LEARN THE RONALDINHO TOUCH | Improve your football skills

LEARN THE RONALDINHO TOUCH | Improve your football skills

today we’re going to take a look at the amazing first touch of Ronaldinho and Dimitar Berbatov to try and learn some of the secrets behind that insanely soft cat paw like touch where they just kill the bull dead out of nothing it’s Ronaldinho north where you can take home learning or two from these absolute bosses [Music] first off let’s take a step back and look at what Berbatov enrollment in you’ll actually do when they kill the pool completely without breaking much of a sweat and keep in mind that while I am by no means as much of a master at this as they are simply by looking at how they actually do it in action we can already learn a lot looking at both these guys you can see how they use the foot to dampen the ball in order to take out as much energy as they possibly can and you’ll probably also notice how they time their touch in order to hit the period just before if it’s the ground in order to eliminate the bounce back and the rebound by minimizing the distance the ball has to travel after the touch before it hits the ground and you can also see how they use their eyes to follow the pool at all times and constantly adjust their body position to make sure they have the perfect balance at the point of impact and of course they just love the football just listen to a broker talk himself has to say and while it takes a lot of time to perfect you can practice it especially if you focus on finding the right technique on how to properly dampen the ball which is cold because that is also one of the key elements in improving your overall first touch in your game now what you want to focus on here is to have a flexible ankle joint and also think about how you angle your foot because for this move you want to use the toe part of your foot especially because your foot and your ankle Jordan can bend a lot that way but it doesn’t bend as much this way and the more your foot can bend the more power it can absorb out of the ball like a sponge now as you get ready to touch the ball you bend your foot up and point your toes up with it to create a bit of a cradle for the pool and also you flex your ankle joint just a little bit but nowhere close to the then as the ball comes down you wait until the ball is just above the ground you have courting with your foot under the ball and touch it very gently and the fraction of a second after you’ve touched the ball you loosen up the ankle joint to allow the foot to bend naturally from the impact off the ball and also then you get your foot out of the way so the ball doesn’t bounce off it and because you are so close to the ground the ball isn’t going to bounce much off of that again let me be very very straight with you you’re not gonna become the master this just by practicing a few hours here and there no this takes dedication for years I mean there’s a good reason there’s a few few people out there who could consistently pull this off with such a silky control first touch and Burpo and ten Arkin with that being said you can practice this and become better at it I’m making it more natural and you can do so by making a small square stand in the middle of it and then drop the ball from your hands and practice killing in debt and you should only move on until you know exactly how your foot should behave in order to kill the ball that more or less every time after you’re confident with that you can start juggling the ball and then kick a little higher and killing it dead inside the square and once you get more and more confident in your ability you can challenge yourself by going higher and higher until you’re ready to try and go for the ultimate Berbatov Ronaldinho swag show thing like this not entirely so maybe I should just take my clothes off like this and you can try now some of the common mistakes you want to avoid is – of course – hitting or touching or kicking the ball too harshly to get that rebound effect off of your foot also try to avoid to kick it accidentally with your ankle or your shin pad because the ball is gonna go cut knows where and finally you don’t want to forget to point your toes up because you’re gonna lose a lot of that dampening effect and the ball is just gonna bounce away and everything here is gonna make the trick a lot harder to pull off so help yourself and try and avoid this when your practice well guys let’s not kid anyone here this is a very difficult thing otherwise everyone would do it but at least these are some good guidelines and I hope there is some practice you’re gonna improve your overall game but what should we do next you should let us know it’s always in the comment section right down below and if you feel like you want to slip your feet in that sexy-ass coke my nineteen plus you can go come prepare from unisport or come right over there also if you’re new to the channel make sure you go and subscribe with the notifications on to learn more epic football skills which you can also do if you click the playlist right down there well that’s it guys i’m signing off

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  1. Unisport stared there youtune channel in 2009 that means that they started there channel 2 years after i was born.so they started it when i was 2 years old and now im 11

  2. Your doing good work for soccer player
    Please make a vedio soccer traning motivation . Thanks love from pakistan

  3. Berbatov is worst and waste ,he played in one of the indian leagues ,later he was send back for his worsty performance.

  4. How have you managed keeping an eying on the boll after it crossed your vertical eye sight line ? I tried but that bending of nape to look down at the 😏 is too much time consuming spell, and I will rather depend on sense of boll to plate spot alignment 🙄

  5. Eying the boll till the end is feasible only.when the boll is descending from a lowly height and thus would have lesser momentum, a boll free falling from greater heights has higher speed 😔, try it from max high and the nape bend reflex time will be defaulted 😏

  6. Practise this drill for hour five times a week, six weeks. Then something magic will be happened. Trust me as I been there before 🙂

  7. this move definetly bring a nice "touch" while playing
    football (or soccer as some people call it) am i right
    or am i right my dudes

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