LISTEN | Wickliffe takes on Orange in’s High School Football Game of the Week

LISTEN | Wickliffe takes on Orange in’s High School Football Game of the Week

-half-a-half touchdowns safe
points even if the five star in
10 seconds
behind-the-786550-fifth and good
evening everyone welcom vertically safari, disputed
street store wasn’t a problem
for orange but isn’t in stride
into the postseason for three of
the th the day I will say this film I
was out walking for add-on for
hours ago when it is: who does
the GOP Field-half and that is
one thought you might be asking not
have to think already wealthy,
as if it have that affects every
facet of a 15 day operations to if you toss to the horn sure
athletics department for their
lobbying skills to make sure
that the officials come here for
the 6: sectors such as selfish and
going through as much as
anything else that the servers
on the same page as if mother
nature objects , I hear you do not do little
back to one can withhold her for
Asian for tonight’s game not
found fascinating-maybe I’m
often da I found the road at I was
indicted her identity that
either bytes of that’s pretty a
cutting edge of taking the very
very smart and sought last night in the
Thurston at the Baltic the Lao word 605 I build an old
connectors a sense of urgency
here and get things Allen has
608 dollars to the two of the
office and of it doesn’t look like it
now will we are told that storms
could come so far I still find
the weird hurried at the
captain’ people you currently is not
satisfied officials are ready to
snap beans are ready wording of
march down to the city of lights
of yelled into coal Miners say the
mobile whether you know you you
can’t take an offer cautions
one, a lot here as likely to let
th his arm and crane are
photographing the office and the
ivar state: fled a hilly gulf what has he ever cross when city
bill Willey happened to that of
an inch, was not at all to
itself either side it’s because
it’s of this and visions of showing
the quarry here U.S. soldiers
were sure it’s legit yes yes
force you to the ceiling on top
with t on McMoran ideas for Yosef Roddy
and two stains act, the receiver
staff unlikely moved into the
Palestine and fisher exact Estev in the advanced the playoffs as
we said that as a second your
role for the Lions to give
enough to tell you more of a
defensive eight media to 39 yard line and
spotted here for a gain of 6/14
6220010 pounds: as soon as it
has to do better and that’s why
I applying for a good move her by
the Lions have sought for a
linebacker and Rajan Martin
Davies White House for about
half that h months into its he gets the call
has included worse was a blow
when of one of his last season
all checks in two receivers to
the institute for a 139 has signed a
lease hold high to complete
looking for a scene from a lot
at the 35 kbytes little direct
opera sievers Stephen Killinger as the
octet events-first into and as
for backplane for dell which has
helped this paralysis in a post and if I’m not here today with a
back to the quarterback
situation in the second to go on
with two different single call
this is see light hothouses in going
live the-stack that he has his
holder battle of Hoth include
your teeth in this little piece
of whi in a posture a count will shift
back to the shotgun here first
instead and motion Hilton coal creek you
once looks like it’s the first
evidence that the heart and 45
Whitehorse Delphi got the
two-wee the thief right side of Pasco
could a path to lead article
idea was extended for trade on
the best putter to coverage over
their the 57 ago first quarter to 33
warnings at the Wickliffe 45
theaters the White House couples
freezing or fallen to have
enough f and-white three Moshe it would
be a first down to his ideas out
or edition of the contract to
write songs that of 41 minutes
to the change to play call quite a
bit subdued back to the liquid 49
yard line as the one thing what
is that called you’ll have never seen and the whole
fish old widow seen the official
do that, call sideline $100 and
have-later would have a penalty
h sold at the back panel these
included one we were sure about
one for Schultz of all start Dax
orange out publicly territory
and some of that’s costly Tyler
Hoffman-will kick the football
for the Lions-ANC’s 40th doesn’t
take a playoff will be a single
CD i locally as holdouts inside the
28 sauté pans out the thought of
a state highway also have called
most people say that her down in debt to know what you would
then dumped on what you’ve been
bedeviled her official signaled
five-shot deal. Shoptalk
philadel fiancée of white-stars in the
Nixon was second at a tremendous
job, wives and how these are a
large as Logos of course he
noted city on the beets and as for
camps in spine European ski with
two wins and east side of a
locomotive out 40th street had
hoped t assured one of those have to
make that stop this case of fourth and one
other thought here for the blue
devils had good extra effort by
4:00 PM 14 pages could get a
first-p seven-fortunately two had a
little saint two and that is,
when you drop a little after
resisting tax for most of the
breaker rig at their own 33301 right side of
3:00 today that the court to map
the line of scrimmage and got
hot at 14th and bully who leaves he is the way the yellowish gold
shoes a fully-fulfill these
households most forces us of the
device job coming in and got the
o the Texas – released in the gal
here you’re legally no score
with 325 ago here in the open
flame is we’re in a race against
moth pollen bullet other two ways
that a school network is he has
worked at the height of her
students and will be half the
current h loss of three 2nd in 31 to 3
minutes until the first horse
the most work can begin its
violence: on the wings to decide 40
o’clock hydroplane skiing 40
reruns and left click to set
down to the 49 yards like it’s
typically old first 1st got all the second 1st
evidence was first down came
home to earlier in the sequence
down as we’ll see a fortnight is
c house with his cleats and cold
war has that has not hurt light
at the state’s and that is able
to get a couple of-5 yards
extrad -like lifted or injure scoreless
heart of the two why see high
school football team of the
week’s-a-doubles all from the
march f that supplies in precast the
first 12 teams like to run the
football fan-and-a-year debt
when he’s echoes the guilty and
has act sat before his 26 era by NAFTA
was downright high in her kids
can have your zone all this
crime is up against the wall.
Restaura Adams of her as a trailer that
he just stayed in all the new
law was going out and was able
to make forth with a linebacker
site was announced on Saturday night
live doubles in the backfield
aside 14 for the win with two
receivers to the right ones left
of while fin it’s that’s kind of
odd that is an ID: morning be
causing how the official has
backed 212 sidelined as to what
is on t injured awards lying who’s down
with three much worthy of all
went down and done this all one
trader school of your was until
th yields Johnson and 58 he wants
to go in the hold stay in the
game but he stuck it out for
applying for looks like he’s
OK-R -dad near disaster has for the
low double it was inadvertent
handoffs because advanced off
the queues. Rocklin Hawaii and
the ba enact the guy couple yards out
of it was even better its third
down book called about six year
for the blue devils will said
one for the blue devils Caltech you
want 14th against insect that
want to write more died this
goes out wide last editor pinsky will look over to
the right to get his play called
in from head coach morse for
cell of 1020 to go first ask no
sc , the shotgun years the opposite
has 14 fly goes down as coffee
and close down-at about 12 and
when the flag went down the
thing wait and see exactly what the
call is to layer of chocolate very low
in his own hand-me-it a problem
for both teams and this can
really stymied for just ask all
thing debt relief forms Gotta get out
from where close the state
because one is on its heels gets
now says he first to 21st to 21
to b on notice saying if you get the
ball called moving when we go in
the west Indies yes if you get
them all year to win is knocking send them into motion picture
politics and sell to 1 to 20
yard line tonight at another
flight path Juanita, clicking
clients wo their running ActiveX flight
there’s no way they’re going
back to back down passes and I
did wanted to subpoena that is
and is a cents and see what they were
called hear its authority 16 now
for the blue devils at the warns
20 yard line ordered 9 minutes
to you all are so worth worrying
gulf war to go here for Wycliffe
and there’s no hiding this was
way too risky to take care of
this you might as well go for two
after grabs your-feet of the
state sector the right margin I
used to laugh and fourth in 16th
at th what the height advantage for
the receiver in message to-be
established as a present 63
stands at Cornell sliding and
knowing it on what you’ve got double flag
amid two guys sought two
officials sought and the heat to high tech picked
up the bay of pigs of lot to be picked up the floodgates
to beat its could be worth of
all, how you work has whetted
and wind howled out a second IP DOS there’s no way you pick
up the flag in that situation I
agree with 2:00 AM, it looks for
the martinis point where both co feel the turn over on downs
first into orange at the rose
29, and flabbergasted to be
honest with you all have an NFC
championsh or more good news
for-all-visibly sitting with
this, statistician forcing the
receiver Dave initiated the contact by
the push of a hard look at the
height of that I get that part
is that since they thought was
that those, minerals and pick up the
flag of the first and 10 Adobe
Pass route back to the
quarterback is the permits
alternate install conversation going on
between three of the officials
over on the far side towards the
Wycliffe bench in a plane ticket to go back to
being a panel of david’s penalty
on each guides all satellite and
a replay the dow Wright sold o beat the preliminary indication
was deflected out of state
assets into probably be a
defensive as it appears that we
sell the of wave the flag allows if they
work hard enough to admit that
by virtue that if it’s for each
football we didn’t see any
indicatio could’ve also are likely a
feeling that 20 yards and house
so bold. How is it possible that
the officials are calling
headquarte panel that these ordering up has
to say to us or food for us up
here that though the five but
was there still trying to figure out
what that like always , but we would do it if the
contact was initiated by the
Wickliffe receiver in that case
that Wickliffe receiver was Stan
Sakic Internet called depict double,
leaving a part of it service
record delta to do over not
often you should be no reason
for this, that killed me out the crowd the house in
Hawaiian who are getting
restless and how we haven’t we
have a decision. Everybody
agrees with the referee is now going to walk
over to finance his looks like
it’ll replied with with
quarterback is, the act of your related owl and it’s what should be illegal pass interference Sunday of the anti-Soviet is the
likely be a happy and the per-week with now have
exacted since most active work
down and 16 at the horns one
excel people does he get to the
4 yar to keep this drive to Erath
upscale Doi noll. It was his
short side of the field for old
when I would throw a ball for
grabs int of the course the wind is
blowing yeah, across title want them to
roll into the women going to the
right side of the ads are so did
the right move would be both s wind is not to play tricks with
the ball if you throw in the
last quarter’s close to the like
quarter said it will be marked
nig back to work we killed 1416
repeats the ruling only nothing
I think it’s a home-field who
has the house ways and
1/2-hearted sex ActiveX , isn’t happy to slap bits of
Alpha, like the delicate because
there was an awards defender who
was right after that ball to the it seemed like everything was
done right if you had that the
population of one choice:
household and gets the kids wait
for old front of the pinsky could base
impolite years yet to point to
its last but it is going the whole: while you are one of
the unassisted for orgies
checked all -you blame up losing I says that
a tight young actor for his
frustration the excess got that
I doubt that week with a ticket
bef in the wheel rockets made by
bases all of the water’s wide as I said you Europe and the
launch boats and use a no what
you told your guys to build it
and nothing we can to be in use
the e between the past and the rich
and the catch and yet began Tuesday night’s and I
think somebody was close to what
the cult but we were outdated
sell the touchdown that began
forever this if I did so maybe this is
an all-black sea wall so what
takes it to the 30 yard line
will be first to 10 per quart
Chelsea wants to ride to the shock of
white students was left to
receivers can’t get websites do
this in babies over there on
first down credit the Wycliffe called for
not buying the flag that all of
them and change of possession of
the same way they thought the fl and feed it would quickly
mention it to start the game
they’re fully trusting 21
players by our count and roster
of 22 flat at t to send high death on status as
a refinance data set the whole
week I don’t want except a first
down exactly one: Seagate Sr.-fi valley-East Hartford White House
that holds five-called allow
schools to stop the most
significant because of
heightened-loss ev as white will go to the last
year old quarterback sack not
sure of module at the other
deleted its white person out to
the 40 se rush for 233 topics ones against
the Ottawa and out-of-the-fly as
free throws up an eight-way to
gain was hoping they could run from the on so-called altitude
30309 pence to either the night
here: 4 to 6 weeks ago figure
the first applet looks seven war
is Ford led through the whole mess
in a sense of hope to have the
sidelines for sending with your
chain White House walks would be posture of gets the status of
Connell inside two of these side
quickly written one ill take out
to the 30 yard line 40 struck do and the yard for the orange
Lions call spotted the building
where you have to beat the out
the one always his conduct a
late hit and god knows well executed
obviously to get the first out
in what has really carried the
mail sense and that your
religion and at the blue 20205 because
joining us Nicklaus,
1416-evident insecurely 20 yard
touchdown pass to basic ba law
and that is genera behind the outfield like that
and this isn’t then not only
other large enough on-white,
these housing costs the first
and second became in a flurry of his last
at-all of the two executives
eight states get a touchdown
here again the Lions about it
for first Davis in the DS Ly blast by sure I was so thick you: why
do I think they are too sick to
death in the tag here’s the key
of one cap-and-white fiat a Whit everything was made possible by
whites for running the housing
office tacklers and should be
free of the related to the extra
po senior kicker puts no one’s I
think he is cool and so with
Heidi it’s sad and with 304 to
play the stock in the first man
has no four halftime and again this is
an offense that isn’t
necessarily a a 2 minute offense
that they’ll be expected of a
ball to get have tremendous possession at some on the bench well
deserved a Gatorade water bath of this issue to sell with all
kinds of water jog with in our neediest dislike to the ball is to be the
one thing you didn’t do was that
the sign it into a problem
because a record called know
back o extra [email protected] raised the CIA
was a tremendous running by the
young man he was terrific likely
to kick it off for camp that deep to receive is
world on the set against would
keep working: accounts will wait
and that we can a sauce to that smaller over on the week with the special
teams side of the field county owes against orange OK to look like that was a signal to back it up to be honor back
to back issues in the 35 to be
more precise and pretty, you’re in one: the
orange job coaching staff of the
aloha right about that because
we’re saying we didn’t work in
At you’ll see that call it the way
you knock them off a letter to
see all kinds of things that he
boarded up up up up up to
strange by the road and others swear you
do all of his daughter would
have players and picked up upon
a lot has a 23 runs build a
field can’t predict a bit steep walk
he was better read that right
now to the hands that BAA like it’s coupled it’s
the yard field goal spotted near the Wickliffe 36 online 254 to
play in this first at the timeouts
remaining year for the blue
devils in the seventh seven
ballgame with with 3 minute offense looks
like you know with all the
running against the day you’re running
you can still drive you get the
ball quickly with the clock
stopped and the chain sort on first down getting back to
the ballgame used a couple was
and wasn’t a kid out your the 41
yard line speed of about 586 man’s land is at the chance for
more sparse Ehlo to get 40
avenue, and bulletin balogh
sorry for games back in there until the most will stay about wing
right side second and why did
what was said to snap by the cut
was double click the snap,
fluttere I was a city not looking
situation because no nobody on
the line moves of the center
snap the ball so it’s been about a third out
of eight weekly it will be the
fort camp and no 14 to the 42.5
workers said to be well short of
a to stop the clock with a bit 38
to go and get themselves in
extra opportunity here to do
something before halftime the
Lions wil butter least now the clock is stopped in a big
opportunity here to do so before
halftime 77 tie your orange high
school touchdown from 20 yards o everything coming here the
second quarter year old begin at seven apiece
in the suite three match up to
the Kyi season school football
team of the week view of the attitude and o’clock
this ball you again you Gotta
keep the ball you better get
busy because artist apple right
ear at about the 18 yard line of
alliance still start there with
a 27 ago before halftime of all:
says to me what you are to keep
th fueled the role afterwards now
he’s Euro launch a ticket to que no, I mean you
Gotta be careful here are the
cause you got that what you
Gotta live at home than a year
you reca to know your soul to me it’s
just 111 between the tackles and
what about war each won the toss
it deferred Siebel start the
seco and openly where taxiing basher
at a white Ballard thirties to
sit on the same excel yet to have great beer least
likely to break the white beard
is in the backfield next to
Basra died out by strike goes in
motion right and now going in
most grateful that has passed
and-half feet
eight-and-white-hot lately and one of the whole heads if
you play with white IMS
sidelined by the horns the swift
went into thinking nothing’s
going down e late into the extra point you to
stop the is going to fly into
the leave event that the Dole 47
Friday everything look like the as to roll was the time the
money and barely alluding to
Wickliffe defender on me that’s just good coaching
a little better execution at a
‘this is a hunter had a staff of
the great call for exact posture pardon the pun of work that
differ on seven of the deficit
all part needed that when you’re in the Lions’
den two touchdowns on back to
back possessions save like
touchdown run in the Davis
touchdown pas away the book would save for
going off and I’m content with
the 77 times. If you’re that
it’s easy to maybe say all you
have try data to make the called it a lot
of golden citizen who doesn’t
work it stands accurately
decides to play or get a sack
their you gutsy call it pays off all the
tickets that will depict up
allows data that the 28 cities
within 25 states that have these
could Wycliffe setup delicate if I’d
be going to have two timeouts
remaining now, the lord’s side
of the field flash arrival to
tackle were taken one shot one shot was
not works at work see if it
doesn’t let it go down to the
view for the next couple of
routed ou in the blue devils cavalry year
50 seconds and counting ball to
right match down to 45 seconds lot of time here for the second
downplay hope it’s the looks
over to the bench and watched
activity at the data as close as
I li to find out taking by the blue
devils 21 seconds has been
wasted at least 20 seconds after
that run on first down by Louis and a runaway to be a little too
casual hearing that the timeout intervene if you were a Yeltsin
he wandered out if Malcolm Anita
quick looks a little bit stunned
after that touchdown after the right 21 seconds to go before the half
the blue devils of one timeout
remaining games are going back we’ll have
a nice conversation here with
what you are official she’s not happy about
solving and one days of our mouth is getting a
satisfactory explanation and would either coaches been
all that Pleas in a NAZI because
of the batch jobs we’re exactly
what that meant that disputed
up: certainty of calls to debate
this game first instead, with 21
seconds to go before half years
for pinsky with two wins and that the
backfield three wide receivers
ease back to throw feet those
outside pass from where the 1
yard line so what was it that he can sell
tickets out of stock did not
allow said that exit to be 1/2
what was that was at one time
out to executive said his clock down to 18 seconds to
go before half warrants leading
Wickliffe 6:46 repeats key with that of the
backfield was once one right
side for Keith tkachuk 25 since
the 21st down to the team that
will st and alternate between the wars
defense dealt in a similar
position where they were before,
and this this quarter gathered
in a s to follow the Orange County
cities will detonate if they’ll
keep their home field a little
nuclear and will build nuclear
and li the 18 seconds the reader 18 yard
line is we’re his 10 seconds to
go to have 147 visited me a press box by the
Greeks got 10 of your viewpoint
and also got time is a legend
you tell you we think you get if
you guitar shows me at home for the
20 yard line and it will be out
there in about the 21-half-life
Rio mesa think that’ll kill it, that we return to work she
recalled its holder who lives in
its nasty auto theft of all the
chair and her three times the
Feds c jump on the phone today, it’s
done so far towards 14 Wickliffe
seven enjoyed halftime every one 111-man-in-house and if and when of lesser-known an
older adults Caryn 10-year-end
zone and man on the 111 111-man on the one in 10 and
½-when-when-when-when-when-half – a-vis-a-half off an up- and-fifth -ba-ba-a-half-an-in-home when
fans-if-if-if-if-half put postpone and 1/2-and-10-pound
and if the if—half half and
half—you-when-when-if-if-if -if-if-if-if-if-fifth half and
half foot if it off if
54-and-how-to-home-has-been -E-R-a-half-foot-if-it-if-if-it- it-it-it-it-if-it-if-half -foot-high fifth-if-if the
half-foot pole—-if it ought to put a-half-fifth-fifth
off fifth 5th half half and ½-a-half -a-half-life-and-a- and-one BER fife if if if that if if if if if if if if if half postpone a one-half of and when that if half-a-half-and -a-half run when -foot if if if if if if it if it
if if if it put half on one-a-half in -1-1 that if
half-foot-eight-foot if it if if-if half-life wife-to-50 if
the fifth-half and half-foot putt golf that if
if it gets
hot-fifth-and-a-half-a-half and half off and if 11 and one of his high-fives
fiesta to get ourselves situated
in fact here at orange high
school view to adapt them every
one of marching bands of both Nicklaus
and orange entertaining as long
would be a cheerleading squad
from be a orange high school 47
as it was Wickliffe we’ll scoreless
first quarter it was quickly
featured first blood in the
second quarter, fourth in 16
plays at warrants 20 yard line Avenor
pinsky on a a wheel row for 20
yard touchdown pass to Mason
Bahl on extra point was good to
make it he did most of the work of the
rhine and capped off with the 10
yard touchdown scamper and two
tie the ballgame its seven is
Den and warring starting first
intended for only the team with
two timeouts of the book says I
just want a football be content
to go its 147 orange U.S. trade on the
15 all the cause of your staff
and the out a warning on the
sideline and if I’m Wickliffe of
se port of each one of the medal
round the clock and we’ll see
you on the other side of passing
77 instead they go for broke on
you : will kick-start-up to 35 hole
and whose I think how the
outside but double checked just a little like to hide the
data that the 35 yard line while
not as if it was a weird sort of
an onside kick because the other the formation was the
same they did make it look like
you have to do that if you
didn’t do a halftime of laws,
laws of they made it look like a regular
kickoff event changed in the
product team yards and recalled
a divisive: alacrity handled it
be and special teams UTEP recorder
upside for Wickliffe beaver body
of a field biologist carry on
the first downhill run a call to there was a little more than 50
yards what it was the extremely
well executed coach and are now
which has a ball 34 camps stands at the orange 25 is with just
under way in this third quarter
and made on site to include
quick list has them set up
beautifully near the red cell , the pistol repeats queue for
camp item we see each side and
it’ll be repeats the key thing
until just died ahead and
oakland’s pounds eating fish are
discredited to tackle: say some
have been over 1/2 hours
checking the master whether and
to feel like som north of us are hoping this week
to prevent your urologist that
the universe of seeing us tweaks
as that of the backfield for a on second and beat and appealed
six sweep your kids for
campuses, flag went down his
14th extended 11th, deflect just
my imagina the time against Cleveland third
in the body yard here for the
blue devils at the warns 16
yards latter pinsky with four
camp it bulletin ba lot of ways to
decide in a receiver each side
deep in 214 a first down and
still take it out to the 13 yard
line gav and some eve of routed to look to
the sideline eyesore signal that
have looked to me to be a power
play in front of them don’t want that allows got the spinning
these days you does long as a
necessary part of this money is debasing bottle of the key
double bounce six on the play
second in four at the orange 7 yard line : will be on the right wing
pollard goes to the left Seattle see a reason why it for
Campos and get the ball here and
pick sausage at sweeper action
but I think down deep fear, just base and all of his second
touchdown of the night and all the sudden Wickliffe
with an extra point of tying
this offer the odd psychics of
death march for select a credit
is coac with 830 to play your the third
quarter that you know you wander when
the decision is made of plywood
floors two onside kick the new
wonder what it was made and you
kno worked perfectly panicky,
exactly what they needed to
support passing arm in a search
and then you had to capitalize
on the SPAR Kirkland shutting out to be the
22 did nothing in the second
quarter and installed in a game
that was the runner up for high
sch the only big series of drive truck that job of both the bands
are halftime and outstanding of
the nation watching things and
we saw football players from bot Europe for * that’s when one
dies as best we can tell working for an evening and
Martin Davies one of about six
or seven orange lines that we
counted in the band four orange
and penn cities guys are strong young man
in all right so now identical seeing
trickery and I doubt here than I
did a double of blocker probably
split it up because the wind is Craig beard a believes that the
two received not white. Engler
right but it’s this time it’s
not about sex to close out of
bound with ISO Rowland decision later
running start on this and have
been potentially breaking off
the state 35 yard line and just
cal from their own 35 were back even
now with 14 apiece after
Wickliffe start a decisive
35,000,000,040 yards wide as
word of the st blew up after the onside kick a
terrific touchdown drive a short
field about 35 yard touchdown
drive that culminated in the 7
ya out a pistol first intent here
comes white gets at the lake
thoughts that goes to the 40
look at 45-feet-high
348548-foot-and-wh the young say why he argued 18
o’clock slot: idea to the
Seattle film sent markets
allen’s touchdown run in the
Super Bowl to pu are just 83 yards on that game
and he will have a better
looking around and that all your
alternate see it go right back
to old four new satellite back in the
late night out to all those two
about the line of scrimmage and
maybe 1/2 yard 14th, one to it
wo guy will not let two knocked him
down and first contact second
and goal at the seven white to
the right abacha router looks
over to gain of three ill be 30 goal
air apologize for that year when a
jet of the suit was also to list
was word and run the quarterback
behind one guy Jan Bottcher a check’s in as
everybody could this is
interesting that the that the
center stays on the walls and
then you go unfair to go one step a step he
gets riled up over the pile and
moved the excel in these brought
down inside the 4 yard line 12 that asbestos was at the bottom
of the pilots could be for the
gold mistake decision here
before each year ago tie ball
game the for the gold orange at the four
not sure I’d want white to his
rights and Ed Davis and DDS at wide
left not have much trouble: our
swing right book and that’s the way out of
the backfield of flyer to the
right to wonder about that and
84 people who asked not sure I
got s a time when you look back the
all the third downs style of the
Wildcats’ NAFTA white if we play this game turns out
it would post a work that play there were they stopped him
from getting in on display are with a point of
Wednesday exactly 6 minutes to
go in the third quarter with
quick takes over from the road
for ya called about a gain of four
you’ll be second down insects
you get the 21 distinct styles
within itself out back seat of
four cam four camp behind quarterback
given the pinsky second out of six its 40th begin
the Stanford strings about and
they will put it down for a lost
back to the 7 yard line calls d LP to lead the charge at the
click beard table were finishing
off OK with cliff we got your
baggage yet it still on alert in
ord name: takes a close the first
down to the 15 yard line
everybody thinking for camp
another thing: that swings
laughed and gets t got about nine 1st down the blue
devils and watch the clock year because
it would click with 12 right now
to grind out a long tried to
grab the lead here Friday 14 1st nice job there by Greg we’re
talking about about the 20 yard
19 yard line and we’ve also got fundamentally sound of tackling
the year there that wall on the bigger man and
two guys like it could be
officials are actually calling a
break in the action with 425
scoreles while card ID not one spell no
longer can write I’d seen this
but it’s been a one time since
I’ve seen a stoppage of play
like t the worked with no one here old do we have to we have a list
I wonder if our storm trackers
but it does seem like a year will buoy the ought to look up
to my right and I can tell you
where the storm system dates and
there’s the light and it’s not
th on the that’s the problem you could see that this storm is
moving to the north east its
Qantas heard us I’m almost
positive what you can see
lightning in and by what they have to do that so it’s seeded the officials
called the lights of not turn
all downhill not yet known for them all with your
inch defense is coming back on
the field fans are wondering what’s going
on and they want is a purely
unannounced offensively about 80
to actually we need to be told
but we appear to be playing on I was saying before we had that
stoppage in movies like to see
if it was amazed when we get
hydrated bomb it is a look over
the but still that’s within 10 miles
like to shorten all of the moment we stay second down
and a step up its key will keep
it busy week for can’t believe
it’s not the 20 yard line for
shor on the stops so bring up a third
down and we’ll call it the Ford
again for progress to 21 city 34
there is another thing might t tell me you might say it isn’t
20 miles away 50 miles away
checking here just death, Kerry losing to the core the storm
front according to Betsy claim
it’s moving into the Westside
Cleveland is a 34-the fees are
limits and the previous start down that
misdirection yes this week they
ran the same thing in the ones
players alike to stop and get th acting like a very close again
to getting a spacecraft has sold
because of orange hat of the
field position of the takeover
righ for the one we have idiots game
by the ways doubt the late in
the third quarter with a fork or
the third inning sided too self
i question is how want to get into
this thing here before we
haven’t had a stoppage bowl at the 45 of Wickliffe we
resume action Basra control the
peak height-team yard line
behind a while yet these opening
lineu sort of States’ consumers want
without any these are the men
prefer the Youngstown he had
been used at wide open that’s just installed his staff when you
your quarterback there a DC. The
play will work exactly the way
he wanted to do your receivers
the we’ll go too I read your beard the 35 breaking tackles ill take
account of the 32 yards wide a
gain of 13 in the first and last
week room watching tested the w suit alleged that the complete a
pass three what I want to weep your
bones the full: I think that
little chat sweep clock without
tapping he’s the one now playing
run for the Wycliffe devils three
are under 2 minutes to play the
third quarter hole 1414 tie and
a great day for too little tired
t is we are in Reno Goulet and
moved here stormed away vote of
the year at orange high school
in a 14 top court seal time with
a m Friday at all that if you look
at the radar halftime I thought
we were to be a right click to
the storm moving very quickly
bela plate. Would this be disclosed
this assistant coaches syntax
and has won since his own this assistant coaches variant
adds to these upset about
something close to be about the
announcement being on the assist
athlet natural buddies an agreement
that there should have been the
PLO foregoing offer would have
few clicks as we said the rental
rat and knows all the image of what
the Pepsi cleans up image of
what was happening over of the
Westside Cleveland and possibly
look as not ideal thing wrong was
nothing wrong with being until a
modem enough legal in being in
being saved in being the cautious here
I think the form of these is the
players tied no do we go to the locker room
where we do here sell the
silicon debate here going on out of the 40 Arlene the facials
talk too soon to whistles are blowing in from state Maryland and replaying your want the players will back up the
field poll everything-and 12th
and 13th of the midsize a pile
of the assistant coach on a
large but right so for the moment we
stayed and it’s actually it’s
all over but seems to have that
little bit of delay their
because every the everybody and Wickliffe is
basically a two way player and a
lot of the key players for
orange or two away players so
big it’ selling is where that storm
isn’t how close it is why we
backed action minute 20 to go
here in the purported like its
31 side of you have to go well with you
live in any shots that boys good man alive if you
try to go to his pants, call the
school received a share of the
skittish to take you off like glimpse wind that the extra 0.20 to 14
alliance with a minute and ago
we are the third quarter that snapped in all the cake
topped in the cold to four of
2114 orange late in the third quarter is
good for the touchdown of the
game in the quarter but that
that was a big sequence there we
thought a bit of a breather he had been
taken a couple plays off their
intellect great fear run the
football beeper e-mail arrested
like coaching staff orange gullible
Mano and did not want as I know
is that all possible but knowing
that state is first and all that 32 yards on the touchdown run
for tse of the whites and somebody else from heat that
it’s been a long flophouses a
flurry of the 10K1 of my all
time reverts to get all part of
a lo I am excited not only is what I
do without you next week letting
your U.S. offer I had to sell
for two days now the great guy
he and 1000 touchdown that sounds
like the applet who wore white
flag down at the 45 home
everything hurried their regal like the
flag consulate that was the
point that is where the only man
left before tip to beat was the
kicker might have done that blocked at the 40 apply to beat them
anyway while so what worries that call
here three-syllable with the old
important cold hard and stay on
the hell are you running talk
about now that dowdy the entire TV
crew are never understood before
the shooting crew are based on a
mean not everybody saw great
this it is a penalty against liquid to a path to penalties against
the blue devils of someone was a
personal foul to that will wipe out 897 yard
kickoff return for a touchdown
by chase for camp for 40th doesn’t take a playoff
to enforce the game and he does win 97 yards for
absolutely nothing I’ve found out of the all my
friends in things on his number
55, mortgage miles little scary
so has the school are we did not see the personal
file what is going to severely
yet you’re talking now and late
that was too the blue devil with a
corresponding to 29 yard line
wipes out within a touchdown by
14 as a sidelight that the personal
foul called the sideline
interference and also had that
was on the Forsyth county near
side the I’d never seen that while it was
even close to where the play was
Friday the 13th first down four
camp gets the carried across t and drag a couple of orange
jerseys out to the 32 yard line
in about three is it possible
you know that the Wickliffe
players or that while I have to guess that
that’s probably what it was a
deal with the wiped out anyway
because the legal block but at some doubt on the panel
because while yet to low 30
seconds to go in the third
quarter 2114 orange Wickliffe at the wicked wit to go back to
work and that the first jets we
decide as, will take across the
35 to the 36 yard line appear to Sergio Johnson over the stunned
stop that sales of the third quarter
health and watching Sergio
Johnson he was shaken up early
look like you had he was cramped
up an to find people more instead you
have an entertaining game does
one that’s exactly what happened
was when send you out of 4080 weatherman
has moved out about the standard
line where that’s one that’s
interesting, hope and now
leading on over Madison 28 to 14 in the
second that might be the best
offense in Northeast Ohio next
holders. UC Kurt when shutting
out it might be a race against the
value got that right certain
flights that that’s not have
picked up by the unthinkable to
be brou that ended up getting that
bobbled the staff together that
I know it’s not destroyed on the
plate and bullets to have to put
the that the state forms are gonna
find out who is this guy’s boss
sees a basic white house’s epics
not have the path and has starte the times after one special
teams into the first to 10 now
for orange Eda Wickliffe
territory at the 45 yard line
while that you worn shares of all in all. The
45 wyclef said that his acid and
laid out of 10 orange has all
the ball men on family and a
lead as shotguns act beshore at get sick and whites doubles as
the cabinet the pickup to be
brought down for a lost packet
the 46 yard line is, lost his
footing blue devils second down 11 and you’re one of the guys who
has been opening all folders for the out to a white is by Manson case on the right size
human rights, tackle by listing
of miles. 62300 pound senior second in 11 and is basher out way to the shotgun snap and
you’ll go to white with the
whole gets to the 40 yard line
breaks to tackle the four can
finally wre is the clock continues to move a
reproach 10 minutes ago fear the
football game on the outs a
white guy plays bigger than the
ye so strong special lengths over
debris of downed the third title a year coming up
as the tide intelligent those
emotional ship for the last half
of incomes do not feel like a pi the white man who are just a
drop its one win the war here
exactly , the pistol fourth about 1/2
yard white toast them a lot more
inside the 30 inside a 25 and
has picked another touchdown to
giv into one of the baby isn’t
having some gripping issues is
evil go to a seated position is that simple are really
running the football tonight and
will lash in a left ankle area street views of many self and he will look like the enough
to this and click your becoming
a place of seeing your call the
football pretty well tonight is all reported to the goal here
the fourth quarter orange leading it 21 to 14
looking for their first victory
here in 2019 Wickliffe team in two and old with two impressive victories
over over one in Painesville
party that’s been tops one to make the
blue devils here in the Lions’
den first to send a charade gets to sapient we’re
runs Whiteside flights down at
the 15 yard line is pure does
that account of that tape it was
ta you could see that one, and
timing was off slightly on the
play that novel for watching the
trainers down here on your side
of t and still holding will bring the
football back two run the 30 yard line
and one spot here 851 to go in the fourth orange 21 Wickliffe 14 , we now will make the first and
19 the linux beard will stand abacha Ras
Laffan and bus routes to keep it in one
day citizens at the 0:28 estate
is another flight hounds and
Basra close down at the 25 yard
li just what he thought that orange
was poised to baby throw one
knockout punch year back to back
the penalties and you know
you’re discovered no proprietary one of
like being in downtown Cleveland
get ready clock running clock is our
Allies 835 ago during the fourth
quarter is now the first in 31 at a
petite Basra placed a ruling
left most of the past, any 1002
died a posture of the makes the
cats at play was in the playbook what
the assorted for buying stock
that’s where can work out for a
positive for the positive yard
has y you’ll stand to the right of SAC
Basra on second and 25 from the
Wickliffe 37 winds up by a touchdown here the
fourth quarter by sure I bought
a shotgun back to slow down to
talk and write the stats and hig well now here team and it’s much
more manageable of them will
spotted at the 25 it’s about a
third 13 34 team will call to be out to
be more precise be indicted and does seem quite
as melting hearing you can do to
other seven are playing another
manageable fourth down player h quick look desperate your first
stop and get the football back three receivers on the right
including beer verdict about 14
not sure I’d really like decade
stand up to 8:00 PM Monday at
the 1 gotten stepping out that the 21
only a gain of four who look
like he was around the 15 yards
like self it will bring up the
four to 722 to going to stir the
heads up guy is so it’s we are in storm preparation mode orange leading it 21 to 14 it
got 1/4 down and 10 at the Wickliffe 21 yard line
that it is the white will cut
side has to have held the first
and goal of the ottey White
House be or just got a first and goal and
valuable time is ticking off a
lot of it under 7 minutes to go
first in gold Lions already up b sack by sure I awaits the
shotgun snap he’s got a guy gets
twined high that have that had
lied down there will be second
and goa what he plays like the slates a
lot about 250 hammer slowly to play a knife
even today’s boxing off people
does not go down Saturday to let
him down with multiple guys
clock oranges in no hurry whatsoever
here already up seven try to attack
out more second and goal from
done, you Gotta go to 11
daughter of the going gets this
taped hear you know what the Wycliffe
defense thought it would seem
white and a big old Davies
instead with both player honors on the
ground now on his back the touchdown with 552 to play here in the fourth quarter 2714
orange a race against the clock to try
to use this game before severe
weather boosted to this part of
the area with cliff is in serious trouble
now no access from the ban
because it got the good news is
they go with timeouts the bad
news i and that was why they keep just
they had to stop on the fourth downplay the
couldn’t do it in the outfield
White House at am up Marvin Gaye
these fish offer touch me feel
that t I’m being very goal again, you
know what you’re talking about
his fantasy rates the stock is
still OK we no Davies is playing
we reward him for the hard work the
sport in during the game are
good news here the Wycliffe
player we still can see is
number has again and again don’t know for sure but in
cramping as is usually the
initial thing in something like
this but everybody get a gold
would mean b he’s been tempted to hear fide 52 to play during the
football game of the Lions’ den mishaps started with an onside
kick by Wickliffe EC down the
aisle at the pylon of the goal
line you get the officials
checked t whether people the impromptu
weather guys just to see that
this injury timeout is that what
is so does a good delay for the
good to vote to get this to grab the
late now no doubt a year until
last weekend was it a likely
have five and the elderly out
Baba t automation the young man’s OK
and as we said earlier you know
any injury for Wickliffe is
significant because all the
numbers ar here two nights power by not sure of the deal,
zones of 50 plays after used to
mikey Moon was the a clear that
the shaken up city of Wickliffe
b riders wanted for the extra
point why can I should say, white and
the 630080 pounder three for three in extra points
this evening try to make it a 14. lead for the Lions head coach of for a large is
talking to the ID 81 to have a
backlog wanting to know how much
how much more football to be
have a continue to feel it up here they
hope it’s not a: Costa Rica like
I’d look like it’s all flash
from the big TV and cross
freezes up top here in orange 552 the gold and we’re in a race against the
clock to try to finish this game
a little guy was formed late for the moment we’re still good one and see for how much longer C news like that will kick it
off the one another but by the
way another big moment before
camp touchdown the callback on
the ot understand the guests CSCO the
one was the start of the grand
sidelined for infraction of
Wickliffe are on the opposite
side of now with it as other timeouts
left trailing by 14 points when
and if they have to worry here
when I get something to get a
touch scoring quickly is not
necessarily tried to solve other
flashes it’s not in the
DNA-called as a blue devils in
Lipinski- plan will go to the shotgun in
an odd that her first two at all
politics the Carey and you’ll
take a 4 to 43 and that’s about
it this guy: back one a game means
big ruling will talk to him
after the game assuming a court victory along
with the coach and ‘ deem it was the producers
newspaper coach said that there
just to stop a playoff hole of
time out a scant regard the
storm the s it’s actually not beyond its the
acting 88, at a record 89 is on
issues of town for wedding and
soccer alert today, so the syste brighter comes as Adam beck long has the one
that we’ll hear into one of the known and see what the outcome verdict
is in dollars and who did this
and everybody and has a house in
CS Gas so that’s as hopeless in storm delayed time here at
orange high school as the Lions lead 28th to 14th but yet we doesn’t get its cause
a little bit but the flash is
still weighing at the lightning
is definitely in the areas and believable than a week in
the way it is it’s Friday the
13th me know why not give you
see everything else tonight to let you know why blame I
blame the crazy cooling costs
that the way we are here today
if we exulted sauces else that I
get th it was on necessary as everybody
was here everybody was drastic
time of the older players were
standing ready to go out to the
0 until about 6:10 or so now what we did a good
opportunity we could go by title
belt but that’s not right for
the ball but it’s a moot point
because we are in a storm delighted to
find that these big goal of
cocaine that was not without
lightning to sell a piece of
equipment c cell that we have selected to
the star brain yeah, we’re the
only police enough when I was
sick lightning with the wish I
could this is been the scene where we
are all you’ve got to know how we have
been hit by the Briana Seattle
Deleon Seattle either it’s like
we’ve we’ve had this we couldn’t
I it was week that we’re in a head
of the way with about 4 minutes
to go in the third quarter and it ended up being wiped out
overrule we resume playing
football bowl with everybody on monitoring things very
closely and are in the one title race
against the clock you’re the
fourth quarter we couldn’t quite
make it your four that the way
start what the other thing is I’ve
seen a lot of people aren’t the
only about a fly on the car so I don’t know
they have a plan to combat
deaths that they it’s the
question as you know if this is the ponderous coming
through now and you just you
wonder the if we can get this to work
in and out quickly enough where you should we write we can come
out in a shop last 00:05:15 wharf we end up going to a
situation where a game over orange wins we ought to a football players
are to complain about four to
play in a snowstorm but you
cannot play one white meat null
in the empower up with others concerned when looking down or the person
to younger sister may be the one his work is gilman’s job
of identifying the lighting by
the way he’s daring the
lightning dns will stay under per couple of
minutes we’ll get to asus course
you buy camp and Tyler Carey and
will pass allowed to you and the if we come back down here will
send out a push to learn that
the BK why see happens will
notify everybody by a space book
and ev up before we’re all said and
done a deal with a second bomb
to leave its really have an
opportunity at we have a moment
here bom just work absolutely devastated
to lose this week and stalking
course about Fred Macleod be out television play by play voice
including cavaliers seed native
of strong still 67 years young
he was the youngest 67 Ural I
ever everybody physically cavalier
Stanton and beef and com it’s
been a devastating out today was
that the station’s tomorrow’s
commi everybody’s ever been a
broadcaster yeah I mean many I was
devastated along with the
Cleveland community the NBA’s
community youth sought use the
death of the news he was a transcendent I’d figure
be caused not only was the true
risk to get what he did in the
play by play voice, but he also and by that I mean if you’re a young journalist a
special your young play by play
guy in your case or any of these
anybody and journals and even Ar in order to do the game reports
and I would often DL may
threaten saying back: Freddy Z
young phrasing to dream a game
records w cared about you dead but here
think it was in fact it was
jammed with this is that school
dismantle waters and alma yes
older th was just my IE no mean I’m still
in shock to integrate i.e.,
wouldn’t believe that they
cannot no room for basically all the time that even
play by play the eye of the cast
and I had no idea he was 67
years old Ide drives me when you
e chop woody woodward said he was
67 with really be serious be
enacted testament two colleague
that is like the movie of whites
as all the way through to the
editors like nobody out work was
the Dalles prepare him are out
working when it came to getting
ready he always want to set the ball
or higher and no buddy work
order to make sure every
broadcast was spot on the was
prepared to be a spot on when you do the job long enough
to split a clear answer it also
is a bee writer and in such
before you not only good with
BTU be Tom Yeltsin Fred Mcleod four
yellow cab at that spot in all
parts and dump it it’s still not
remove from the clouds to other wall to indict only
read your boss Denise Cole Brea
man often lose my white sheath
that it is an agile professor at
cas and she’d like to bring guess it
and that my suggestion but also
continues to Freddie but I saved
watching her Freddie comedy ha it turns out he was the final
gas all four of the disaster
contest and ole how frank Fulton
grateful to decide barred attack
hap will never be able to put a
value one that they were just an
amazing API was not they’re
bright Dr. Reports back yard
could make the columns me first of all when
he’s asked to do it uses I’ll do
whatever you guys want he gets
there early he stays late he an yellow preparation cards for
scads kingdoms either on legal
panel was on some big sort of a
note paper park paper but he
brought and salty treated the appearance
the guest appearance in class as
all he were a call at white rock
and Hawaii large eyes of the devoted to show knobs AR I
didn’t take a few questions from
these kids now to get out your
bread in a cloud treated every
one of

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