Lionel Messi Announces He Is Retiring From International Football! — English Subtitles —


Messi – That’s four finals (lost), it’s not for me, we’ve lost three finals in a row and I’m disappointed about it but what can I do. It wasn’t meant to be and we have to understand it and that’s it. Reporter – Is it time to think about Russia 2018? What’s going through your mind right now? Messi – It’s difficult, the first thing that comes to my mind and I was thinking about it in the dressing room. That’s it for me I’m done with the national team like I said before we lost 4 finals it’s just not for me. I tried winning something with the National team was my dream I couldn’t do it but I think that’s it for me Reporter- Is that your final decision? Messi – I think, I don’t know… that’s how I feel at the moment and it had to be me to miss the penalty. That pen was the most important one of them all and I missed it Reporter – Demichelis said I’m scared that Messi could retire and now you’re telling me that you think is time for you to retire? Messi – I think that’s the best for the team and for me there was a lot of people wanting me to stop playing with Argentina and they are not satisfied and we aren’t either what’s the point of getting to a final if your not gonna win it, like I said before we lost again and that’s it we lost in penalties it was a very close game I don’t know I think it is time for me to retire, It’s a made decision, I think Reporter – Leo is there a chance like you know… talking with your teammates a lot of them are your friends… maybe in the next couples of days we know that you’re not participating in the Olympic games is there a chance that you could sit down and talk about your decision… you know you are the most important player for us and for world football you know… to say that you will stop trying Messi – It’s done I’ve made my decision, I’ve tried it a lot and I can’t do it anymore and I’m disappointed that I couldn’t do it and that’s it it’s done

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