Leg Cast Olympics | Gymnastics Castnastics | Whitney

Leg Cast Olympics | Gymnastics Castnastics | Whitney

Welcome to the 2015 Leg Cast Olympics! Now, you may be wondering, whoa, what happens at the leg cast Olympics? Well, there will be 4 events: 1st – Floor, 2nd – the swinging bar, and 3rd – beam, whoa, and the beam handstand. Ouch. I hope you enjoy! Now let’s go back stage. No, no. Giggle. Ladies and gentlemen,
next up on the tiny beam, Whitney Bjerken from Atlanta, Georgia. applause. Applause OK, the next event is the swinging bar. Now the rules to this one is you have
to do four things. The first one is you have to have a pose with one hand backwards and
one hand forwards. Like so. no matter what you do with your legs. The next pose that
you have to hit is this one. the one after that you have to do a swinging motion somewhere
in your routine. The fourth one you have to do some type of dance in your routine. OK,
lets get started…Oh, and you can also add some stuff. Ladies and gentlemen, on the swinging
bar, from Atlanta, Georgia, Whitney Bjerken. Applause From the state of Georgia,
Whitney Bjerken performing the amazing spin! all right have him sit and go for
the record. what? The quintuple turn. Ok Now here is my one chance. Oh! Can we do that
one again? Yep. What was that like? Check the tape…It might have been 4. Try again…go for 5. Count this time. One more turn. Ladies and gentlemen, on the floor exercise,
from Atlanta, Georgia, Whitney Bjerken! Applause. Applause.

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