guys today we’re gonna teach you five football skills that I usually done under pitch by the Egyptian pharaoh Mohamed Salah now I should or if you’ve ever seen a match where he’s playing he’s not necessarily all about the flashy stepovers of the showboating skills no he’s all about using his speed and his agility his balance and that great silky ball touch – absolutely roast defenders and today I’m gonna teach you five of the skills that he’s using the most [Music] number five this Sunna sole role which is awesome if you want to break some ankles on the touchline and relatively low pace drag the ball back with your soul and then quickly roll it forward again with the soul and if you do this quickly and smoothly enough the defender will need a wheelchair to leave the pitch [Music] number four the sole role V drag use this move if the defender blocks the direction you want to go in first take a touch away from the defender and then drag the ball back with the foot that’s furthest away from him and finally push it away from him with the sole creating of the motion and if you can do this at speed you’ll be able to turn on the spot just like Salah [Music] number three Dan is the ultimate body frame which is a great move if you want to take the piss facing the defendant you do a body feint but instead of just dropping the shoulder you use your whole body and leave the ball beep remember to really sell the fake and if it works you’re absolutely golden if the defendant doesn’t buy it well then the joke’s on you [Music] number two is something I called the Pharaoh taking a few small touches inside the box you run parallel to the goal and then take a sharp touch inside towards the goal line as the defender follows make a quick body plane shifting your weight and once he takes the bait you explode away continue towards the goal line [Music] and finally number one the Pope and run which is the Moose Allah used the most as a young player and it’s pretty simple you need to wait until the defender is close then you poke the ball around him and then the only thing left is to make sure that you run faster towards the pool than he does in other words run Forrest [Applause] [Music] [Music] so there you go my friends five cool skill moves that have been done on the pitch by the Egyptian pharaoh throughout his career and hopefully they help you a little bit in adding a few more stills to your game but which player should we do next you she let us know in the comment section right down below then of course you can also go and gear up like Salah himself by grabbing your new stuff over at this link go to the store or come go absolutely nuts if you want more skills of course you can also do that by clicking the playlist right down here and finally remember to do yourself that fake but go subscribe to our channel with the notifications on of course to see football boot videos on an almost daily basis guys with that said signing off cheerio

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  1. I have practiced body faint, step over, Cruyff, Marseille turn,la croqueta but i am getting only to do 1-2 moves per match.and in India football is very foulish when i am doing any move immediately getting fouled.the refrees say if you dribble you will be knocked down and not giving any foul.

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