100 thoughts on “LEARN THE GÖTZE FLICK | How to do this cool football skill

  1. Unisport start your own football brand. Make cheap product so i can buy them and please let me be your first costumer☺️😇😇😇pls

  2. Dude I like your video but can u just not slowmo each and everything u do u got to show it how it happens at actual speed a couple of times so that we can do it as well and it become easy to do it so we know the pace u r doing it on I hope in your next video u do this . really love your work

  3. can you help me..some company name…..
    Airplex software pvt limited
    striked my videos twice…
    Plz bro help me…

  4. hey pwg I need some of ur suggestions..
    i am geeting lil bit of problem in balancing myself and the ball while juggling and failing in doing atw..

  5. tell me how can i be able to do atw and all freestyle tricks i know all it need is practice bt its been 3 months i started juggling after a gap of 1 year..

  6. Plz i do every single hard,simple skills but plz make a video on around the world ●from pakistan

  7. pw götze flick? i love that reverse skill😍💘 btw thanks for teach that skill!! i have long wanted to make that skill💪⚽

  8. Always wanted to Learn this and now I can show it to my friends thank you unisport and yeah mario gotze deserves a place in the German team. He is young and deadly and has got back his form and his creativity is amazing

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