Legendary Saves

Legendary Saves

At the 2010 World Cup Robben didn’t believe what he saw. Casillas saved the goal that could give the title the Netherlands Already in 2013 by the South American. The goalkeeper of Peru did the impossible, see… Think of a desperation that joe hart went through with this move In the 2005 Club World Cup final Gerrard had no chance against Rogerio Ceni. In mexico, ochoa did it ..

84 thoughts on “Legendary Saves

  1. Enquanto não pararem de colocar opções de vídeos no final do que está passando, atrapalhando o vídeo, sempre vou dar deslike, e não é só neste canal, são em todos os canais…

  2. لقد اعجبنا الفيديو كثير😍😍😍يمكنكم الاشتراك في قناتي🌹♥

  3. 00:15 nothing legendary about it, just dumb goalkeeping instead of a simple catch he puts it back in play leaving his team vulnerable to shot at goal, if i was a defender I'd be bothered by it tbh

  4. Ребят всем привет я только что открыл канал зайдите и зацените пожалуйста

  5. تعال علي القاني بتعت وشتريك وعاملة أليك والله السي نشر فيديو ون بريد الشتريك واليك وتعلق ون ألو عجبتكم اعمل تعلق

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