LFC Hip-Hop Quiz 2019: Ox v Brewster v Gomez v Van Dijk | Who will take the crown?

LFC Hip-Hop Quiz 2019: Ox v Brewster v Gomez v Van Dijk | Who will take the crown?

Earlier this summer LFCTV’s two-time
Hip-Hop Quiz champion said goodbye. After victories in 2014 and 2016, Daniel Sturridge bowed out as the
tournament’s reigning champion, so now it’s time to find out who is
the Reds’ new rap music master. Stepping up to the plate, we have: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rhian Brewster, Joe Gomez and Virgil van Dijk. We’re going to try and find out who knows
their Kanye from their Kendrick, their OVO from their ASAP, and their Drizzy from their HOVA. Who will join D Studger D in our Hip Hop
Quiz hall of fame? Let’s find out. OK, Joe, I’ve gotta ask. This is your third time competing
in this competition, do you feel like that gives you
a bigger advantage against these guys? Yeah. To be fair, I feel like
the veteran in the room, got some inexperienced members here. How many times you won it? Yeah, but, bro… Hmm? It’s about building. I think Ox
is probably my main competition. Nah, I’m not, I’m not. I don’t think Rhian knows
any music before 2010. SUSANNAH: Rhian, respond to that. VIRGIL: He wasn’t even born then. Yeah, he wasn’t even born.
Virg, he comes to me for most of his… What?! ..for most of his music. Wait, Virgil does? Or Rhian? No, Virgil. It’s my debut here, but I’m low-key
the favourite to win this. In this round I’m gonna ask you
general hip-hop questions with one point awarded for
each correct answer. You’re gonna write your answers on your
board, make sure you write it very big. All right, you ready? First question. Female star hip-hop artist Cardi B
dates which member of Migos? Remember, write them big. OK, everybody ready? Flip your boards. Offset, Offset… Half a point – how can
you spell Offset wrong? – There’s two Fs!
– He’s just added that in. Alex, you need to get your eyes checked. Clearly says ‘Offset’,
which is the correct answer. OX: The cameras don’t lie.
– Next question. What meme star was booted off
the country charts for having a country song
that was too hip-hop? What?! – Switch on, bro.
– No, I don’t know this one, man. You’re way off it. Even I know this one. Really? Wait one second, I need a little time for this. We’re already separating
the men from the boys. I’m just gonna go with this guy,
I don’t think it’s right… Flip your boards. Correct answer. I wanted to put Lil Nas anyway… What’s his actual name though? Lil Nas X. – No, we’ll take Lil Nas.
– No, we won’t! – Fine details.
– No. G. Next question. What hip-hop artist was asked by
the NBA to not attend the NBA Finals due to his taunting of players
that opposed the Raptors? – You don’t know this?
– Bro, stop. Don’t… Don’t give him nothing. OK, you guys ready? Wait, are we getting all technical
with the answer? – Just write the name.
– You wanna write ‘Drizzy’, innit? I wanna write Drizzy too. Why you trying to be clever? Drake is the correct answer. He’s using Instagram handles. ‘Champagne Papi’! No, doesn’t count. I appreciate the creativity. More impressively, you can spell
‘champagne’ but not ‘off’! Bro, run the footage. Next question. What hip-hop artist became
a billionaire this year? Oh, wait, wait, wait. Come on, Rhian. OK, do you have your answers?
Flip your boards. Correct answer is Jay-Z! You’ve been caught up on the Yeezy hype. – I’m talking about the Yeezy thing, bro.
– No, bro. Yeah, potentially, he’s going there. What was your thing – “who knows
their Kanye from their Kendrick?” That was the opening line. See, you
don’t even know your Kanye! Moving on! Which is not a member of the ASAP Mob? ASAP Ferg, ASAP Rocky,
ASAP Lonzo or ASAP Ant? What?! Who is not a member of the ASAP Mob? One of those. You got a 25 per cent
chance of getting this right. I can’t write, I’m having to have a little 50-50. Come on, do it quick, bro. Little 50-50 guess. Need an answer, guys. All right, flip your boards. ASAP Ferg? Are you sure?! ASAP Lonzo… is the correct answer! Fam, I don’t know. You don’t know who ASAP Ferg is? I only know ASAP Rocky, that’s it. “If I hit it one time…” You know that tune. Yeah, I know the song, but… I know the song, but man don’t know the…
Yeah? How do you not know ASAP Ferg? Man knows ASAP Rocky, innit? Next question, guys. What’s the name of Kanye West
and Kid Cudi’s joint album? Now, listen, I was hoping there
was gonna be a multiple choice. An A/B/C question. JOE: I’m trying to make an educated guess. Ready?
OX: No. – I feel like…
– I don’t know. – Need an answer.
– I ain’t got it. All right, flip ’em. Educated guess. ‘Kids see ghosts’! ‘I have no idea album’ is not correct. You got no answer at all, bro?
You need to put something. You might as well call me Encyclopaedia. I’m something else. What?! Because he has nothing to do at home,
he just listens to music. What is the name of Future’s son? Oh… This the only one I know. That’s kind of stalk-ey though, Virg. Guys, I need answers. Joe, you know this, huh? I got you on this, I back you on this, bro. I’m feeling confident, bro. All right, flip ’em. Future, Future, and we have… ..blank. But, but… – One of them gets half a point.
– Why? He said Future, he said Future Jr. You don’t know his birth certificate. We’ll give it. All right, that was the last question in
round one, we’re moving on to round two. That last question is stupid. I enjoyed that round. This is Complete the Lyric. That’s like doing a football quiz and asking
what Messi’s son’s called. – Ox…
– We don’t know that. ..just going on. All right, I’m gonna read out
the lyrics from a song, all you have to do is complete them. One point if you get it right
and a bonus point if you sing the line. So, Joe, you’re leading,
we’re gonna start with you. What’s classed as singing here? Just a little intonation. Just a little bit of movement. Give it all you got. “She say, ‘do you love me’, I tell her…” Oh, my days. Don’t make out like this is easy. That is easy. OX: You need to leave the room! RHIAN: If you don’t know this, Joe, go. “She say, ‘do you love me’,
I tell her, ‘only partly’.” It’s a Drake song. Oh, well done(!) Well done! Half a point. I’m gonna give you five more seconds. Just try it, bro, try it. Five, four… Please, come on, you can’t do that. That is terrible.
That is terrible. Yeah, you’re done, man, what the hell? Somebody else finish it. “I only love my bed and my momma,
I’m sorry.” There you go, there you go. Joe, that’s poor. That is poor. That is terrible. Give me a simple one. “Riding on a horse – ha.” What?! RHIAN: I don’t even know this one. “Riding on a horse – ha.” Must be Lil Nas, but… You’re getting there. You can’t say that. Can’t lie, don’t know that section of the song. It’s chorus only, bro. Five, four… You giving me time now, bro?! ..two… Somebody finish it. “Riding on a horse – ha.” Anybody? No. “You can whip your Porsche.” Ohh. That’s too difficult. – And it was Lil Nas X.
OX: Wouldn’t have got that. That was easy, yours was the easy one! “Walk it like I talk it, walk it…” “Walk it like I talk it, ey…walk it like…” Come on, that’s too easy, man. “Walk it like I talk it,
walk it like I talk it.” Your turn now, bro. I know, bet you I’m gonna get
a hard one now as well, innit? Rhian, you ready? “She’s in love with who I am…” OX: Oh, it’s so easy. No. “She’s in love with how I am…” What?! Oh, my days. It’s different when you’re
under pressure, huh? – No, I know this song, bro!
– When’s the timer coming in? Can you say it again, please? “She’s in love with who I am…” “She’s in love with who I am…” That’s not even… “Back in high school I used to
bus it to the dance.” Uh-uh-uh. That’s bad as well. Joe, back to you. How did you not get that? “No nine to five, put the work in…” “No nine to five, put the work in…” You deserve this, because of the last one
you didn’t get. You deserved a difficult one. This is ridiculous. No, man. “Flaws and all, I love ’em all,
to me you’re perfect.” Which song is that? Chris Brown and Drake, No Guidance. Ohh, yeah, see? Too fresh. Virgil, you’re up. “Saw her favourite rapper, listen,
now she feelin’ my song…” I know the ‘now she feelin’ my song’. See, I feel like I know this. You know it? JOE: I ain’t got a clue. Three, two, one.
Ehhh! “But everything she do is for the media.” Oh, yeah! AJ. AJ Tracey. He supports Tottenham. – Ox, ready?
– Ready. I tell her she my bestie, bestie,
she my bestie, that’s right…” – Yungen.
– This is ridiculous. “I tell her she my bestie, bestie…” RHIAN: OH, MY DAYS! “No lie.” VIRGIL: You give him the easy one, man. Yung’s my guy! He basically had both choruses in his line. What? I sang it. What you stuttering for, bro? Ox – “I tell her she my bestie,
bestie, she my bestie…” “I tell her she my bestie,
bestie, she my bestie…” And then what’s next? “No lie.” It’s not right! – That’s not right!
– No, it’s not right! I love it, no points. – What?
– Maybe it’s not the chorus. The chorus runs twice! It’s not always ‘no lie’. “They say we’re too friendly,
friendly, we’re too friendly…” “We’re too friendly….no lie.” Unlucky, bro(!)
That’s a good one, I like it. All right, Rhian. – You ready?
– Yeah. You don’t look confident. I am, I am. I’m trying to think. “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?” What are you waiting for? – What?
– It’s difficult. “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?” – What are you waiting for?!
– I know it’s Drake. Oh, oh, another bonus point(!) Come on, Rhian. It’s getting embarrassing
if you can’t get that one. “Kiki, do you love me?” – You can’t just sing the song, bro.
– Course he can. ♫ Riding, said you’d never, ever
leave from beside me ♫ Cos I want you, and I need you… ♫ SUSANNAH: Ahhh, yes! ♫ And I’m down for you… ♫ What were you waiting for? Bro, you’re just getting man nervous, innit? Don’t I get a bonus point too? You got a bonus point for singing! You’re right back in it, look, this is very close. We’re moving on to Round Three,
which is All the Albums. Drake, Future and Travis Scott,
three of the biggest names in rap. We want to find out how well
you all know their work. You will each take turns to name
an album by any of these three artists, however if you name an incorrect album or fail to provide an answer
within ten seconds, you’ll be eliminated. Can I go first?
Can I go first? We’ll con tinue until only one of you remains,
the winner will receive three points, there’s one point available for second, but for the guy who gets eliminated first
there’s nothing, and we will accept mixtapes. And Virgil… We know, we know,
we don’t need to say it! Talks a big game… but he’s at the bottom with four. We’re gonna start with you, Joe,
cos you’re winning. Here we go, Drake album incoming. Eliminate the only Travis one
I know – Astroworld. So that… Yeah, that’s him done, that’s done. Travis Scott’s done now. Very good, that is one point. Virgil? – Evol.
– Evol. Future. Ox? I don’t know which one I want to get. I can’t lie, I think I’m gonna
be out of this round. I’m gonna go for Take Care. Very good. Rhian? Man don’t…
What’s the thing with the afro, fam? Drake with the afro…
I forgot that one. Listen, Ox, me and you… Yeah, I’m gonna give up in a little bit. – Rhian, come on.
– It’s getting hot in here, bro. – No, man, I’m done for.
– What?! What’s the album when he goes,
“Take a shot for me”? – I’ve just said it.
– Oh, was that it? Yeah, Take Care. OK. Joe, back to you. Hndrxx. OK, Virgil? I just know the one-liners. The songs. Come on, bro, think about Drizzy,
think about the titles. Bro, come on! Think Hotline Bling… I’m getting… He’s getting hot! Oh, my days. Bro, come on. You’re done for, man.
Come with me, Virg. Never seen Virgil so flustered. “Pass the ball calm as you like”,
he’s sweating now though! Ox, Ox, can you give me an album? It’s getting black In front of my eyes, bro. Me and Ox are going back and forth now. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. So Far Gone. Ah, that was… We do accept mixtapes as answers. That was stated, bro. Views. Very good. Nothing Was The Same. Yeah, that was… – You’re done?
– Who-whoa-whoa. No. HE SINGS UNDER HIS BREATH More Life? Very good. – Ooh, ooh.
– That was clutch. – Come on, Joe.
– Thank Me Later. VIRGIL: Oh, that’s lovely too, bro. Joe’s been doing his research. Oh, my days, he’s been in his room,
that’s what I’m saying. Ox? I need a Future album. I want to say Purple, Purple something. Was that not one of Future’s albums?
The cover was purple. He released two at the same time, the one
with the orange, with Mask Off on it. Yeah, Mask Off. I can clean up if you… – Clean up.
– Purple Reign! All right, Joe, can you name one more? We could do Dirty Sprite 2, we could
go Drake, Comeback Season, we could go Dirty Sprite One… Who’s Dirty Sprite? You got your own record label, or what? You know he’s been on
Google before this, innit? Yeah, we don’t say a score recap. – Joe, you win round three.
– Thank you very much. All right, exactly, round of applause. Here’s a look at how this is all scoring. We have Joe in the lead with ten… VIRGIL: Don’t say it again. SUSANNAH LAUGHS Round four, Rappers as Kids. Yes! Take turns, you’re gonna look at
pictures of rappers as kids, all you have to do is name them.
One point for each correct answer. You’re gonna write your answer on your
board so get your boards back up. Bro, last year I embarrassed
myself massively here. – Did you?
– Be careful. I watched it. I still ain’t lived this down. I would normally walk out before
the final though, if you want. Bro…be careful. Here is your first rapper as a kid. Oh, my God. It looks like someone
but I don’t know if it’s him. That looks like Joe! JG. Joe, look at this camera. Look, look this way. He looks kind of familiar. He looks familiar, but I don’t know
if it actually is him. Just go with your gut, guys, come on. Ooh… RHIAN: Don’t give me that, cos I won’t know. Last year when I guessed, or whatever year
it was, that’s when things went wrong. Ed Sheeran – are you serious?! This is hip-hop, bro. Why are you trying to cheat? Oh, my God. If I wanted to look, I’d have looked. GCSE Brewster was coming in
with the cheat. I’ve no clue either, but… I’ve got it so wrong. OK, ready? Flip your boards. Who is it then? Kid Cudi! RHIAN: I’m not even showing my answer. Never even see the guy, bro. OX: What did you write?
RHIAN: I don’t know. OX: What did you write?
– I don’t know. You don’t even want to show it?! You have to show your board. Oh, my God.
Don’t believe that either though. Your second rapper as a kid. Fam! What is this? Ox, you know this one, right? OX: I can’t… Guys, flip them. No, no, not yet. Come on, five seconds as well. No, no, no! That’s embarrassing. Show it, show it. What’s going on here? Rhian, what did he have? SUSANNAH: This has gone off the rails. I need an answer. Yes, correct, Virgil. Correct, Joe. I didn’t get anything down in time. Rhian’s out. No, I can see that now, it’s clear as day. You put Drake? I never put Drake! I didn’t write nothing! Be a man. Ready, ready? Who the heck is that? What? A rapper? That ain’t Eminem. Eminem’s ginger apparently. Bro, when has Eminem ever been ginger? Since when! OX: Wait there, wait there. Ed Sheeran? I’ve no idea, but… No, that’s gonna hurt me,
cos I’m gonna know that. Flip ’em around. I need an answer, I need an answer. Virgil! Virgil coming up big – Post Malone. Manlike Post. – Post Malone.
– You’re flying. Am I flying?
Oh, I am flying. I ain’t even got one right! Ready?
RHIAN: I’m having a mare. So who’s this? I’ve seen the one a few years ago,
and these look nothing like that. They had Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z… Come on, you’re bringing out, not even
a kid pic, his Halloween pic! He’s in fancy dress! RHIAN: Let me see, sorry. He’s quite swag, he’s got
the chain on and everything. Just fill something in,
it’s not gonna go quicker, bro. Look, you’re on four points… Six points now, bro, I’m six! Can we all just have it there? Is he in a group? I think know who it is, cos I think I seen
a picture of the person like that before. OK, I need answers now. Yeah? One, two… One, two… – I think.
– Flip ’em. YES! Cardi B?! Is it right?! Is it right?! Is it right?! Is it right?! No! No, it’s not right! That’s worse than anything I… OX: I’m getting out of here. All I’m saying is he told me! It’s male. I got told it’s a woman! ASAP Rocky. ASAP Rocky. ASAP Rocky, boys. I got told it was a woman. Come back in, come back in. What do you mean, that’s a woman? I got told it was a woman! You might wanna take that up with ASAP. I got told it was a woman! I know you’ve all seen that picture of Cardi B
before, when she’s wearing the… Guys, sit down! I got told it was Cardi B. Go on, sit, sit. SUSANNAH: You’re gonna redeem yourself. People think you’re my boy,
you’re letting me down. This is embarrassing. OK, guys, next one. CARDI B?! Now this one is bloody Cardi B, isn’t it? I bet you this one is Cardi B. See? See, that’s the picture I was thinking of. No, you’re looking at lip syncing over there. Rhian, get that board back up! I’m not playing no more. Cardi B, it is Cardi B. Last one, guys. I can’t believe what you just did. Ready? Did you get it right? It was Cardi B. Last one. I don’t even want to look at this person. VIRGIL: Who the…is this? Oh, what is this? Oh, my God, I know it. Is this a rapper? Yes, yes, it is. – From America.
– Think I’ve got it but dunno how to spell it. I don’t even want to answer this one cos
I’ll just embarrass myself again. Guys, ready? You need to flip your boards. Alex, flip it around. Lil Dicky? Lil Dicky. That’s correct! What? What’s Lil Dicky? I thought you said Lil Diddy. ♫ I woke up in Chris Brown’s body… ♫ Thank you. I’ve never seen him, bro,
I listened to that song but… Freaky Friday, that one. ♫ Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh… ♫ Joe don’t leave the house, he don’t
go clubbing, so he don’t know these ones. Listen, that’s not my scene. Sadly, it is time to eliminate
two of our competitors. Thank you very much. We’re gonna have to say goodbye
to Virgil and Rhian. But you guys… Fam, I beat him! – Bro, what you done…
– I don’t care. Ox and Joe are going to perform 20-30
seconds of any hip-hop or rap song that they want. Rhian, you’re gonna
help out your boy. I’ll give some moral support, you know. Virg is gonna help out Joe, then I will judge. I get to choose the winner
and this is winner take all. Points don’t matter at this point, all right? You just have to sell it. HE BEATBOXES You do it. – See, that’s the bass.
– Ah, OK. I’m going solo. What? You decided to go solo? I’m just here for moral support. You guys ready? No! No chance! – I’m good to go.
– OK. OK, you guys go. However, I need someone in
the editing suite hot on the beeps, because when I’m in the flow I’m not gonna be
able to think quick enough to like… HE MIMICS BEEP NOISE What song were you going to be performing? Drake, Hell Ya. That’s the one. TRACK PLAYS ON PHONE – I’ve gone blank.
– No pressure, baby. Ah, listen, I’m not standing. I just need the cue. ♫ Look, all my exes live in Texas
like I’m George Strait ♫ Or they go to Georgia State ♫ Where tuition is handled by some
random that live in Atlanta ♫ That she only see
when she feels obligated ♫ Admitted it to me the first time we dated
But she was no angel and we never waited ♫ I took her for sushi, she wanted to… ♫ So we took it to go,
told them don’t even plate it ♫ And we never talk too much
after I blew up ♫ Just only ‘hello’ or a ‘happy belated’ ♫ I think I text her and told her… ♫ And that’s when she text me
and told me she prayed it ♫ And that’s when I text her
and told her I love her ♫ And right after texting,
told her I’m faded ♫ She asked…
what have I learned since getting richer… ♫ VIRGIL: It’s over, it’s over. Stop it! Stop it! ♫ I learned Hennessey and enemies
is one hell of a… ♫ Even though it’s…up, girl,
I’m still wit ya ♫ Damn, is it the fall?
Time for me to revisit the past ♫ It’s women to call
There’s albums to drop, there’s liquor involved ♫ There’s stories to tell,
we been through it all… ♫ Wait for the chorus, wait for the chorus! ♫ …dressing room,
confusing me with questions like! ♫ SUSANNAH: Wow! It’s over, we don’t need to go anymore. What are you doing, bro? You sit down! Game over! No, I can’t go like this, no, no. Shouting when I’m mid-flow. I couldn’t hear myself think. RHIAN: It’s game over. It’s game, set, match. It’s 3-0, 90th minute. You’re gonna kill it, you’re gonna kill it. Why are you leaning on him so much? Cos that’s my partner, bro. What song will you be performing? Lil Wayne, Mrs Officer. Tune! The floor is yours. The floor? The chair is mine. You’re not standing? OK, all right, all right. Let’s go, let’s go. My guy. Mmm. Don’t give it any of that ‘mmm’,
trying to make yourself sound fly. TRACK PLAYS ON PHONE Ooh! BOTH: ♫ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah… ♫ Changed up the pitch. Virg, come on, bro. Bro, I’m here with you! Moral support. OK, we’re getting into it now. Come on, Joe, get it. ♫ When I get up all in ya ♫ We can hear the angels calling us
VIRGIL: Calling us ♫ We can see the sunrise before us ♫ I’ll make that body sang… ♫ What do I say? ♫ Wee-oh-wee, wee-oh-wee… ♫ OX: Oh, that’s a meme right there. Oh, I’m gonna see this all year. ♫ Wee-oh-wee, wee-oh-wee… ♫ When Virgil and him are bossing it,
that’s gonna be the meme. ♫ Doin’ a buck in the latest drop
I got stopped by a lady cop ♫ She got me thinkin’ I could date a cop… ♫ What, what did she say? You don’t know! All right, wow. That’s all we need. That was…
Listen. – We did it together.
– Chemistry. That was better than
I thought it was gonna be. Exactly, and we did it together. Rhian wasn’t even involved. It was all right… I did my all to represent the No. 15. To keep up that trophy. You’ve been practising
in the shower, bro, for days. Do not let me down. Well, the final decision is in my hands,
and you’ve put me in a tough position. I don’t think it’s tough, to be honest. I was very impressed. On the one hand
Ox really came in and sold it, on the other hand, Joe and his
partner in crime Virg over here, just with the smooth moves
and the back-up vocals, both deserving to be the winner
of the Hip-Hop Challenge. The winner today… Ox. Yup! What you doing?! Sit down, bro! We come as a pair,
you know what I’m saying? You did nothing. Moral support. Well done. Congrats, bro, you deserved it. But you deserve nothing, bro, nothing! You are the newly
crowned hip-hop champion. I feel great. I knew when I took this shirt
there was a lot of responsibility that went along with it,
the D Studger D shirt, and I’m glad that I’ve kept his title going. The No. 15 shirt, Studge, for you. You did it, man, you did it. You made it. Congratulations, Ox. You made it.

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