Leo Messi wins The Best FIFA 2019 award


First of all i wanna thank everyone who decided that this award was for me. I always say that indivitual awards are a secundary thing, collective is always first. But it is also true that this is a special night to me, i have the luck of having my wife, and mostly two of my three children here and i say mostly becouse it is the first time that they come here, while Tiago had already came, he was little and doesnt remember much. Seeing them here today is unique, they are two football lovers and they are going crazy seeing all these players around them, they dont know if ask for a photo or say hi. Thats why i say this is a special night to me, being able to share this with them and with Ciro who is at home was extraordinary. It was complicated to come with three, so he stayed home. Thanks everyone.” edit: wow didnt expect so many likes and replies, thanks everyone! i did my best!

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