Lionel Messi – The GOAT – Official Movie

Lionel Messi – The GOAT – Official Movie

100 thoughts on “Lionel Messi – The GOAT – Official Movie

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  2. If Messi had played for the Spanish national team, he would have won the World Cup 3 times.

    Argentina is the worst team defense nor Pele nor Maradona Messi is the best.

    Mbappe or Ronaldo no none Real Legend LIONEL MESSI

  3. "He is the best there is, the best there ever has been and possibly the best there ever will be."

    commentator on Messi

  4. My greatest of all time:
    Boxing = Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)
    Formula 1 = Ayrton Senna Da Silva
    Basketball = Michael Jordan
    Snooker = Ronnie O'Sullivan
    Soccer = Lionel Messi

  5. Don't argue about who the best player is. It isn't important. Be grateful that we witness them play and enjoy them play while we can. Ronaldo and Messi

  6. No, there were and will be bater players, i think zlatan is better, original ronaldo, pele, del piero, pirlo, maradona, ronaldinho and many more, football is beautiful fame where whitout good team no magical footballer would be good and same is with messi

  7. I’m a Ronaldo fan but tbh Messi is the greatest footballer in the world I respect both of them for their hard work

  8. A 9000 madridistas que admiran a ese sucedáneo del fútbol, a ese publicista de calzoncillos, a ese atleta acomplejado al que le mata que un chaval con déficit de hormonas de crecimiento le deje como el segundon que siempre será, a ese subproducto de medios fariseos, a ese empujamelones, a ese arrogante pagado de sí mismo, a ese hortera con dinero que es Cristiano Ronaldo, no les gusta esto.

  9. ,,I am the special one" , ,,they will decide who the best player is right now, and i think its me" – half minute later: 5:0 humilation, madrids players completly losing their mind and trying to get messi into a wheelchair.

  10. Hey Man 👋🏼 am @WeAreMessi admin on twitter… just wanted to tell u how great your video is … i can’t stop rewatching it from time to time downloaded on my phone. Thank You

  11. Oh my god
    I just can't imagine how much work it was to do such a wonder
    Whatever you like Messi, Ronaldo or anybody else
    This video is a jewel

  12. Pele:overrated
    Maradona:only good for nation team
    Cruyff:best in 1900s
    Messi:greatest player no poole (pele)

  13. So he had to do a photoshoot with a goat just to prove he is better than anyone and he ended up with a miserable worldcup performance 😄😄

  14. So he had to do a photoshoot with a goat just to prove he is better than anyone and he ended up with a miserable worldcup performance 😄😄

  15. I Love messi after ronaldhino he is one of the best footballers. But why would u always need to compare him to a complete footballer of all time CR7. Do urself a justice stop watching football. Coz when u say greatest footballer you only count goal scorers and leave Goalkeepers and defender.

  16. If Messi and ronaldo are world best player then what about Pele u guys did not watch him play that does not mean these two player are best player in the world

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