Learn The AKKA 3000 – the mother of all football skills

Learn The AKKA 3000 – the mother of all football skills

What is up guys PWG here and today I’m going to teach you guys how to do the ISSY AKKA Commonly known as AKKA 3000 which was created by ISSY the Hitman. Let’s break it down and you will get it in no time. Let’s start with the AKKA movement you drop the ball on the side of your body and rotate a 180 degree spin, you touch it with the outside of your knee and extend your leg. I do this move with my left foot. That’s why I have to rotate 180 degrees to my left A lot of people can do the AKKA from the bounce but the real challenge is to be able to do it from the ground, flick it up, get it to the right height, do the AKKA because that’s when you can use it in a game. In order to get the ball into the right position you need to be able to do a pullback flick. It looks like this. And not like most people do it, like this. So let’s go through the whole move. You start with the ball in front of your body. You pull it back, flick it up to about waist height, spin around 180 outside of your knee, extend. Let’s go through a few common mistakes. A lot of people start with the ball too close to their body so they can’t get the flick in the right height and you won’t get the momentum so you have to start further away in front of your body and roll it back. Some people do the movement between the knee touch and the foot touch too slowly and they won’t be able to reach the ball. And some people extend their leg too quickly, and they won’t be able to reach the ball. So you have to find a middle point, and what works for you. A lot of times I’ve been seeing people flicking the ball up and then spin, and then do the knee AKKA afterwards but you have to do the spin and the AKKA in the same movement. Hope you enjoyed this video and remember to subscribe to see our latest video by clicking this green bubble here, also leave a comment down below if there’s any other move you would like to learn and until next time see you guys.

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  1. Hey guys! Here check up my video of how I am practicing this "mother of all football skills" on the video call Akka 3000 behind the scene. Watch till the end where i got some perfect akka 3000! Here is the link for the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcoK-OIOSxI&t

  2. hallo pwg you are doing with your shoes right ? but I have a question can we do this with the soccer boot .??

  3. I tried it in my room… I failed… I also hit my toe on my dresser and couldn't play soccer for a week after that. Now that I'm better, I can do it. 10/10 good video

  4. All your skill are great but i am reccomending you that you can also mix many skill to get a new skill which would be greater

  5. Thank you unimportant for making such an enormous version. I've been trying to do this since many weeks but you appeared like a god to us and gave us thus tutorial with which I learned just in 4days.😊😊😊😊😊

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