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100 thoughts on “LEARN THE RAINBOW FLICK

  1. I always stay as a status or like unless I jump so that’s why I couldn’t do it,the only time I did it is when I was about to fall and did it

  2. OMG you are the best! I have been trying to master the rainbow flick for years, then suddenly I saw this video and I was like,”Hey, let’s try it out.” Then I was so happy! Something I’ve been trying to do just happened in a “flick”! Hey , by the way, did you get that joke? :p

  3. Hey thanks dude I've been practicing the flick but never got it right as soon as I watched your video did the flick

  4. Ball always goes behind me im rly sad , guy who cant even do 20 juggles can do it but i cant even tho i do it for hour

  5. The a lot you helped me because I had a challenge with friends and I lost but now you teaches me thx a lot

  6. This is an AMAZING video because I'm having soccer lessons and almost all the boys can do the Rainbow Flip and I feel left out and this video can teach me how to do one (Rainbow Flip)!😁🤗😉😄😃👍👍👍👏👏👋🤜🤛🤚✌🤘😇😇😇😇

  7. thanks so much after watching this video I was able to do it in 10 minutes after not being able to do it for 3 days. Great vid!

  8. I’m just a kid trying to make my dreams come true by becoming great at soccer one day I wanna become a legend I’ll practice as hard as I can to be the best in my school then I’m headin for the world. U too u can achieve you’re dreams just like me if u put enough effort just keep trying
    dude or dudet peace out ✌️

  9. This tutorial helped a lot. Now I'm actually able to do it!!! Thanks you guys at Unisport and keep doing what you are doing!!! 😍

  10. YES I finally got a hang of it thanks dude advice – keep concentrating on the steps and keep and keep trying i know it may seem impossible i thought that then but now i can do it not as good but i can execute it never give up and try your best 😁👍

  11. I know how but I don't play football I saw my dad do it I was thinking I think I should try to do it and I did it but I don't rainbow flick someone and then score but I will try it
    1 like=1score

  12. Ive flicked it off over my head alot of times now thx to dis tutorial but i use my back heel to flick it over my head

  13. omg… why do i know how to do this? i never watched a tutorial nor got thought by someone… i literally thought myself to do this…

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