today we’re gonna teach you five insanely wicked Killian em puppy skills no initially Nate was gonna do it but then he went and got injured during warm-ups so today I will be busy in vaping number five the quick change let’s start with a move that in poppy does all the time and it works facing the defender slow the pace down and get ready to explode gently tap the ball in one direction and then very fast go the other way this move needs to be done with a lightning pace number four the sole rolls-royce this move is also a great direction changer and it’s not too difficult with the defender on your side into a sole role to protect the ball and then do another one but this time do it with a chop if the chops empower to really show you mean business and you can even use the skill as a way of passing the ball to a teammate [Music] number three the deception this skill is one-on-one textbook material roll the ball between your legs now do a step over and then shift your body weight to the other side to fake going in that direction the defender will take the bait and all you have to do now is to go to the opposite direction once again and if you can do this with em Bop a level agility no one can take the ball from you ever again [Music] number two the blind nutmeg I love this skill move and it’s super effective and extremely humiliating when you feel the defender rushing in this is your time to shine baby with your back to the opponent roll the ball between your legs and his legs some might even say that this is a double panel finally do a small jump to avoid being run over by the fuming defendant and number one in the pan a trap the final skill is something I would like to see from empathy in the future so this one is for you Delia step on the ball jump and then use your other foot to gently tap the ball now this is where it gets a bit tricky because you quickly tap the board then using your strong foot and make it go to Panna town filthy filthy filthy unit so there you go my friends five more killing and puppy skills that you can add to your luck and perform magic on the pitch now this was part 2 if you want to check out part number one you can click the video right down there but which player should we do next as always you should let us know on the comment you know right down below now also remember that if you want em pop a Superfly six my vapor twelve so any other nike tune for that matter you can get him if you click the link and go to unisport or come right over there finally don’t forget if they’re new to the channel you want to see every video the second it drops you can click the subscribe button over here with the notifications on of course to join the Union sport life family oh that’s it guys I’m signing off yeah


  1. My whole soccer team would let me down and would say I sucked until I came across this channel and started doing the things I saw here. I just wanted to say thanks because I have become somewhat better at futbol/soccer.

  2. Hey I actually did the blind nutmeg on my own while playing futsal. But I actually lost the control and my defender got it before even I thought of running towards the ball

  3. 2nd trick of mbappe in this video is actually cristiano ronaldo trick.
    Btw mbappe is a big fan of cr7, So obviously he may have copied some skills from cr7.

  4. For the first one it might also help to watch the defender's feet to see which one they land on to catch them flat footed before changing direction.

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