s running clock
your conditioning is not gonna be where it should be come you know week 11 week
12 when we get in the playoffs Rivera can’t connect with David power the two
of them actually connected on a pass against Kaiser back in September
unfortunately there was no repeat performance in the ball over on downs to
La Sierra maybe they’ll run one more play as we’re getting down to the end of
it here impressive evening for Hillcrest they put this game away very early Jeff
Gorham yes they did and it was it was Drive after Drive offense defense
offense defense they took care of the ball here’s the snap and the give for la
Sierra and that’ll be it that’ll be the final play of the ball game and it’ll be
a 52 7 a victory for Hillcrest the Trojans asserting their dominance to
quote the movie Bull Durham they announced their presence tonight with
authority congratulations to John Branden and the Hillcrest Trojans
they’re the 2018 River Valley League champions the good thing about that is
they want to share it with four other teams this year that it’s gonna be in
the their gym forever as the lone champions of the River Valley League
obviously they could lose next week but even if they were to lose first of all
Ramona endured Avista one of them’s going to lose that game and secondly
whomever wins that game has already lost Hillcrest yes thus Hillcrest is the
champions and now you got to start thinking about who hill
crest is gonna square off against in the division 10 playoffs
yeah and that’s gonna be tough come I think next Sunday afternoon the 28th
they’re going to announce three o’clock and what’s interesting for Hillcrest is
this the fact they’re a league champion we know in the last two years as they’ve
been doing this new configuration league championships are big so Hillcrest is
ranked right now I think they’re ranked eighth and Division ten which helps but
the fact that they’re a league champion probably next them a home game in that
first week yeah and it’ll get them a good seed a home game like you said and
really a very good path for a possible CIF championship the bell will go to
Hillcrest after residing with La Sierra for a year the Trojans reclaim the
victory bell and to talk about that victory soon I think we’ll have junior
Ribera down on the field with head coach John Brendam I don’t see that they’re
working it out right now how about this tonight
Dominique clay unofficially I have him 15 carries 116 yards five touchdowns so
over his last three games forty-eight carries 289 yards and 12 touchdowns for
Dominique clay remember he missed the Ramona game we’re down on the field to
GRE bar coats were this victory tonight essentially you are now the league title
champion place is really nice you know the teams come a long way this
year I’m really proud of these guys and just how they’ve been doing this long
time my 20th season as a head coach and this is one of those special groups of
guys that has just gelled together and come together and especially a really
special group of seniors that we just saw we need to keep this thing going as
long as possible I know from what I understand it’s been nearly 20 years
since you’ve had an outright title oh she’s not that weird a to you alright
yeah geez been a while yeah he’s come close a few times back in the big eight
with Corona but yeah it’s really nice to just be the outright champion next
weekend you have a team that obviously has had its challenges what do you do in
preparation now for CIF you know I get did we
like this and the leaks like that we just gotta we concentrate on us more
than anything you know and just get better what we do I think you’re going
into the playoffs we’ve got to be in great shape so we’re gonna run the dog
poop out of them so we’re gonna use it as a get-well week and in a preparation
aspect on that obviously we’re gonna play the game but we just get ready for
the playoffs and I got all respect for the coach over there who ballet so
what’s really impressive two of the key guys were sophomores so
you got this this this power attack for the next couple of seasons yeah you know
I can’t tell you how much they’ve grown especially Cameron he’s gonna be a
special one we get as we get his academic straight and get him going in
the right direction there he’s thinking oh this guy’s in it for him and I’d say
the same thing about number five – I mean he’s he’s turned the corner you
know we’ve been out without him on a few times this year he’s had to learn some
hard lessons but he’s he’s a great kid and he just needs some adjustment that’s
all all right coach still ringing that bell so you got to go join the
celebration thank you thank you all right so obviously a very hard-fought
victory that turns into a league title here for coach Brandon and they could
kind of maybe sit back and ease up just slightly next week against the Lupo
Valley in preparation for CIF but the celebrations going on here – a league
title for the Trojans guys we’ll send it back up to you
thanks Junior congratulations to coach Brandon and the Hillcrest Trojans they
win the Bell from La Sierra overall they are and have won three of five games
between the two and that man right there Dominic clay what a big game for him
I’ll mention it again 13 carries for 116 yards but over the last three games he’s
played and he missed the Ramona game 48 carries 298 yards and 12 touchdowns at
five touchdowns today which means in his last three games he scored an average of
four touchdowns per game the young sophomore running back and he
also had a couple of two-point conversions today coach Brandon
mentioned Cameron Payne Cameron Payne tonight unofficially of course 13 of 18
through the air he threw for 200 yards and a touchdown and he also ran four
times for 36 yards as well and that was the one thing that coach Brandon was
talking about with pain we see his touchdown run there
that Cameron pain kind of need to learn the speed of the game and needed to get
confident and now the game is slowing down for him Jeff you know that term
from basketball he seems very poised and very confident
well he’s very poised very confident and the thing is this is a very good
benchmark for this program for the school and then you look at the roster
and they’re super super young they’re gonna be good for years and years to
come man they put their stamp on this championship war with River Valley
League coach brand him and his staff did a great job this year
you know I was joking with both coach Brandon and Coach headland that hardest
thing to do you know you’re playing football we get crazy about it you know
but it’s 14 15 16 17 year old kids playing the game and sometimes the
hardest thing to do is what you’re supposed to do yes you know Hillcrest is
supposed to win this game they’re playing really good football last year
really was struggling a little bit right now they were supposed to win this game
sometimes those teams don’t win these games Hillcrest came out they knew what
they had to do they executed it early and they took care of business you know
we were joking about how they needed to settle all business today
they settled it not only they settle it Jeff they settle it very early they
jumped they ran out to a huge lead early no they they settled it the very first
possession you know clay scores with you know they
scored as a team with two minutes and 30 seconds into the first quarter and from
then on defensively they stopped offensively a score defensive stop they
won this ballgame basically as they walked onto the field congratulations
also at a price papi of La Sierra he now has over 3,000 yards for his career he
was 10 of 21 for 149 yards through the air and the lone touchdown that he threw
to Andre Thomas and what I was impressed by was the fact that at halftime he was
three for 12 and in the second half he completed seven of his nine passes and
that I’m putting the ball on the board we get a look at the 2018 River Valley
League champions the Hillcrest Trojans and Bryce poppy showed some poise
hopefully that carries over for LA see our next week they can get the win
against Patriot and maybe get into that division 12 playoffs yeah and he’s a
gunslinger he’s fun to watch coach Hedlund really does have this
going in the right direction everyone he took over they were pretty much clinton
list for year after year he won two games his first two years and he
continued continues to get better and better and i think this the ceiling for
lost years high let’s go down to the man of the hour for Hillcrest junior para
standing by with dominique clay JonBenet clay a real dominant game tonight what
was the key what was the thing that you came in with the mentality for tonight
all guys know Grayson that wasn’t just me ty was called the whole team I mean
you know football is a team game and it’s a practice sport so if you don’t
practice hard then nothing’s gonna happen everything went right for you
guys tonight especially on the ground yes sir man it’s just good we’re a young
team kind of but we got some old players that can get down and dirty now that you
want to lead time well obviously you’re looking at Celia what’s in the mindset
right now keep working hard and don’t give up that’s it all right
good job thank you all right obviously some great play by Dominique lay he’ll
be one to watch out for here and CI up late guys were sending back to you
Dominique lay probably wasn’t born when the show not on the family it’s the the
Mary Mary with children was running oh but he broke he eclipsed tout by me
today with five touchdowns the Bundy had four I think for Polk high school it was
but for Hillcrest high five touchdowns in 113 yards for Dominique late and they
didn’t really need him in the second half that was the incredible thing over
his last three games which he has played he is tallied 12 touchdowns and coach
brand of himself say hey it’s a young cuz he’s young guy helping us but when
he started playing well that’s when our team started to click
the Trojans now five wins in a row they previously won five games back in 2016
they go for a new school record next week against her / Ally
Jeff Gorham final thoughts I’m telling you I just think playing that tough
schedule preseason really catapulted this this Trojan offense and defense you
know you play against nordicist every year you play against Grand Terrace
those schools are very good football teams and they they did it with ease and
they did it with these as each week went on they got better and better so
Hillcrest I expect big things from them from here on out maybe LCIF
championship in the myths congratulations again to coach John
Brendam and the Trojans of Hillcrest they are your 2008 teen River Valley
League champions for Jeff gone for Jerry Baron for our entire award-winning
Riverside TV crew my name is ghazzal Hasan we’ll talk to
you Thursday so long everybody

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