Like Nothing Else: The Timbers Chainsaw Celebration

Like Nothing Else: The Timbers Chainsaw Celebration

The log represents Oregon, I think they
couldn’t have picked a better symbol. All of a sudden this guy came out of the
rafters with a chainsaw. Ran out on the field and cut a piece wood. Being
from a logging town I just got that connection right away. It’s a token to the
history of the club, it’s a thank you to the fans for their support. It’s something
that makes the relationship between our team and the city special. We’re way beyond
t-shirt guns and halftime giveaways uniqueness is what really makes this
sport, this community amazing. The victory log’s been around since the
birth basically of the Timbers. It goes back to the days when Timber Jim called the GM and said hey I got an idea — a crazy idea but… one that I think that that could be
truly special. We felt like it was kind of dead, the crowd wasn’t really
supporting the team. One day I called up the general manager and I said I want to
bring a chainsaw in the game. I’ll take the chain off make it safe. “Oh hell, who is this?!” He called me into his office and he says I want to do something where we’re sawing slabs off of the log. So what do you want me to do? Just saw slabs off the logs whenever they score. I figured if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it all the way. So I’d do some back flips hand springs. I climbed the 110 ft
light pole… I had a chainsaw on a short lanyard, so I fired that thing up. Game changer. 2008 when Jim announced his retirement I
knew it was something I really wanted to be a part of. Every time one of the
players scores I go out there and cut a slice off of it, parade it around the
stadium, and at the end of game give it to the player who scored as a trophy for
his goal. If the keeper gets a shutout we’ll get one for him as well. You have a
slab is nice because I’ve scored in other places and it’s not the same. To
have a little piece of my history well it was something very special to me and
will always be special. I was at a game, we were playing
Minnesota, this is 2004, somebody tapped me on the shoulder said you got to go home. We
were winning I didn’t want to leave I cut another slab and then they come up
and said “you got to go home dude”. We lost our child. She was in a car she was wearing a
seat belt. It was a violent collision but Hannah’s the only
one that died. The Timbers Army wrapped me and my wife up, big time. The victory log tradition is something
that we’ve all crafted together as a group and it stood the test of time
after many generations of the Timbers being a club. This tree comes from our
sponsors out of an area called Spirit Mountain. Timber Jim and I go up, we
actually look at the tree while it’s still standing.
Hopefully it’s a cold log which is a log that can’t be used at the mill anyways.
So they take it down for us, we bring it to a log blessing at camp 18: a logging
museum. Hundreds of fans come around… we bless the log. May your house be strong of beam, firm
of wall and rafter. Built with Timbers from a dream, girded well with laughter.
May it have a winding stair, with a lover’s landing. Windows to let in the
air, and light of understanding. May your home have a roof of a faith, for every change of weather. And love upon your hearth, to warm your years forever. Go Timbers! It just became this commonplace thing
for us to all put our hands on the log, We fill it with good energy and that it
will transform into goals and each goal will be sliced off. The victory log is a
symbol. There’s potential in that log so that’s what the Army is waiting for — for
that magic moment. The log slab is a token to remember that
goal by but it’s also an opportunity for you to thank the supporters for what
they do. The connection between club, players,
Timbers Army is sacrosanct. That’s what it is, it’s a connection with the fans.
Traditions happen over time. The more the years passed the more it makes me think
how many more individuals will come in here and contribute something unique as
well. How much joy will they get from it and how can we help them to achieve that
much joy?

23 thoughts on “Like Nothing Else: The Timbers Chainsaw Celebration

  1. As a Houston fan, I do love seeing that log be cut. However it don’t really like it when we play the Timbers.

  2. Gotta say cutting a log is a weird gimmick but one that definitely brings together a group of people and turn it into a family and make the timbers army I'm from california and wish the LA teams here were more into something like this because soccer is the biggest sport in the world and to see how Portland supports a log and even blesses it amazes me, much respect

  3. Salute to Portland ! This is what a football/soccer club is supposed to be, connecting itself to the community and its region’s cultural roots

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